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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy 2017.....a New Direction for a New Year!!

Hello Everyone...I pray this new year finds you all well and happy!!!  I'm very happy and excited to see our new president taking office in just a few short days!!!! ;)

The past 3 years have been filled with alot of health challenges for my husband and I.....and Praise the Lord we've come through them and the Lord has blessed us in healing and we are able to be here with our children and grandchildren...for that I am so thankful.....

Having gone through all of this it has made me really take some time to stop and think about what is truly so very important to me......and that is my family.....,my close friends and my art....and there are so many things I have wanted to do for me and my family in regards to art that I've always not done because I wanted to be always relevant online....I know...crazy right!!  I'm finally making a tough decision...but one I've come to peace with after praying about it....talking with family and my precious close friends....

I am no longer going to be sharing cutting files......nor doing video tutorials....When I do those I lose so much time for me that it has become a source of stress that triggers my migraines and I have to do something to stop has caused me many health issues that I must get under control....

I will be keeping my blog as a form as an online diary for my projects I will be creating for my family and friends and sharing my love of the Lord......a way to document my history of ART and things I create.....I want to thank you for the years and years of support for coming by and visiting my blog....I would love for you to continue to visit to view what I've created even though I will no longer be sharing files and videos....but if you choose to move on I understand.....

This year I'm determined to take more time for ME......I want my passion for ART to come back full force....It's been on hiatus far to long!!!  I plan on visiting more blogs and watching many more videos and FINALLY Scrapbooking my boys and my grandchildren's lives....I've only created one Scrapbook in my life and it was for my boss years ago.....and I have finally gotten the desire to create them for my family......and I'm truly looking forward to this adventure....I'll share pages as I complete hopefully you stop by to visit with me!!! ;)

Again...Thank you so much for your years and years of support and warm loving comments....I pray I don't lose your interest over a decision I am making for me......and I would like to wish you all a very Blessed and Happy New Year ahead!!!  May you enjoy a year of health, prosperity and happiness!!