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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy Saturday to YOU!!!

Hey Everyone….I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful weekend so far!!!!  Mine has been NICE but VERY frustrating in the same sense….I would REALLY like to THANK those of you who took time out of your day to let me know issues you found on my blog since the move……Some I’ve been able to resolve fairly quickly….Others….wellllllllllllllllllll….Let’s just say will be an on going process……
Sadly you will find posts where you get the wonky blank image…….I will have to work on getting those images reloaded a bit at a time……all of those issues are having to do with the nightmare I’ve been working with between Google Drive and Picasa……with my old profile…..SUPER FRUSTRATING especially when Google just will flat out not assist in getting the issue resolved…….So…PLEASE bear with me on any older posts you see where images are screwed up……But be assured from this point forward things “should” run very smoothly……The atmosphere in Wordpress seems to be very inviting and user friendly….once you familiarize yourself with how their features work….
In regards to the links you see for My Cut Files I’ve shared in previous posts……Be aware they will no longer work……I’ve moved all of My Cut Files from Google Drive over to Dropbox…….so that’s where they’ll be housed from this point forward……
Instead of clicking on the links within the posts from posts older then this post just look at the file name and then go to the column to the right and you’ll see all the Categories of My Free Cut Files….You can click on the category you would like to see and then download the files from there if you care to….Hoping this will make it easier for you to find what you might be looking for!!!
Now…..On to share some things I’ve created within the past couple of weeks…….I just haven’t had a chance to share them with you……

This first one was for a swap over at my ARTHaven Creations & Friendships Yahoo Group……it was for a “Shape Card” with a “Summer Theme” ……..I had a lot of fun with this one……..
For the sky and the water I used my Tim Holtz Distress inks with my distress applicators…..then I used glossy accents over the “water area”……..for the “Sand” I used Liquitex Sand Resin…..mixed a touch of Walnut Stain reinker..mixed it and then applied with a spatula and allowed to dry…..kind of gives the illusion of “wet sand” don’t you think?????
For the beach chair I used some wood paper I had in my stash and cut it with my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter …..which of course you KNOW I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing!!!! 
So I thought I would share the file I created for this in case any of you might be interested in it….
Then I needed to create a “Wall Hangy” for another swap in the same group…..I wanted it to be a bit special and hopefully something she would want to hang on to……so here’s what I came up with…..

I used one of Monica’s files to cut the frame out the over all piece is approximately an 8”x10”…..the Poem I engraved into metal with my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter using my engraving tip….
I did the Print & Cut Technique with SCAL3 Pro and my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter and then took some distress inks and a distress applicator to grunge up the edges……once I had all that completed I then coated with mat medium and while still wet coated front and back with Tim Holtz distress glitter….has SUCH an awesome look to it……I then punched holes with my Crop-a-dial all around the metal and took some ribbon and threaded through the frame and the metal to make sure the two were completely and permanently joined.
I then finished out the piece with some of my handmade flowers…..I really love how this turned out… about you????? Do you like it???? Would love to hear your thoughts….
Ok… on we go….so this last piece is for yet another swap in my ARTHaven Creations & Friendship group….this was a swap using a “Toilet Paper Roll” in some manner….I wanted to make it a wee bit different and something the recipient might actually want to keep… here’s what I came up with….


I painted the rolls with distress stain for one and crackle paint for the other…..then cut into strips and glued with my glue gun together……adding one of my Starburst files I had shared a couple of months ago……a decorative button and some ribbon… make this ornament…..It really is very pretty in person…kinda hard to see that here I think……but I sure hope you might like it…..
Now….the last thing I have to share tonight is a file I created a couple weeks ago…..I had someone ask for some Oriental type files……one thing that was mentioned was a Bonsai Tree…… I took my chances with my creation….and here’s what I came up with……..
Okie Dokie Artichokie!!!! That about does it for me tonight!!! I SO hope you might have found something here that caught your eye…..and I do hope you are all enjoying a very blessed weekend!!! As always…THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for coming by to visit with me…AND for following me over to my new home here in Wordpress!!!  It means WAY more then you know!!!!  I do hope you’ll come by again!!!! Until then….

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