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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hello Hello Hello…..

Hey Everyone…..I pray everyone is doing well and made it through the horrible weather so many in the middle of the country has endured over the past several days……..
So……I actually spent the entire past weekend in my ARTHaven and had the BEST time!!! It felt great to actually play for an entire weekend…….Created 1 for a gift I needed…..

This is a piece I did for my son and his new wife's wedding.....I love how it turned out and I'm so proud of it.....They absolutely LOVED it...which of course made me feel AWESOME!!!!

Ok….so now I have some more…EXCITING NEWS!!!! That I just HAVE TO BRAG ABOUT!!!!!
You all by now know how much I absolutely LOVE my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter it is the BEST cutter on the market!!!! And now it’s been PROVEN to be the BEST cutter on the market!!!!! Check this out!!!!!! 
The Silver Bullet Professional Cutter has just been awarded the…
TopTenREVIEWS - Gold Award - Awarded for excellence in design, useability and feature set
I am SO SO SO SUPER PROUD of Sherri Jensen at That’s Scrap Inc. and all of the hard work she’s put into this machine, the customer support…the tools and all the accessories she has created for this machine!!!!  There is no other cutter on the market and customer service combined that will every come close!!!!!  WTG Sherri!!!!
Okie Dokie….that’s it from me for now!!! THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me……It always makes me smile to hear from you!!!!  I wish you all a VERY blessed week!!! Stay safe!!! I hope you will stop by again…until then…

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mojo Monday Sketch Challenge 292

Hey Hey Everyone...Happy Thursday to you all!!!  So...I actually took on a challenge and COMPLETED it!!!  A very sweet friend of mine.....Michelle with MichelleMyBelle Creations offers up an SVG File she's been given permission to create from the Mojo Monday Sketch Challenge every week....from the Mojo Monday Blog .......I think it's such an awesome idea to help jump start one's creativity if your mojo happens to have gone on vacation!!! ;) 

So...Here was the challenge for this week......

And being this was my first attempt....I did my best to keep the look of it being as close as here's my creation!!!!!

So I used my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter to cut out the pieces.....using the Print & Cut Technique with SCAL3...I scanned the papers so I could save on paper and ink and then filled the shapes of the file Michelle had created and then cut them out....made it SO NICE!!! I grunged up the edges of all the pieces with my distressing tool and then inked the edges with Distress Ink Victorian Velvet and Frayed Burlap......then spritzed the round piece with water and made a bit of a splotchy look......

I then stamped the circle with a rubber stamp I have from TPC Studio Collection #2011139 (Hobby Lobby Brand).  On the little border piece you see under the pieces I took some thin ribbon and weaved it through to add another dimension to the piece.....and glued a little bow to the circle piece to give the illusion it's been weaved through that piece as well.....On the bottom piece of the card I used my Ebosser electric embossing machine and an embossing folder I have to give yet one more layer of texture to the piece....

It was so FUN to actually create something through the week!!!!  Made me realize how much I miss doing that!!!!  So I was happy to get to share this with you!!!!

Ok....that's it for me today!!!!  Thank you SO SO much for stopping by to visit with me........I so hope you'll come by again...and I hope you are having a very blessed week!!!! Until next time... ;)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Another Sunday Rolls Around......

Happy Happy Happy (as Phil Robertson says…) Sunday to you all.....I hope you've enjoyed a wonderful weekend....It's been a VERY soggy weekend around here...and it's still raining...but THANKFULLY no severe I am saying my blessings for that!!!!

So…can you believe I actually PLAYED today!!! Shocker right!! LOL  Over at my ARTHaven Creations and Friendships group that my friend Rita Loyd and I own... I decided to start a bit of a Challenge thing.......I'm going to be periodically sharing one of my cut files with the group and offering up a Challenge for the members to create something using the file.....I'll leave the file up for maybe a week or 2....hoping that it will get our creative mojo going again.....Several of the members have taken up the Challenge and their pieces are AWESOME.....You really want to go check out their blogs and see their pieces......

