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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Another Weekend Come and Gone…

Happy Sunday Evening Everyone….I hope you have all enjoyed a wonderful weekend….WOWZERS you can tell Winter is here….it’s been brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr COLD this weekend….NO SNOW in my neck of the woods…but sure is nippy outside!!!
So…..I actually had a FUN day playing in my ARTHaven today…..I knew I wanted to get some Christmas cards made….I am determined to mail out Christmas cards this year…’s been a couple of years since I have and I really miss it……
Since I did a Sketch card the other day and challenged myself to use Acrylic Stamps throughout the entire project I really enjoyed creating with them…..Amazing what a chalk bag, detailed embossing powder and a pretty stamp will do huh!!! LOL
So…I decided that I want to use MORE stamps on projects……so why not start with some Christmas cards…right??!! Sounds good anyway…LOL  Well you know me….I can’t stand the thought of doing anything simple and straight forward…..I like to always try to make it seem cool at least…LOL  Today was no different…..and I really had a lot of FUN with it…….

But I wanted to give more of a precision cut and look to them….SO……I decided to stamp the images out onto white cardstock with a good crisp black ink……and then I scanned them into my digital cutting file program and used the stamped image to create shadow layers for these stamps…..didn’t do the pack of phrases……those are more for direct to shape kind of things…..but for the 2 Stampendous packets they worked GREAT to create shadow layers for……I used one of the shapes of the borders to then create a card base with… I could stamp it out and have the cool edge to the card…  Wanna see how my card turned out?????

As you can see I did a couple of layers to this card…..I used the shadow layer of the tree I created and made a shadow layer to the shadow layer… I could give the edge around the tree the same Copper effect to make the tree pop…..I also did that same technique to the layer behind the decorative paper layer….and I stamped the border stamp and the phrase on the decorative paper and embossed with the same Copper detailed embossing powder…..and I absolutely LOVE the affect…..  I also used the Copper on the inside of the card for the Merry Christmas I stamped and embossed.
For the tree stamp itself..I use some of the Mixed Media Inkpad which is very juicy in the dark brown color and then used clear detailed embossing power on it….then hit the berries with a red glitter pen I have…..colored the flower pot a metallic silver and then distressed the edges with Walnut Stain Distress Ink….”of course”….LOL  I also distress in the same manner the decorative paper layer…..
Don’t you think it’s a very impactful card??? I really LOVE it….and can’t wait to start on my next card design…..
Sooooooooooooooo…..Thought some of you who own the stamps sets or perhaps will be purchasing them…may be interested in the shadow cut layers I made of these….the files DO NOT include the image of the stamp…you MUST own the stamps already to be able to utilize the file as intended….but it will save you a step for if or when you do……

I also thought I would share with you the card base I created using the largest border design in the stamp set shadow cut I included above ……….
Okie Dokie Artichokie……that does it for me tonight!!!!  Sure hope you might like my creation I made today…and perhaps find the files useful?????  I am really growing an increasing passion for acrylic/rubber stamping…..I guess through my determination to utilize digis I neglected the acrylic/rubber and am so glad I’ve decided to give them a new look…..because I’m finding they incorporate SO WELL with my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter!!!!
THANK YOU so much for taking a bit of time from your day and spending it here visiting with me!!! I would like to wish you all a VERY blessed week!!!! I do hope you’ll come back by and visit again…..until then…..

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy Sunday to You All!!!!

I hope this Sunday finds you all doing Wonderful…..WOWZERS we had some storms come through last night…..the wind was strong and the rain was HEAVY!!!! LOL……I sure was glad when that passed…..Supposed to have more of the scary weather today….I so am praying it just skips us!!!!!
So…..the other day I was watching some You Tube Videos……happened upon one for this card idea and know that I hadn’t seen it in a cut file around anywhere so I decided I would create my vision of the file and that’s just what I did……made a mock up of it and was quite happy with how it turned out… decided I would made a video to show how to put together and made a few samples so you can see the versatility of the file!!!
What TYPE of card is it you ask???? Well……it’s a PDC SLIDER CARD w/ Box…….check it out….

Isn’t this FUN!!!!  I made up 2 samples in different sizes so you can see the versatility of the file……the “Tis The Season” one is large……..I share the dimensions in my video…and the other 2 are the perfect size to hold a gift card for the special someone in your life…….These are SUPER SUPER SUPER simple to work up and it’s SO fun how you can create  theme in whatever theme YOU want….and you’re not stuck with just 1 size!!!!
If you’re interested in how to put together check this out…..
So….What do ya think???? Pretty Easy huh!!!  Here’s more pics of these pieces I’ve created so you can get a better view of them….

