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Monday, June 12, 2017

Happy Sunday to you all....

I hope you have all enjoyed a wonderful weekend....Sunday already...and another workday rolls around tomorrow....It's been hot hot hot here this weekend...and of all times for it to happen the AC on the bedroom side of our home went kaput this weekend.....rather warm sleeping...but thankfully a new unit is to be installed tomorrow!!  Thank goodness!!!
So this weekend I worked on another Mural.....I have had this idea in my mind for a couple of weeks.....decided to sketch it's what I visioned...

I thought this time I would record the entire process from start to finish of this took me over 4 hours without breaks and sleep.....and I KNOW no one would hang tight for that long so I sped up a lot of the video....though it is still rather lengthy.....if you tire of a segment you can certainly fast forward through it.....but I will say I rather enjoyed going back through it and seeing the vision in my mind come to life on the mural......the size of this piece is 11"x14"....without further's the tutorial....

Wasn't it FUN to see it go from a white blank canvas to a piece that looks like a scene from paradise?? least I think so anyway.....Thought I would share the still photos here for you so you can see close up pics.......You can find this in My Store if anyone finds this is a piece that would be perfect for their a wonderful loving reminder of the sacrifice Jesus made for each of us...if we accept Him as our Lord and Savior!!

As I mentioned above...this piece has been listed in My Store should one of you realize this is a piece which must have a place in your remind of you that loving gift God has blessed us with!!

The stencils you see in this piece are some that I have designed and created....They are listed in My ETSY Store for anyone who may want to get them for your creative projects....they are made with good quality stencil material and will last for a very very long they are very durable.

Also....below are a couple new stencil sets I've just listed in My ETSY Store for anyone who might find them on their want list.....If you would like to see more about them...just click on the image below and they will take you directly to My ETSY Store....

SO......That catches me up for this evening......I sure hope you enjoyed your visit with me....Would love to hear from you....also would love for you to give me a follow here or on my YouTube Channel or Instagram, Twitter or Facebook......Thank you as always for stopping by....I do hope you'll come visit again....I wish you all a very blessed week...Until next time...
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