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Friday, November 10, 2017

Happy Friday Happy Friday!!!

Well I don't know about you all....But I surely know I'm HAPPY it's FRIDAY!! :)  Even  though it's chilly outside I'm looking forward to my weekend!!! 
My Tator Tot aka youngest granddaughter is spending the night with us...aka Nana and PawPaw on Saturday night...that should be FUN....she's 4 now...can you all believe that??? for all those who might remember when she was born...Just can't believe she's 4 already and in PreK....she sure loves her Nana and PawPaw and we SURE love her so much!!! ;)  Not sure how much I'll get to play in my ARTHaven on Saturday....LOL and Sunday we're having the family over for dinner since one of our sons won't be with us for Thanksgiving day..... ;(  But I AM planning on spending my evening tonight playing in my ARTHaven!!!
I want to tell you all THANK YOU so much for the loving comments I received on my last post...I was so surprised and touched....made me smile from ear to hear!!!
Some of the things I've been creating when I have been quiet is scrapbooking pages...WOWZERS can you believe I'm saying that...I always swore after I made a scrapbook for my boss YEARS ago that I never wanted to do another one again...but lately I've been thinking alot about that....What happens when I go home to stay with the Lord....will my kids even mess with all my digital images....what happens if we lose power .....the scenerios can go on and on......just the what ifs won't stop....I remember as a child how my enjoyment I got from flipping through albums and pictures....That's what finally clicked with me....Thoughts I'm sure so many of you have had eons ago.....but if finally all resonated with me....
So I have begun scrapbooking my family....I have so much to do....but you have to start somewhere right!?? Since taking the jump and just starting I'm finding I'm getting alot of enjoyment doing it this time...perhaps it's because I'm doing them for my family.....but if that's what it is I'll take it...cause fact is...I'm loving it....thought I would share a few of the pages I've done so far.....

So...LOL Obviously you can see I chose to start with my precious granddaughters!!! LOL  Why not..they're gorgeous right!! ;)  planning on doing their lives and the boys and then mine and hubby's so they'll remember all about us when we've gone to be with the Lord.....
Deciding to take this venture in creating I've come to realize is so important and is actually bringing me alot of enjoyment!!!! ;) I hope you like these!!!!
I'll share more projects I've done in the recent past with you in other posts...don't want to bombard you with gazillions of pics in one post..LOL....
But I will share with you a pic of another stencil I've recently designed and listed in my ETSY Store.....I think it turned out adorable and is a very detailed and beautiful stencil.....

Isn't that pretty!!! Would love for you to check it can click on the link or the image above!!!
Okie Dokie....this comes the end to another post for the day....lunch time is over...back to work I go!! :)  I want to Thank you so much for stopping by to visit with me!!! I do hope you enjoyed your stay...and I hope you'll come by again soon....Would love to hear from you....Wishing you all a very blessed week....Until next time!!
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