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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Happy Tuesday to you All...I'm still around!!

Hello Hello Everyone!!! I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful week thus far!!!  We're coming up on a 3 day weekend and I'm so excited!! Looking forward to spending a long weekend in my ARTHaven......

I REALLY do want to hear more specific feedback on what you would like to see videos on.....and files as well...I am determined to get back to the creative point I was before....One of the questions that was posed to ladies in a group I own by another member...was..."What is one thing we do not know about you?"....Well I thought about that for a while.....and this group of ladies in my group is a very close knit group of friends...we've been cyber friends for the better part of 10 years......and some of them even a decade all of them know I'm pretty much an open book.....

I thought about this question for a bit and one thing hit me....I think I play off on my blog posts and such like I have it all together and just create create and create....but over the last couple of years I find myself with lots of ideas and NO follow through...that's my struggle...and hard to accept about myself...but it's the truth....and I do NOT like that about is something I CAN change about myself....and I am determined to do just that!!!

One of the main things I'm determined to follow through with is the promise to myself to follow through on keeping current on blog posts and creating and's something I truly have a passion for and have been dearly missing....SO.....I want feedback from YOU....if you have hung with me......What would you like to see videos/tutorials on???  Do you have any specific file ideas you would like to see??? I REALLY want to know!!!!  So please share!!!

Now that I have that out in the open....I want to share with you some things I HAVE been doing....and it did feel good to play with paper!!

This is one of the first cards I had made in a long's pretty basic and created it using some scraps I had on hand....I just love the colors of felt great just to play.....

The flowers you see on it are some I made using silk flower pieces from flowers I had disassembled and the created new flowers from...then I colored them with distress I was able to create the custom color I wanted....

This card I had ALOT of FUN with!!!! As I shared in the video above....I recently purchased the new Brother Scan and Cut 2 machine.......I was so intrigued by the scan and cut abilities I broke and finally gave in and ordered one...I DO still have my Silver Bullet Pro cutter and love it!! However I am VERY impressed with the ease in which I am able to stamp an image....emboss it if I want...or print off an image and then scan it with my Brother and cut in one fail swoop!!!  The Brother Scan and Cut 2 is a VERY VERY nice machine and one I am proud to say I own......However there are things I know I will not be able to do with it that I KNOW I can still do with my Silver Bullet each one will have it's place in my ARTHaven for sure!!!!
 So...the pieces of this flower arrangement on the front of the gatefold card I stamped out.....and did the Scan and Cut technique with my Brother and I am super was SO SO easy...look at the detail and how perfectly I was able to get the cuts around the leaves.....and the flower....perfectly!!

You can even see how I embossed the flower image....and I still was able to get a very nice scan and cut it there was no distortion of the scan from the embossing prior to putting the image to the mat.....This is one piece of equipment in my ARTHaven that will be used OFTEN!!!  As I've wanted to enjoy stamping for so many years but did not want to invest in the cutting dies when I have my cutter....and even though I could most certainly use my scanner from my printer and go through steps using SCAL4 and my Silver Bullet Pro and cut the stamped images that just didn't flow as easily and quickly as it does with the Brother Scan and Cut 2.

 I really like how rustic this card turned out.....I used distress stickles in the center of the flower and it just added the right amount of additional grunge to the card!! Can't wait to send it out to the swap recipient I'm assigned to in my group....Hope they like it!!!

This next card is one I whipped up a couple months back.....but I hadn't yet shared on my blog....I stamped the layers on watercolor paper and then used my Spectrum Noir Watercolor markers and my waterbrush to color.......if you couldn't tell...I do love grunge!!! LOL as you can see in the spreading of the green on the stems in the jar.....

I used dimensional squares to lift the layers up off the card.....and then added some green plaid ribbon.....I think the card turned out so cute!!!!

This is such a pretty stamp set and so many possibilities with it!!!  Now that I have my Brother Scan and Cut 2 I know I'll be using it even more on cards.....

So....This about catches me up for now!!!  Hope you stuck with me....And I truly and sincerely want to THANK YOU so much for stopping by and visiting with me for a bit!!! I really want to hear from you......please let me know if you would still like to see videos/tutorials....and be specific what you would like to see...and also if you would like for me to start creating files again......I'm looking forward to jumping back in with  both feet!!!!

I wish you all a VERY blessed week!!! And do hope you will come by and visit with me again soon!!! Until then.....
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