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Monday, July 10, 2017

Happy Monday to All!!!

Good Morning Everyone....I hope you all have enjoyed a WONDERFUL weekend...It was such a beautiful weekend full of sunshine...a wee bit of rain....but the grass and flowers enjoyed that....right??

So I enjoyed another weekend of fun creative time in my ARTHaven.....I was blessed to have another mixed media idea come to mind over the week and I sketched it's what my vision was.....

The phrase I've written out reads.....
When you feel alone and a drift, 
He is always there to hold you 
and navigate you through the trials in life.   
by Penny Duncan

I've decided I rather enjoy recording the process of each is fun to look back to see the process come together...and I enjoy sharing the process with anyone who cares to go along on the I thought I would share the video with you here.....


Wasn't that fun? I must admit...I am truly enjoying making my embellishment pieces from scratch....that way I'm able to achieve exactly what I'm working towards.....I also thought I would share the still photos for you here to get a better close up of the I will also admit...I'm rather proud of it....

So....what do you think???? I absolutely love how it turned out....I would love to hear your thoughts....Like the others I have listed this one in My Store which you can find by clicking on the image below.....

Something new I've also delved into that's pretty cool in my mind.....I've started taking some of my art pieces and creating Wearable ART......How cool right??? If you would like to check out My Wearable Art......Please feel free to click on the image below......would love for you to take a visit.....

Isn't that FUN!!!! ;)  I thought so....OK...that catches me up for the day.....I hope you all enjoyed your visit and I would LOVE to hear from you....I want to thank you as always...for taking time out of your day to stop by and visit with me....I do so hope you will come by again.....I would like to wish you all a very blessed week ahead!! Until next time!!

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