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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Happy Sunday!!

Good Morning and Happy day after Veteran's day to all of those who have served and are serving!! What a great debt of gratitude to you we all owe!!!  My hubby, son and grandfather and dad were all veterans.....couldn't be more proud of them all!!! It's because of you all we have the freedoms we enjoy!!
I just wanted to share something with you that I was gifted yesterday from my Sister in Law...she moved back to our hometown from Minnesota and had a piece of furniture she no longer wanted....I was HONORED to receive it as it is a piece that hubby and her father had made many years's a desk and it is STUNNING!!!  I added it to my ARTHaven yesterday and am absolutely IN LOVE...the quality of this desk is phenominal...mean to last a lifetime for sure and the memories it holds is so Father in Law is an amazing man and has such a sweet and gentle heart!!!

See...didn't I tell you it was GORGEOUS!!! I'm SO excited it's MINE will be treated with love for sure!!!
THEN....PawPaw and Nana (aka Hubby and me) were blessed to have our Tator Tot (aka youngest granddaughter Taylor) spend the night....what a sweetheart our 4 year old granddaughter is...she had such a big time playing all night til time for bed.....I snapped this picture that just melts my heart....see the love a granddaughter has for her PawPaw just makes my heart burst!!!!
Isn't that SO SWEET!!!
Today we're having all the family over so we can celebrate Thanksgiving with all our kids because one of them will be celebrating with their other side of the family on Thanksgiving we just go with it and make due!!! It's whatcha gotta do...right??? ;) Should be a fun afternoon...
Ok....Just one last thing...thought I would share with you another stencil I created for a special cuts beautifully and has awesome detail!!!

Some See Weed a Some See a Wish 3 Dandelion Stencil 10"x8 3/4"

Okie Dokie....this catches me up for the morning!!!  Off I go to prepare for our dinner...I want to THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me and I wish you all a very blessed day....I hope you will stop by again!!! Until next time...


Gail said...

Love the desk. So happy you were able to have it for your Arthaven. Love the picture of Tator and PawPaw. Hugs, Gail

Alicia Baldwin said...

Oh Penny, WHAT a wonderful treasure that desk is!!! Nothing better than homemade by a loved one! Tator is surely growing fast, just as Kirk is! *Hugs*

Dorothy said...

Wow!! Love the desk, love the picture of Tator and love the stencil!!!

Rita Loyd said...

OH wow Penny....this is gorgeous....what a treasure for sure. And it goes so nicely in your Arthaven.