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Thank you so much!!
Penny Duncan

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Friday, June 28, 2013

The Cutting Edge Magazine…..It’s ALMOST Here….

Hey Everyone…..Happy Friday!!!!!  I’m EXCITED to share this news with you!!!!!  I’m going to be published in the July/August Issue of The Cutting Edge Magazine!

This is a WONDERFUL magazine for anyone who enjoys cutting with a digital cutting machine!!!!!
You really don’t want to miss out!!!!!!!  And I have even MORE exciting news!!!!!  I will be giving away a FREE ISSUE of the magazine to one lucky winner!!!!!!  All you have to do is leave comment below and on the 10th of July I will select one random winner!!!!  It could be YOU!!!!!
This issue of the July/August Magazine will go live on July 1st, 2013….So get Ready!!!!!  Sure hope you’ll like the project I created!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

You would SOOOOO Love this FUN Tool….

Hey….ME again!!!! Look at me….2 posts in one night….WOW….what’s the world coming to!!!! LOL
So I had mentioned at the end of the other post that I was in the process of uploading a video for the Foil Master that I got from Sherri at That’s Scrap Inc. …..Several people have asked me just how it really does on foiling……and I always want to give honest feedback……

Several of us in the That’s Scrap forum have been discussing lately the Foil Master and the quality of results they were getting…..I had been very satisifed with the results I had been getting with my Foil Master using my HP 1415FNW Color Laser printer….putting it on all black setting……UNTIL….we really got to discussing it and I bit the bullet and invested in a very inexpensive Mono Laser Printer…….
OMG!!!!!  Let’s say it’s safe to say…there is a HUGE difference….So I decided to work up a video to show you….so you can see for yourself…..

How about that sports fans!!!!  Big difference huh!!!!!  I thought I loved my Foil Master before…..Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no no no….I am BEYOND THRILLED with my Foil Master now….I have already started using the puppy a whole lot more just since I got the new printer.

This will be so fun to use to make Christmas cards this year….you know how they have the elegant cards with the foiled working and sentiments……this will be SO ME this year!!! Doin’ the happy dance in my neck of the woods!!! LOL

Okie Dokie Artichokie!!!! That’s it for me tonight……THANKS so much for stopping by to visit with me…..Sure hope this helps you some…and I wish you all a VERY blessed week!!!!!  I hope you’ll come by to visit with me again soon!!!!! Until next time….

Happy Tuesday…..A couple of videos….

Hey Everyone….Me again……I hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday….sun has been out all day and it’s been beautiful….humid…..but definitely beautiful…….
So… you know I took over a Yahoo Group the other day and created a Google+ Community in hopes to help those who are enjoying their SCAL3 and ECAL Program as much as I love mine (there are links to these groups on the right side of my blog)……I had asked if there were any areas some would like to have quick tutorials done up for and got a bit of feed back…..So last night when I got home from work I sat down at my desk in my ARTHaven and worked them up……..thought I would share them with you here….perhaps they might come in handy for some…..
The first one is a quick comparison of creating a very simple shape in three programs…..Inkscape, SCAL3 and Corel Draw…….
Creating a simple file in 3 programs for you to decide which is best for you!!
And this 2nd video is showing you how easy it is to take your acrylic or rubber stamps and create a shadow cut with them to cut with your digital cutter and then use your stamps to stamp on and add to your project…….for those of us who love the precise cutouts and don’t want to have to “fussy cut” by hand…..
Creating a Shadow Cut for you to cut with your Digital Cutter!!
And here is an AWESOME AWESOME TUTORIAL Kay with Clever Some Day shared way back in 2010 that I know you will love as well!!!!!  It’s VERY helpful!!!

Ok……Perhaps they might be useful….Sure hope so……..Also to just give you a heads up…..I have one more video uploading that I’ll be sharing in a separate post…….showing you some information on the Foil Master that Sherri at That’s Scrap Inc. sells….it’s AWESOME!!!!  So…I do hope you’ll come back by…..Until then..Have a blessed evening!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

A Monday Rolls Around…..

Good Morning and Happy Monday Everyone……..We have yuck yuck rain today…..but thankful it’s nothing severe!!!!! 

 I had some swaps for my ARTHaven group that I needed to get completed and in the mail……I had me some FUN!!!!!
The first one I needed to complete was a Mermaid Swap……you might remember I shared that file the other day…….

