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Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Beautiful Saturday has Rolled In….

Hey Everyone……I hope you are all having a very blessed Saturday and you are all safe from the Tropical Strom that has went up the East Coast in the US…….
I ALSO wanted to THANK YOU ALL so very very VERY much for the amazing amount of love I’ve received over my announcement the other day……You all are what gives me SO MUCH JOY to share!!! You totally have made my month!!!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!
SO…….How about a few new files!!!!!  I’ve been having some FUN today….Finished tweeking my ARTHaven YET AGAIN this morning…LOL…It’s just never ending you know!!! LOL  And had a couple of requests for a few files….so I started playing….did a couple of mock ups……to show you they do cut well…one of them I didn’t snap a picture of but it DOES cute beautifully!!! Ok…So..Here we go!!!!

I didn’t do a mock up of this one…but it cut so well….and works up super quick!!!!!  And remember…you can resize this to whatever you have big enough paper for!!!!!

This one is SO MUCH FUN!!!! LOL I had a blast pulling the tabs!!! Like a kid in a candy store!!!

These would be SO fun to use on Greeting Cards, or Birthday Cards or something like that……I hope you like them!!!!
Ok…That’s it for now…Off I go to play some more…..Sure hope you find something you will enjoy!!!! And remember the link to My Free Cut files can be found at the tab at the top of my blog, on the left side top of my blog…

I just ask that you honor my Terms Of Use!!!  As always…THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me…and I wish you all a VERY  blessed weekend!! Please come by again…until then….

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