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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Happy Saturday.....

Good Morning Everyone...I hope you are all doing well this morning!!! So...I recently joined a group I had received an invitation to.....The Outlawaz Ning a hope to regain inspiration for creating....and in the meantime work on scrapbook pages and things I'm wanting to complete.....

So one of the groups I joined was the Color Challenge Group.....this week's challenge was for Blue/Yellow/Red colors and must include a hot air's what I came up with.....

Penny 7th Grade 1977-1978

Please tell me you see Blue/Yellow/Red stronger then the other colors you also see!! LOL

I had fun creating this......and looking forward to doing more challenges!! Don't you just Love (NOT) that zit in the middle of my face!!! HAHA...and that's actually my hair color when I was young...before it all turned white!!  And those bangs and "side bangs" I was so mad at my step-dad.....I wanted to have "Farrah Faucet" hair so my hair was all one length.....but my mom wouldn't take me to have it step-dad said he could cut it for me being a nieve 12 year old decided to let him give it a go and he wacked it on the sides.....I was devastated and furious at the same time....Obviously I NEVER let him cut my air again!!! LOL

So...that's it for my contribution to the Color Challenge...I hope you got a good giggle from the picture.......I've done other scrapbook pages of my kiddos and granddaughters...I need to take pictures of them and share them here.....would anyone be interested in seeing them??  I am surprised how much I'm now enjoying scrapbooking....I always thought I hated it....then decided that I really wanted to preserve pictures we could touch rather then just keeping them digitally....and I'm actually using the pictures from days of old....

Anyway....Thanks so much for stopping means so much more than you know...and for following me over to my new home here on WordPress....I do hope you will stop by again...until next time...I wish you very blessed days!!
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