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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Good Sunday Evening...Big News!!

Good Evening Everyone....I'm hoping you've all enjoyed a wonderful Sunday....and have remained safe through the storms that took place this afternoon....we were very fortunate from the weather this weekend as we ended up with very little rain.....
So....I'm excited to share a decision I made for myself.....I have taken the plunge into re-opening my ETSY store once more....After talking with my awesome husband about it, he and I agreed I should give it a go if it brings me happiness.....because I enjoy creating and the Lord is blessing me with that desire once again I want to take advantage of it....Why not...right???
SO I've been working like a mad woman to get some items made up to list......I've decided on making some of my handmade flowers, stencils and mixed media pieces as I create if you are needing supplies for your creating...I hope you'll jump over to my ETSY store and see if there is something which might work well for your creative needs/wants....Here's a sneak peak as to what I'm starting with on my store.....

If you feel led....I would love for you to hop on over and give me a follow to help spread the word a bit...I know I have my work cut out for me to get my name out there again....but I'm going to give it the best go I can....I know it's something that truly gave me happiness in the past and I'm wanting to get back to that point with my creating again!!!!

I'm working on a mixed media piece now.....can't wait for it to be completed so I can share it with you....believe it will be the next piece I work on til complete so I can share it and get it listed....then I'll begin working on more flowers!! Feels SO AWESOME to have a direction for my art once more!!!

Okie Dokie...that's my news for this evening....I hope you're excited for me!! ;)  I know I'm excited for me!! ;)  I want to THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me...I wish you all a very blessed Memorial Day and week again...and I hope you'll stop by again very soon...until next time!!!

2 comments: said...

Hope you do very well, Penny as you do beautiful work. I also hope I am your very first customer.

Jacqueline said...

I am so happy you have decided to re-open your store! Love your work!