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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Let us come together as ONE!!!

Americans...all of you....I BEG you....PLEASE take a few minutes to watch this video...and please really will find @donaldjtrump to be the same person from his very early ages to now....He has a true and deep passionate love  forAmerica!!! He wants to make us great....he's  not racist....just listen if you will....ignore the lies the main stream media has been feeding you and listen for yourself to him can see his heart in his words.....notice the admiration so many have for him through the years.....

The reason the GOP is so upset and trying to smear him is because the lives they have come accustomed to are about to is not because they are worried about you...they are just feeding you the lies they want you to believe. They don't want to give up their gravy train...We...the American people deserve better than that....we deserve a President who loves this country as much as we do...he will surround himself with people who love this country as much as he does to assist in making America great again....

So..please....let us come together as one....stand up to the GOP and tell them..WE WANT @donaldjtrump as our President and we are going to make sure he gets more than the 1237 delegates he needs to secure the nomination. ....We CAN do this!!!!



Katrina said...

Sorry for your blindness. He is an extreme racist.
Donald should ask what would Jesus do as oppose to what he would do.

Penny Duncan said...

Oh I'm not blind!!!! I'm very aware and very informed....I've done my own research and refuse to listen to what the MSM tries to push!! I feel so sorry for those who are so uninformed....but the blessing for all of those who choose to not see...He's still fighting for them as well!!! My granddaughters are very important to me....and I do NOT want them harmed by these sick people that are killing, raping and destorying....NO THANK YOU!!! I STAND PROUDLY AND SOLIDLY 1000% Behind Donald J Trump!!!! I pray for him each and every single day of my life and will continue!!!! Hillary Clinton is extremely evil...and has her own agenda which is to destroy this country!!!!!! I am an informed American!!!!!!!

crafterab said...

Hi Penny,
Remembered seeing this video on your blog and wanted to check back to see who might have commented on it. I am extremely upset at the way people are acting and how misguided they are. I am so afraid hrc will be our next president but I keep trying to remember God is always in control. Maybe he intends to use her for know he can do anything!!! I believe Mr Trump's choice of running mate was a very good one. Mr Pence appears to be a good Christian family man...unlike the other vp candidate who lives in an open marriage and seems proud of it. I was recently sent a video where Gov Pence gave his testimony in a church in Florida which I thought was moving. If I can figure a way to send it to you...would you like to hear it? Thank you for your time. I am from North Carolina and we have been taking a beating due to the HB2 bill that was passed. I am strongly for it because I do not want ANY males in the bathroom with my granddaughter...others might feel differently. Thank you for your time.
Annette Bridges