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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Good Evening and Happy Sunday......

Hoping this posting fines you all doing well and enjoying this wonderful weekend in celebrating our Independence Day Holiday!! What a time on our country's history to remember those who have given so much so we can be free!!! I thank ALL past, present and future soldiers who have fought, are fighting and will fight to allow this wonderful land to remain free!!  I give thanks to my precious Lord for blessing our USA!!

I wanted to share some exciting news with you as well.....I took another big step for me and joined the many other artists in taking images of some of my favorite mixed media pieces and am turning them into another form of art!!  Would love if you would check out my new endeavor perhaps something my pique your interest??

For those who have the day off tomorrow...I really hope you enjoy the day fully!!! It's a work day for me....perhaps we won't be there all day...fingers crossed!! ;)  But I want to thank you for stopping by and visiting with me!!!  If you have mosied over to the site above.....Thanks so much.....I do hope you'll stop by again soon.....I wish you all a very blessed week ahead...Until next time!!


Alicia Baldwin said...

Penny this is absolutely AMAZING!!! What a precious gift this would be!!! *Hugs* and Love!

Paula said...

WOW!! This is incredible. I'm so happy to see you doing this, your work is amazing. I am in awe of your creations, they are simply stunning. Keep it up, looking forward to seeing more.
Happy Independence Day!!!

Trena said...

Love Love Love your work but now these pieces can be seen all around the world and even walking down the street, what an excellent way to witness and to remember Our Lord! excited to see how this all goes, I have already made my art into cards, this is a whole new frontier! LOVE IT and love Him even more!