To get a better view of them you can click on them and they’ll open up in a different window……They are so easy and so much fun to do and really lets you utilize the AMAZING Print & Cut abilities of Sure Cuts A lot 3 (SCAL3)/ECAL and my printer and my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter…..I know I’ll be making more of these as Christmas gifts………
So….Do you like  the file???? Would you like to have it……Then please just look below and click on either the image or the link and it will take you directly to the download page for  this file……If you do like it I would LOVE to hear from you…..and maybe even see some of YOUR creations when you have time to play with the file!!!
Now…IF you take up the challenge to create your own PDC Slider Card w/ Box…..I would LOVE it if you wanted to post a link to your blog post others can go and check out your creations as well!!!!  There’s a Linkz List on the Right Column of my blog above!!!!  Would love for you to add your blog entry for creation of this file!!!
Okie Dokie Artichokie…does it for me today!!! I SO hope you like my creation and the file!!!!  Makes me smile when I hear from you……Thank you for dropping by….I do hope you’ll come back by and visit with me again……I wish you all a VERY blessed weekend…..Until next time….

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Another day….Another post…

Hey Everyone…..Happy Happy Morning to you all!!! I hope this post finds you all being blessed with a WONDERFUL day!!!!  So…can you believe it?????  I actually got creative AGAIN last night…..Wahooooo 2 days in a row!! LOL
So I needed to work on a Sketch Swap for a Yahoo Group I belong to…. Card Crafts  As much as I LOVE sketch designs I just never seem to get to them…….So I decided to make myself do this swap….and I’m SO glad I did….it really does seem to spark creativeness doesn’t it!!?

For this card I decided I wanted to try creating it with using paper I had on hand….basic cuts and some of the rubber/acrylic stamps I have on hand and very rarely use……and I’m glad I did

…cause I’m really quite happy with the results……

You know me….I had to distress the edges of all layers with my favorite Distress Ink color….Walnut Stain….just love that warm color so much!!!!  I did basic cuts with my paper cutter for all but the circles…..I just measured across the stamps and then cut out some quick circles with my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter using some of the Basic Shapes within SCAL3…..very simple for this project…but it’s still SO nice being able to quickly cut these out and not having to have all the different size punches on hand….takes us SO MUCH less space then all the punches and dies on the market…LOL
So…….How about that Sports Fans!!! LOL 2 posts in 2 days!! LOL I hope you like my creation today…..Who knows..this may actually become the Christmas Card I make to mail out to friends and family this year!!! I’ve not done cards in a couple of years and I would REALLY like to do that this year……So…..what do you think???? Do you like it????
Okie Dokie….I would like to THANK YOU all for stopping by and visit with me for a few minutes today……I do hope you will stop by again…..who knows….perhaps I’ll stay on my roll and get creative again tonight!!! LOL  I wish you all a VERY blessed day….until next time…

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happy HUMP Day…..Yeeeeahhhh!!! Another Wednesday…

Well Good Morning Everyone….I hope this post finds you all having a wonderful week thus far!!!!  It’s Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr cold here!!!!
I can actually say I played last night!!! Yeahhhhhhh ME!!!  It felt great….now just want to keep the ball rolling!! LOL  I needed to create a Shutter card for a group I had belonged to…and needed to get it in the mail today… thought I would share with you what I created……

It really was a lot of fun once I got started!!!  I had another Shutter card design I had created some time ago….but this design was a bit different so I decided to make a cut file out of it and am sharing it in this post in case any of you might be interested………You can find it below…..Perhaps it’s a file you might find useful????
You can see I created it in an SVG format only…that’s because it’s a format that is universal to most all cutting programs out there today……
Okie Dokie…’s a short post from me today…LOL Shock Shock!!!   But I really want to THANK YOU so much for taking time from your day to stop by and visit with me….Hopefully I’ll be getting on a creative roll VERY soon!!! LOL So I do hope you will come back by to visit…I wish you all a very blessed day!! Until next time…

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hello Hello Hello…I’m still around!!

I hope this posts finds you all doing WONDERFUL!!!!  I feel like I’ve been in a dark room and couldn’t find my  way out…LOL  As you know I decided a couple months back to try moving my blog over to Wordpress…..and while it’s super cool…..I just found I was doing less and less posting….just not feeling it like I was hoping I would… I was in limbo about what I wanted to do…..I’ve decided since I have such a long history on Blogger and better traffic to come back to where I seem to fit better….So I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk!!!! LOL
I thought I would start out by sharing a project I worked on about a month or so ago……it was a lot of fun and something I hadn’t tried before……It’s an Altered Paint Brush……..I was kinda stumped at first…but then decided that I wanted to remove the bristles and kind of reinvent that part of the paintbrush… here’s what I came up with…..
Isn’t that kinda cool??????  .

I decided to work up a short video where I could show you page by page and share a bit of what I did to create it…..hope you might enjoy it…….
It really was A LOT of fun…and I can really see myself making more of these in the future……So what do you think???? Do you like it??????  I sure hope so….


This weekend I’ve got several things I need to create so I should have something else to share with you in a few days…I sure hope you’ll come back by to visit with me!!!!!  I would also like to wish you all a VERY blessed week!!!!! Until next time…

Hey Everyone....

Hello....I hope you are having a wonderful day!!! After working with Wordpress for several months....I made the decision that Blogger is going to work better for me....I've been able to resolve some issues I was having and have a longer history there so opted to move back over there...All My files are still available for free over at my old blog.... please come visit me over there.....

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I wish you all a VERY blessed week!!!