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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Will I remain a Republican

Good Morning Everyone....I hope you are all having a very blessed day........I know my blog has always been about creating and sharing what I create.....but as of the past several months have passed I have developed a passion for this political season and all of my creating has left me.......I'm finally coming to grips with this and have accepted it.....If it will come back I'm not sure....but it is what it is for now......

Having said that.....a time has come where I have to use every outlet I have to express my  am BEYOND DISGUSTED of the Republican Party I have been proud of for so many decades........But that is coming to an end if they do not stop this crap and get it together!!!!!

Folks our country is in VERY desperate times!!!!  I am so concerned the road we are heading down here in the United States....we are NOT safe.....our politicians do NOT care about the American People......I'm sick to pieces of them always always ALWAYS being worried about themselves and this is our opportunity to STOP IT!!!!  They are running scared and I'm running with DISGUST FOR THEM!!!!!

As many of you may or may not know.....nor care that I am a HUGE supporter of #DonaldJTrump and I'm VERY PROUD of that!!!!! Is he perfect???? Absolutely he a politician? NO Thank goodness.....Does he love our country?  YES he does......and he is SPENDING HIS OWN MONEY TO FINANCE HIS CAMPAIGN!!!!!  So what you may say....but it's not just a "so what".....Think about it....He has CHOSEN to come into this rat race and wants NO MONEY FROM ANYONE to run his campaign....for one reason...HE WANTS TO MAKE AMERICA THE WONDERFUL COUNTRY it used to be!!!!  Here is his platform and what he is running for.....

He is resonating with Americans....He has become our voice the politicians have stiffled for decades and we are so THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL for it.......They are heading our country towards being destroyed.....The world hates us folks.....we are losing jobs at a record pace.....we have NO RESPECT from anyone!!!!  Fraud and deceit has become commonplace in our government.....this is NOT GOOD!!!!  I want our respect back...I want our integrity back....I was someone who KNOWS HOW TO RUN A BUSINESS!!!!  THIS is #DonaldJTrump!!!  Has he had failures in his businesses in past years....YES HE HAS.....BUT...has he LEARNED from those failures?....YES HE HAS!!!  Does he have haters out there?  YEP...I'm sure he does.....But at the end of the day...Do I BELIEVE he WANTS to do what's right for our country????? YES I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY DO!!!!  And I and millions of others WANT TO GIVE HIM THAT CHANCE!!!!!

Folks...we MUST MUST MUST make our borders secure....We MUST MUST MUST find out who people are who want to come into our country...and MAKE THEM COME IN LEGALLY!!!!  Otherwise we will end up just like so many other countries are facing right now....I love my family and want to keep them safe!!! I beg you......if you are not sure who you want to support PLEASE think about supporting #DonaldJTrump......if you've already decided on someone else...I beg you PLEASE think about supporting #DonaldJTrump .......He wants to do the best for our country and I know he will put together a cabinet that will do what is right for our country!!!  Our future here on earth is at stake......Our Religious Freedoms are at stake......Our JOBS are at stake.......Our relations with the rest of the world is at stake.......I DON'T want to lose our America!!!!!!!