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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Brandon has done it again!!!!! SCAL4 Gets Better....and Better!!!

You know...I just can't say enough awesomeness about Brandon!!!! Not only has he given us such new awesome techniques....seems he's given us yet ANOTHER!!! I received an email from Sandra....her YouTube Profile is CreateSpain....she too owns a Silver Bullet...but this works with whatever cutter you have.....and she's been working with Brandon on an AWESOME AWESOME feature.......and she emailed me this morning to share a video she's done demoing the feature........and I tried it....WORKS LIKE A CHARM!!! I'm SUPER excited........It's SCAN AND CUT!!!!
You can take any image....whether it be a pic from a magazine......a stamped image on a scrap piece of paper...whatever you're wanting to cut out......and use the Scan and Cut feature Brandon has added into SCAL4 and cut it out!!! And it's SPOT ON just like the print and cut is!!!! I'm BEYOND excited!!! AS I'm trying to get back into stamping and this makes it PERFECT!!! That way I if I want to do a collage of stamps together.....then cut all that out at one time...and say I would only use this collection together one time...I can do this and be done....
Anyway...Sandra has done a video explaining how it well as a blogpost sharing detailed information....You MUST check it out......IF you've been thinking whether you want to upgrade to SCAL4 or not....this is yet another addition that makes it even more inticing!!!!!
And here's her blog....
UPDATE:  You'll notice on Sandra's blog she has made a grid for you to cut out to mark your registration marks quickly......It's AWESOME....but I noticed it's in CM.......for us in the US most of us use INCHES.....So I worked up one in INCHES at 1/2" increments.......if you would like to have that file you can find it here.....

THANKS SO SO MUCH Sandra for doing this!!! THANK YOU BRANDON....for being YOU and all your awesomeness!!!!  OK....back to your regular day!!! I was just thrilled when I heard this...tried it out for myself and just HAD to share it as soon as possible to helpe spread the word!!!!!  I hope you are all having a very blessed day!!!

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