And today I decided to take on my own I got up this morning and began with cutting out my PDC View Master Slide Cut File.......

So....Here's what I ended up with.....

I REALLY had a lot of fun with this!!!!  I started off as I shared cutting out the PDC View Master Slide cut file…..then from there I decided to use my PDC Sidestep Card file…….

And I gotta tell you…for the layered pieces on this card front I used the Print and Cut technique with my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter and I am totally amazed each and every time how AWESOME and perfect the alignment is with cutting out my images……it’s spot on perfect!! And the improvements that Brandon has done with SCAL3 on adding the images to the file is WONDERFUL!!!!  Kudos to both Sherri Jensen with That’s Scrap Inc. and Brandon with Craftedge.
So….after I cut out the 2 files I decided I wanted to give them some “substance” so the piece would stand up more as a Mixed Media piece than a card….so I used some white chipboard and cut out both the PDC Sidestep Card File and the PDC View Master Slide Cut File and they both cut beautifully!!!!  I also decided to use some acetate in the “windows” of the PDC View Master Side Cut File…so I filled the “windows” with images of my immediate family and again used the Print and Cut Technique with my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter and SCAL3 …….didn’t it turn out COOL!!! I sandwiched the acetate between the chipboard layers and the covered both sides with the decorative papers I had cut out……I distressed the edges with some chalk inks and then went around the outside edge of the slide with an alcohol marker…..I then took one of my handmade flowers and adhered to the middle of the slide and then added one of my handmade butterflies……
For the card base I adhered the decorative paper over the chipboard…distressed the edges with TH Distress Inks in Walnut Stain then took the layered pieces of the card base and used my distressing tool to grunge up the edges…and then used the TH Distress Ink in Walnut Stain on them…..and adhered to the card base……added lace and more of my handmade flowers to it…….
I then took another file that I had collected over time from I “believe” Monica’s site……and did a fill pattern added my phrase…and again did the Print and Cut Technique to cut out……distressed the edges after cut as I did the layers of the card base and then added ribbons and more of my flowers and leaves…….I then tuck the tag onto the card from under the flowers and it works perfectly I think……
Now…I wanted to share with you a little technique I also did…..notice the tiles I have on the card that spell out the word “Family”…

Well I thought I would share with you how I made them……it’s not Rocket Science by any means….and DEFINITELY something I’m sure others have already done a zillion and one times….but it was an idea I came up with while driving to work the other day and decided to give it a whirl….I have a ton of polymer clay things…and I just can’t seem to get into polymer clay…but I love the molds…LOL …So I took the molds and my Melting Pot and UTEE and poured the melted UTEE into the polymer clay molds as well as some molds I had made myself with the 2 part compounds you mix together that then set up.

UTEE turned an amber color….I think it’s because I had the UTEE in the melting pot for along time……doesn’t bother me though…..cause what I did once they cooled……is I coated them with some Gesso…then once dried I used a Black  Distress Marker and colored the inside of the letter impression and then used Frayed Burlap to color the rest of the tile…obviously you can use whatever colors you want…but I love how these turned out….I KNOW I will be doing lots of these in the future…cause it’s fun to be able to use letter tiles and beads…but you always seem to run out of the letters you need right!!! ROFL  Now I won’t have this problem anymore…..

So that’s how I did the tiles I have on the piece above and I think it’s the perfect addition to the piece…don’t you!!!!   I also added some of my leaves I had done for a previous project…….I’m really thrilled with how the piece turned out…..I hope you like it….and perhaps the technique I shared might be something you want to play with as well!!!!   
So….that was my play time this weekend!!!! It was A LOT of fun and stress free…..makes for a fun weekend doesn’t it!!!!  As always…I want to THANK YOU ALL for stopping by to visit with me….I so hope you enjoyed your visit….and I do so hope you will come by and visit with me again…….I wish you all a very blessed and safe week….until next time!!!