Well I wanted her to look cute……..wanna see how she turned out????

I used the pen tool and a regular ole’ bic ball point pen to draw her face using the WYSIWYG setting with my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter and SCAL3 program…..then once it drew out I cut out the body….colored in her lips with a red marker and used my white Pentel Sunburst Gel Pen to color the whites of the eyes and then a black sharpie to color in her pupils…..and drew her on some eyelashes…
For her hair…I had cut her hair out with black cardstock and knew I wanted to give it some texture in some way…..and remembered some flocking stuff I had picked up on clearance at Michaels several months ago and dug it out and gave it a whirl….worked pretty darn good……

I coated the hair piece with my jumbo Zigg glue pen…allowed to dry and then used the flocking sheet and a stylus to rub over it to transfer the flocking over it and it worked pretty darn good…….
I used the Print and Cut Technique to cut out her bottom pieces of her body…….using my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter and SCAL3 and then ran the body bottom piece through my Ebosser to give it a bit of a fin like texture….went across the high spots with my Tim Holtz sanding  block then used my Walnut Stain Inkpad and a distressing sponge to give another depth of color….On the fin part I coated it with the Zigg glue pen…allowed to dry then covered with fine glitter…..

Check it out…..I used the EXTRA STICKY Mat Sherri sells at her store That’s Scrap Inc.

These are for fabric and difficult to stick mediums and I think grungeboard could classify as one of those…I did NOT have to use painter’s tape around the edges to get this to stay put on the mat…..stayed perfectly where I placed it…and then lifted right off when I was finished cutting….

Just thought that was SUPER COOL and thought some might find it useful….I use this mat for cutting felt too!!!

Ok….Now on to the next swap……this was called Embossing Card swap…meaning you had to use Embossing in some way on the creation of the card and it had to stay in the parameters of a 5x7 card with an accompanying envie……Well I wasn’t sure whether she meant rubber stamping embossing or texture folder embossing…LOL  I was too lazy to ask…so I did both!!! 
I knew I wanted to do something different…….so I was looking around my room and saw a card I had done a couple of months ago using one of my Cut Line designs… “might” remember it….

This was the design I used for this card……

Well I wanted this one to be different……and I had hearts on my mind…….and wanted the card to have some type of a shape to it rather then a rectangle……so I started playing around with this file I had shared eons ago….

Tweeked it and changed a few things……then decided to use one of my Shaplie Designs… I chose this one….

Resized it a bit and only used a couple of the layers and here was my end result to the file I created……..
Now this file is a frame….but once I sent it into SCAL3 I just duplicated the bottom piece and Unioned them together to create my card base………and this is the Envie I decided to use….I just resized it a bit to be the size I needed it to be…..

So….Now to show you what my card ended up looking like….I have to say I do love it if I have to say so myself…..

I did a lot of Print and Cut with my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter and SCAL3 on this card set because I loved the papers I chose to use….but sadly the paper only came in a 6x6 size….so I had scanned it and printed off the designs I needed with the digital paper I wanted to fill them….I used a lot of Walnut Stain Ink and my distressing sponge around the edges….used an embossing folder on the frame piece……and LOVE the rich deep texture of this card…….
The cross is an acrylic stamp that I stamped with Ranger Archival Ink and then colored with my Distress Ink Pads swiped on my work surface and a paint brush dipped in water…..once I had it colored I dried completely with my heat gun then stamped with black pigment ink the phrase and used black embossing powder and heat embossed…worked perfectly……so now I have both stamping embossing and texture embossing in the piece!!! Yeahhh ME!!! 
I’m sharing several photos of this because I was trying to show you that the inside piece with the stamped image is inset a bit and I raised the frame up a bit with foam squares to give another depth to the card…..I’m super thrilled with how this came out…and I sure hope the recipient is as well!!!!
Now….one last thing to share with you is from the Postcard Swap we had over at ARTHaven……I decided to create this all digitally and just print off front back…..and it worked perfectly……

I used a multitude of techniques creating this and I used my Corel Paint Shop Pro X4 program…..I’m debating on whether I want to upgrade to X5 or not….just haven’t decided….so far what I see there’s not a lot of difference that has affected me..but I’m still playing with it….
Okie Dokie Artichokie!!! That’s IT for me for the day!!!! I SO hope you might have found something here you like!!!!!  As always….THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me……I wish you all a very very blessed week!!!!! I do hope you’ll come by again…..Until then….

