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Sunday, July 15, 2018

A New Beginning....

Hello Everyone.....Hoping this post finds you all following back to my blog here on blogger!!  Because I am going to do my best in becoming creative again...which is to include updating my blog on a regular basis.....I find it would end up costing me to do that with Wordpress because of the limited space issues with the free version of their blog setup......As I am doing this more for pleasure I do not want to incur any charges for that......
So...I've decided to come back to blogger.....HOWEVER...Wordpress does not play nicely in giving a file format that Blogger can read correctly to move my posts back over to if you are interested in any of my older posts...I'll have to as that you go back to my Wordpress Blog here:
From today forward however....all new posts will be done through blogger as I'm not limited to space.
So come back VERY I'm working on a blog post right now!!!
Thank you so much for your visit...Wishing you all a very blessed day!!

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