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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wahooooo Two Posts in One Weekend!!!

Hey Everyone…ME again!!! I hope you all have enjoyed a WONDERFUL weekend!!!!!  So after I did my post yesterday I played some more….Had me some FUN!!!!  Thought I would share a few more with you before I sign off for the night!!!
The first one is a file I create last night to work up a video I needed to do showing how BEAUTIFULLY my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter cuts Shrinky Dink Material…….BTW….It does AWESOME!!!
Here’s the samples I made up…….I LOVE Shrinky Dink material!!!

Now….the next ones are based off some of the FUN dies that are out today….I just created my own cut files for them so I can resize them whatever size I need!!!!!

Ok…Now I DO want to mention to you……You NEED to cut 2 each of the star and the heart…..mirroring the cuts……the rounded one…the one at the top is with just one cut….the bottom I used 2 cuts of the piece……..So you can decide what kind of look you are going for…
Also…another note about assembly… you know these things can be a bugger to cooperate…LOL….Thought I would share with you the solution I came up with that has worked perfectly……once I get all the accordion folding done I glue the ends together as you are supposed to….then I take a needle and some fiber of your choosing and thread it through the small holes all the way around… you have 2 loose ends of threads to use a drawstrings… you can cinch the accordion together then I have a scrap of paper with some swipes of my ATG gun on it so I have a tacky surface to work on to enable me to get the look I’m trying to achieve….
I put the “good” side of the piece face down onto the tacky paper…cinch the thread until I get the desired affect and I tie a not in the thread……then I take the piece off the tacky paper and place on a craft mat “good” side face up and place some hot glue in the hole….and then take my favorite button or center piece to finish it off…..
Now…for the last file for the night…I drew her up last night…….for a project I will be working on….but thought I would go ahead and share her just in case someone else might like her……

I’ve made her face so you can draw it with your pen tool….just so you know…..
Okie Dokie Artichokie!!!   That’s it for me tonight!!!! I SO hope you all can find something you like!!! I have had the best time this weekend creating and look forward to making more……IF someone has something in mind they would like to see…you’re most welcome to email me at ….As always….THANK YOU so so much for stopping by to visit with me… I wish you all a very blessed week ahead…and I do hope you’ll come by again….Until next time….

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Rebecca Buchanan said...

What do this cut file look like when it is finished up?
PDC Heart Starburst 6082013 and also I was wondering why it is called a heart starburst?