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happy Saturday……SCAL Rocks!!

Hey Everyone….Happy Happy Saturday to you all……Whew it’s a hot one here in my neck of the woods today!!!  But at least there’s no rain…right??!!!
So as some might remember I shared a few months back that my son and daughter in law are expecting and are due in September!! Yeah US!!!  Well we’re obviously going to have a baby shower for them…….and I was put in charge of the invitations…..and you know that made me smile!!  The theme of the baby room is owls… I knew I wanted it to be a FUN owl…..and I usually don’t do cutesy…..BUT for my granddaughter you know I had to make an exception….LOL… I went to work…’s the finished product……

Don’t they just make you SMILE!!!!! LOL  I used Pastel colors for the card base and owl body and then printed off some digi papers…….and did the Print and Cut Technique with my AWESOME SCAL3 Program and my Silver Bullet Pro Cutter….they are SUCH the PERFECT pair I tell ya!!! LOL…  Had to make up SEVERAL of these little babies….as you can see…….aren’t they FUN!!!!  Would you like to have the file????  If so you’re welcome to click on the below link….and I hope you have FUN with it!!!!

Okie Dokie…..that pretty much catches me up!!!!! THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me……Hope you enjoyed my owl….and the news about the SCAL groups…..I wish you all a VERY blessed weekend…and I do hope you’ll stop by again!!! Until next time…

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Sunday & Father’s Day…..

Good Afternoon Everyone…..I hope you have all been blessed with a wonderful weekend!!!!
I had 2 things I needed to make cards for this weekend…….Saturday my 2 identical twin cousins….(they are so much more like my nieces as my cousin and I are like brother and sister)……had a birthday party…as they just turned 2…….it’s such a happy happy time as they came into the world 6 weeks early…but are blessed to be completely healthy…See what cutie patooties they are today!!!

They had just spent 2 hours in the Bouncy Houses at a local Fun Place……aren’t they ADORABLE!!!!  I’m not partial at all am I!!!
So I needed to make them birthday cards for their gifts…..and while I love how the cards turned out I had to giggle at myself……I’m one of  those ARTists who won’t create anything until the idea comes to me……LOL I knew their birthday party was coming up and I needed to get the cards made….but I just couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do….Then, yesterday morning at 6:00 am the idea popped in my head…..Mind you the birthday party was at 2:30 pm and I had to make 2 cards…….and you all KNOW I can’t do anything simple….I always do that to myself!!! So I deserve the punishment..right!!! LOL
So I pop out of bed and into my ARTHaven I go….the idea I wanted to do came through for the most part without a hitch…..I had wanted to add a monkey to these…BUT…I ran out of time!!  AND not only did I run out of time….I didn’t make the envies deep enough for the finished card!!!  Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..what a goofball!!!  LOL….but as you can see…I still think it turned out ok cause they kinda look neat just sitting in the envie with the flap up….At least that’s what I hope you all think too!!!! LOL
Wanna see how they turned out??????

 I had the BEST time making these though….and I used my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter in company with my Foil Master and they are the BEST of Friends!!! LOL  I used one of my files I shared a while back…the

and also one file I more recently shared…..

I also wanted to share with you that I used some AMAZING Digital Papers I had purchased the other day from Sassy Designs.  She had an WONDERFUL sale the other day on all of her papers….and it was truly too good to pass up!!!!!  The quality of her images are FANTASTIC!!!

I mentioned the other day about a new mono laser printer I purchased……and how AMAZING the difference is on the foiling……I absolutely have fallen in love with foiling….it gives such a awesome look to your pieces…more of an elegant look I think…..
Then this morning I needed to make a Father’s Day card for my Father In Law…..and YET again……the idea of what I wanted to do didn’t hit me til this morning…LOL  However this one came together a bit quicker for me as I only had to make 1 and there wasn’t near as many pieces to assemble!!! LOL 

I did work up a new file for this and am sharing it below as well…but here’s what I came up with…..

It really did turn out cute……and I utilized my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter and my Foil Master again……also SCAL3 as always……You can see in the last picture just how WONDERFUL the foiled text just pops off the card….isn’t it gorgeous!!!! 

I also used more of the Digital Papers I purchased from Sassy Designs….and utilized the Print and Cut features with my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter and SCAL3 on all of these cards……was SO MUCH FUN!!!!

So…If anyone is interested in this file you can find it here….

