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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hello more day til the weekend!!

Hey Everyone...I hope you are all having a wonderful day today....It's another GORGEOUS day here....temps a touch warmer...but still very nice love loving Fall!!!

Which....btw....put me in the mood to actually create a Fall card last night!!! HOW FUN!!! And I wanted to use some stamps!!! So I picked a Gina K collection..... called Always is such a pretty collection...don't you think????  Here's a link to their site so you can see the collection yourself....

Here's my fun card I made......

Isn't it cute!!!! I had fun with this....I used my alcohol markers to color and I believe they blended quite well!!!  What was so FUN about this is I stamped out the images and the scanned them in to make shadow cuts for them and then cut out the shapes and stamped........My Silver Bullet Professional cutter did a PHENOMINAL job don't you think!!! and I did a pretty darn good job stamping them out!! LOL  What a great pair I tell ya!!!! ;)  

So....thought I would share the shadow cut files with you in case any of you happen to own this set as well......having the shapes REALLY make me enjoy stamping about you?????

Okie Dokie Artichokie!!! That's it for me for now!!! Feels SO AWESOME to be playing again!! I am having a BLAST!!!  Thank you so much for stopping by to visit with me.....I do hope you will stop by again.......and please...if you have ideas of cut files you would like to see....drop me an email at ....or leave a comment here.....would love to know what they always....please have a very blessed day!!! Until next time....

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Tuesday......How about a few files?

Hello Hello Everyone......I hope you all have enjoyed a wonderful Tuesday!!  It was a gorgeous Fall day here....I am loving this time of year being able to keep my windows open allowing the cool breeze in......ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

So.....Guess what I got the urge to do tonight????  I created a few cut files!!! How about that.....It felt GREAT too!!!!  I've really missed it......Hoping you might find them interesting......

PDC Country Church 1 9232014

Okie Dokie!!!! That's it for me for tonight!!! ;)  I really hope you like these...and I want to THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me!!! I wish you a VERY blessed week and I hope you will come by and visit with me again....until then....

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hello Hello HELLO!!!!

Hey Everyone!!!! WOWZERS it's been AWHILE since I've done a post.....I got in a serious mojo funk and then irritated at my blog and just lost the desire to post.......I am HAPPY HAPPY to say I now have my blog COMPLETED!!!  I actually took time to go through each and EVERY POST and fixed all the images and all the links to my about a HUGE JOB!!! LOL  I ended up just deleting the first year and half of posts as they ended up losing the detail of what the images were for and I was quite frankly beyond tired of trying to figure them out!! LOL  but there are still just shy of 300 of my posts that have been fixed!!! LOL can now browse through my blog and actually see my art and cutfiles if you so desire.....THANK YOU for being patient with me through this time.....but I'm happy to say that in doing all of this I really do have the desire to create again!!! LOL How about that!!!

I haven't created any new cutfiles in a while but I did create a few cards and started on my very first quilt....thought I would show you some pics so you can see I DID do SOMETHING in all the time I have been MIA!!!  Wanna see?????

First I'm going to show you the invitation I made for my Tator Tot's 1st birthday party...can you believe she's 1 already!!!!!  LOL

Didn't this turn out adorable......I got the Digi Kit from Celeste Lombas... her store is Touched By a REALLY should check out her creations...she is very gifted!!!!!
Touched by a Butterfly Design
Now I just HAVE to show you a portion of the Happy Birthday Tator Tot banner I created for her......I was a good 10 to 12' long so I didn't get a complete picture of it.....but you can get the idea......each banner piece was the same except the letters were different......

Isn't that AWESOME!!! Created it with the Digi Kit from Celete's store and my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter and SCAL3 utilizing ALOT the Print & Cut capabilities of this FANTASTIC program!!!!  Just can't say enough how amazing a job Brandon has done with this software!!!! I also used one of my Shaplie files.....this one here....

Now you KNOW I just have to share with you a pic of my Tator Tot ON her birthday!!!
Is she not just ADORABLE!!!  And that's my other gorgeous granddaughter in the background....Bree....her big sister who she loves to pieces!!!!!!

NOW....I want to show you the start of my very first quilt!!! I'm super excited about my grandmother was a wonderful quilter.......and I always treasured the quilt she made for me.......So I took a picture of the flimsy once I got it put together....I used random fabrics but I love it......
It's in no way perfect.....but I'm proud of it for my first one.....I've decided I wanted to hand quilt it's coming along slowly....but I'm enjoying it.....however I've had to take a break on it for a bit because of tendinitis in my left arm (which just happens to be my dominate side)....LOL go figure.....but I did get a Cortisone shot the other day so I'm hoping I'll be getting to work on it again very soon!!!!  I figure I can work on it a bit at night when I'm in the living room with hubby watching tv........AND still get to play in paper in my craft room!!!  Sounds like a plan doesn't it.... I said earlier...I did create a few cards over the past several months that I never managed to get I thought I would just show you them here......then I'll be caught up and can start fresh!!!!!  

This first one I used a digi stamp image and printed with my laser printer onto watercolor paper and then used some watercolor paints to's different for me....I like it but not sure how often I'll do this technique.......

These next 2 cards I created the backgrounds with my Geli Plate, acrylic paint, stencils, acrylic stamps and clear embossing powder.......they are FUN to make...and you can create whatever you like...playing with the Geli Plates are SO MUCH FUN!!!!  I also used my waterbased markers to stamp the flower tag on the first card......this technique I like ALOT!!!!!

For these 2 cards I used some of my homemade shimmer sprays.....I learned the recipe of these from Lindsay Weinrach....from her video here......

 I also used acrylic stamps and clear embossing powder....I LOVE how these turned out!!!! And the feathers.....don't they look AWESOME!!!!  Those were digi images that I created a cut layer for in SCAL3 and then used my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter and utilized the Print & Cut's amazing how spot on of a cut I get......check out these other samples below I did the same thing to.....I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!!

 See how AMAZING of a job the combo of SCAL3 and my Silver Bullet does!!!!!!

This next card was a Sketch design I did.......the roses are some of my PDC Grungy Roses that I create....these are about 3/4" big and they are perfect size for adding as embellishments......this is the file I've shared a zillion times over.....I think the card turned out rather cute.....

This last card I created using acrylic stamps, some cut pieces I had in my scrap stash, watercolor paper, embossing folder and some watercolor markers and distress ink pads....I do like the look and feel of this about you?????

WOW.......So...did you stick with me????? ROFL.....I sure hope so!!!!  It feels GREAT to be doing a blog post's been WAY to long!!!!!  I sure hope you like some of the things I've shared......

I would like to throw out there that if anyone is has any type of files you'd like to see I would love suggestions.....I'm hoping to start creating cut files again......and also may start creating engraving files and list them in my ETSY store I'm thinking about re-opening along with some of my hand made flowers......just have go get myself moving again...SO if there's something you would like to see....I really really hope you'll drop me an email......As always....THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for taking time out of your day to stop by and visit with me.......It means way more then you know....I was just hoping I wasn't forgotten!!!!!  I do so hope you'll come back by and visit with me again soon!!! Until then...I wish you all a VERY blessed day!!!!