Okie Dokie!!!!!!  That’s it for me tonight!!!!  As always always always….THANKS SO MUCH for stopping by to visit with me!!!!  Sure hope you got a smile from something here!!!!  I do hope you will come by to visit with me again soon…..And I wish you all a VERY blessed week!!! Until next time….

Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Happy Friday!!!!

Good Morning and Happy Friday Everyone!!!!! Yeahhhhh!!! I’m so glad it’s another weekend upon us!!!!  More time to play…..right!!!???
So can you believe I was actually having fun creating this week…..I had received a few wonderful ideas for card designs and decided to try working on one of the ideas……but wanted to give a few designs…….so I came up with the doilies first…..

And then I wanted to use these and create a couple of quick work up cards………so this is what I came up with…..I also created a matching envie and a liner sheet for each of them as well as am including a blank envie and liner…..

Now remember….these are all grouped…so when you bring into your cutting software you’ll need to ungroup them…..
I decided to work up a mock up of these so you could see they do cut well……..thought I would show you them here…..of course I used my FAVORITE Silver Bullet Professional Cutter to cut these…..
Now mind you these are not fancy…..I was just trying to work something up quickly so you could see they do indeed cut very well……
On the Thinking of you card behind the cutout I took a piece of clear plastic that I get from All That Jazz Supplies and cut out one of the solid hearts and the took some alcohol inks and created a mottled background then tucked the clear plastic under the ribbon on the back side with a few dabs of my glue pen to hold in place……’s hard to see it here…but it’s really pretty in person……I took some sheer ribbon and wove in  the holes around the heart……
Notice the phrases on each of the cards…..This I am SUPER excited about!!!! Notice they are all shiny…..I used my Foil Master that I got from Sherri at That’s Scrap Inc. to foil the phrases and it gives each of the card such an elegant look….here’s a close up of the phrases…..

But I just wanted to share with you…for any one who might have a Foil Master…..or those who might be contemplating getting one…’s a MUST that you have a Mono Laser Printer………I have a color laser printer and thought I could get buy with just using the black and white setting and adjusting the quality of print…….and while it does get a decent coverage of the foil it’s still always splotchy in some areas……..and that’s because it’s still using some of the color toner when it prints…….you MUST use all black toner to achieve the proper look……
So I was on the search this week…determined I was going to solve this once and for all…but didn’t want to spend a fortune……I happened upon Staples who had a FANTASTIC deal on a Mono Laser Printer on sale for $79.99…..a $40.00 savings… I jumped at it…’s a Brother brand….brought it home and hooked it up and tested it out with my Foil Master and was immediately impressed……absolutely complete coverage of the piece….I was jumping up and down!!! SO…lesson learned and I’m a happy camper to boot!!!!

BTW…..If any of you are needing any foil…OMG…Check out this RAINBOW of colors of Foil that Sherri offers over at her store… That’s Scrap Inc. Makes my mouth water just looking at it all….I want every color eventually!!!!!
Okie Dokie!!!!!  That’s it for me this morning!!! I so hope you might have a use for these files….and enjoy them……still working on more things…hope you will come back by….and as always…THANK YOU so much for visiting….taking time out of your day…and when you leave me blog love it truly makes my day….I do my best to respond to everyone if there’s an email addy or a link to your blog……I just want you all to know how Thankful I truly am for your time you give!!!  I wish you all a VERY blessed weekend!!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wahooooo Two Posts in One Weekend!!!

Hey Everyone…ME again!!! I hope you all have enjoyed a WONDERFUL weekend!!!!!  So after I did my post yesterday I played some more….Had me some FUN!!!!  Thought I would share a few more with you before I sign off for the night!!!
The first one is a file I create last night to work up a video I needed to do showing how BEAUTIFULLY my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter cuts Shrinky Dink Material…….BTW….It does AWESOME!!!
Here’s the samples I made up…….I LOVE Shrinky Dink material!!!

Now….the next ones are based off some of the FUN dies that are out today….I just created my own cut files for them so I can resize them whatever size I need!!!!!

Ok…Now I DO want to mention to you……You NEED to cut 2 each of the star and the heart…..mirroring the cuts……the rounded one…the one at the top is with just one cut….the bottom I used 2 cuts of the piece……..So you can decide what kind of look you are going for…
Also…another note about assembly… you know these things can be a bugger to cooperate…LOL….Thought I would share with you the solution I came up with that has worked perfectly……once I get all the accordion folding done I glue the ends together as you are supposed to….then I take a needle and some fiber of your choosing and thread it through the small holes all the way around… you have 2 loose ends of threads to use a drawstrings… you can cinch the accordion together then I have a scrap of paper with some swipes of my ATG gun on it so I have a tacky surface to work on to enable me to get the look I’m trying to achieve….
I put the “good” side of the piece face down onto the tacky paper…cinch the thread until I get the desired affect and I tie a not in the thread……then I take the piece off the tacky paper and place on a craft mat “good” side face up and place some hot glue in the hole….and then take my favorite button or center piece to finish it off…..
Now…for the last file for the night…I drew her up last night…….for a project I will be working on….but thought I would go ahead and share her just in case someone else might like her……

I’ve made her face so you can draw it with your pen tool….just so you know…..
Okie Dokie Artichokie!!!   That’s it for me tonight!!!! I SO hope you all can find something you like!!! I have had the best time this weekend creating and look forward to making more……IF someone has something in mind they would like to see…you’re most welcome to email me at ….As always….THANK YOU so so much for stopping by to visit with me… I wish you all a very blessed week ahead…and I do hope you’ll come by again….Until next time….

Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Beautiful Saturday has Rolled In….

Hey Everyone……I hope you are all having a very blessed Saturday and you are all safe from the Tropical Strom that has went up the East Coast in the US…….
I ALSO wanted to THANK YOU ALL so very very VERY much for the amazing amount of love I’ve received over my announcement the other day……You all are what gives me SO MUCH JOY to share!!! You totally have made my month!!!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!
SO…….How about a few new files!!!!!  I’ve been having some FUN today….Finished tweeking my ARTHaven YET AGAIN this morning…LOL…It’s just never ending you know!!! LOL  And had a couple of requests for a few files….so I started playing….did a couple of mock ups……to show you they do cut well…one of them I didn’t snap a picture of but it DOES cute beautifully!!! Ok…So..Here we go!!!!

I didn’t do a mock up of this one…but it cut so well….and works up super quick!!!!!  And remember…you can resize this to whatever you have big enough paper for!!!!!

This one is SO MUCH FUN!!!! LOL I had a blast pulling the tabs!!! Like a kid in a candy store!!!

These would be SO fun to use on Greeting Cards, or Birthday Cards or something like that……I hope you like them!!!!
Ok…That’s it for now…Off I go to play some more…..Sure hope you find something you will enjoy!!!! And remember the link to My Free Cut files can be found at the tab at the top of my blog, on the left side top of my blog…

I just ask that you honor my Terms Of Use!!!  As always…THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me…and I wish you all a VERY  blessed weekend!! Please come by again…until then….

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Let’s Go Back to 2009…..

Hey Everyone…and Happy Wednesday to you……I hope you are all having a VERY blessed week!!!!!!  So…After reading Dan’s …..My Crafty Life blogpost that he’s decided to share his cut files…..It began to re-stir some thoughts I’ve been having for some time now……and his post and my thoughts took me back to what our Cutting ARTWorld used to be like back in 2009 with the cutting world exploded with the introduction of the “bug” back then….WOW how we’ve expanded and grown to what it’s become today huh!!!!!
Back then…..for those who may not have been into the cutting craze that far back…….it was all fresh and new to us and we all just LOVED sharing all we learned and created… gave us a thrill to hear and see joy in what someone mastered and shared with each of us…..the SCAL & MTC Yahoo groups would have 100’s and I do mean 100’s of posts a day!!! It was WILD and FUN…..we all just chattered and shared and it was a little community……I even owned the SCAL Hints group for a while….. And back then I received so much joy by sharing my cut files I created on my blog for anyone who was interested in them… gave me so much satisfaction…..I loved hearing from others that found the file worked perfectly for a project they had in mind and how it perhaps inspired them to do other things…I truly enjoy that!!!  It pushed me to want to create more and share….
Sadly some bad things transpired which took me to the point of not sharing my cut files which broke my heart…..after several requests I did decide to list them on My ETSY Store…..and while I thought it was a perfect solution something in my gut was missing what we once all shared……After seeing Dan’s post today it rejuvinated my passion to want to get back (even partly) to what we were once like…..SO…I’ve made a decision for ME….and I PRAY you all will be accepting and hopefully enjoy!!!!!
While I will still offer my complete collections of all my cut files on My ETSY Store for those who would prefer to have them all neatly burned to a disc……..which you can find HERE and I will be selling My Engraving File Collections….which you can also find HERE……
I’ve decided to again SHARE MY CUT FILES FOR FREE to download individually!!!! 
I’m truly excited about this and I so hope some of you might be……
I do request that you do not share my files with everyone…rather please refer them back to my blog…..and that you honor my Terms of Use which are very laid back…..
You can find My Cut Files by clicking on the tab at the top of my blog. 

I do hope you will enjoy them…and I hope you will stop by and visit with me often….I do plan on beginning to create again and sharing as I do so…..And so you all know….from this point forward I will be creating my files in SVG format only……it has become the industry standard and most all cutting programs will allow you to import this file format…
Okie Dokie……That’s MY excitement….I hope it makes you smile too!!!!  I….as always…want to THANK YOU so much for sticking by me…..for being my online friends……You bring big warm smiles to my face and it is so appreciated!!!!!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy Saturday One and All……

Good Morning Everyone…..First I would like to send a heartfelt cyber hug to all of those who were in the path of the HORRIBLE tornados  that terrorized so many AGAIN last night!!!! This has been such a horrid 2 weeks for so many in the middle US….I am praying it is finally coming to an end!!!!!
I have actually created a few things the past couple of days and had fun creating them……just thought I would share them with you……the first is a Tag I needed to make for my ARTHaven Creations and Friendship group…….it was to be based on Spring and needed to involve flowers in some manner….now you all KNOW I love me some flowers!!! So I had some fun with this swap….here’s what I came up with….

I watched a video tutorial the other day of someone creating a background using some of the Tim Holtz Distress Paints and a stamp (in my case I used an acrylic stamp) and 2 colors of paints…….
Here’s the link to the video I watched…..I just know you’re going to love the idea too…
So after I created my background I then added additional “layers” by embossing with one of my Anna Griffin Embossing Folders and my Ebosser then used a couple different colors of distress ink and my distress sponges and colored to give more depth……that finished up the tag base……
I also decided I wanted to try and begin to utilize my acrylic stamps more….so I pulled out a couple I liked and stamped them out on to some paper and then scanned them and brought the image into my Sure Cuts A lot 3 program to create a shadow layer of with my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter so I could cut out the shape and then stamp my acrylic stamp onto them……LOVE this and will definitely be doing more and more of this cause I am enjoying using my stamps this way…..

I used some of my distress reinkers and a touch of water and a brush to color in the stamped images……attached these pieces directly to the  tag and then added some of my previously handmade flowers to the tag…added some lace and ribbon to the top of the tag…..and a couple of My Handmade Butterflies…..and Voila!!!  Tag is finished!!!  I sure hope Chrystal enjoys the tag!!!  I had fun making it!!!
Then I needed to work on my ATC’s for the group…and again the theme was to be Spring and involve flowers……I wanted to use more acrylic stamps so I did the same technique as listed above about stamping, scanning and creating a shadow cut then stamping onto the cut…….then colored in the same manner as well…..I also stamped some images onto the background paper I picked…….Here’s what I ended up with…..

I did NOT make the roses that are on the ATC’s…I decided to use up some old stash I had of little flowers… I prefer to make my own…but these had been in my drawers for along time…..they were the perfect size I needed….so I used them…….but I think the ATC’s turned out cute….don’t you?????

Okie Dokie….So…that catches me up for now!!!!! OH OH OH……I ALSO wanted to share just ONE more thing with you all…since I received so many congratulations from so many of you about my oldest son’s engagement and wedding I wanted to show you a picture of the HAPPY HAPPY couple on their wedding day!!! I’m one proud mama!!!!

This is my wonderful family!!!!!  Isn’t my new DIL and granddaughter BEAUTIFUL!!!! And my sweet DIL is 6 months pregnant with my other granddaughter who should be here in September!!!!  The Lord has so blessed my family!!!!!  As you can see my family is VERY laid  back and “redneck” and that works for us!!! LOL
Ok…..NOW I’m done!!!! LOL  Bet you thought you would NEVER get to the end huh!!!! LOL  IF you stayed with me….THANK YOU so very very much!!!! Hope you enjoyed your visit…and I do hope you will come by again…..I wish you all a VERY SAFE and blessed weekend!!!! Until next time!!