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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Springtime Yet????

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday Everyone!!! I hope you are all having a WONDERFUL week!!!  I'm excited because it will be a short work week for ME!!! Yeah!!!!

Since Springtime is SUPPOSED to be here now I'm back to my favorite things....FLOWERS!!! :)......But didn't want to make just my normal ALL know how much I love them!!!  Since I have my WONDERFUL Silver Bullet Professional Cutter I just don't buy dies......because I never use them.....HOWEVER...I do have 1 die I've bought twice...sold once...LOL  and it's the Tattered Floral Die.....for some reason I just seem to hang on to this die......Probably haven't used it over 2 times....but I did decide to pull it out......and used some decorative cardstock.......but didn't like the plain white it was not I felt this was a PERFECT time to utilize some of the new Distress Paints I had recently purchased.......Yes....Yes...I did have to get ALL OF THE COLORS!!! ROFL....Just couldn't help it...they are SO WONDERFUL!!! Don't you think!!!! ;)

So I used the pull through technique using 2 colors of Distress Paints to get a marbled look.....and liked it so much I did it to the decorative side of the cardstock too just to give it an added dimension......then dried with my heat gun....(I'm not a patient person!!) .......then took some of my chalk inks and distressed the edges with it a bit and then rolled the edges of each layer......for these flowers I did use all for shapes of the die.....then used stamens in the middle.....added some leaves and Voila!!!  LOVE this grungy look!!!!  Wanna see????


Ok....So NOW......while I LOVE the die......I think there are LOTS of possibilites for it.....The one MAIN reason I don't like them is because you're stuck with THAT SIZE....forever and ever with that die....I LOVE the ability I have to make my files WHATEVER SIZE I WANT!!!  That's just one of the most amazing things about having a die cutting my Silver Bullet Professional I decided to draw out the tattered flowers and make me a cutting file with I can make it any size I want........and I made me some SMALLER flowers like these using just white cardstock and more Distress Paints......

Don't you think they are SUPER SUPER cute!!!!!  I love them....and am SO GLAD I decided to purchase ALL the colors of the Distress Paints....this stuff ROCKS I tell ya!!!!!  Tim Holtz and Ranger hit it out of the park on this stuff......It is some of my most favorite paints!!!!

If you are interested in this file I'm going to offer it for a period of grab it while you can!!!  I hope you enjoy it...

Okie Dokie Artichokie!!!!  I hope you all like my pretties today!!!! I as always...want to say THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me.......It really means more then you'll know!!!!!  And a gentle reminder that Google Reader is going away so I hope you'll choose to continue to follow me with one of the reader services out there......I've tried to list several options on the top right of my blog........perhaps it will help you......

I would like to wish you all a VERY blessed week!!!!  Until next time...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Precious Bundle

Ok....back to trying to be creative....I've spent the entire weekend working on setting up my new desktop and getting both my desktop and laptop all jiving together....Now that they are playing nicely I get to play now!!! YEAHHHHHHH ME!!!!!  And also....I can't share any pics of things I've made yet until I get a new camera..... ;(  So HOPEFULLY by this weekend I'll get to share some ART....I just gotta say I'm HATING this!!! LOL

I hope you all have a VERY blessed week!!! I'm excited that I have a 3 day weekend coming up!!! Oh Yeah...and just one more teenie tiney thing I'm excited about..........

Meet Grandbaby #2

.......Due to us in September of this year!!! This Granny is SO EXCITED!!!! And.......


Doin' the Happy Dance as I will have 2 granddaughters!!!!!! 

Have a blessed week everyone!! And I do hope you will stop by again!!! Until then!!! ;)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Switching to Bloglovin'

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Good Morning Everyone.....Just a quick "Hey" to let you all know that due to Google's upcoming cancellation of the Google Reader.....I've switched over to Bloglovin for you to be able to follow my blog....Sure hope you'll click the little button to continue following me!!!!

I have a COOL idea I'll be posting in the next coming weeks...sure hope you will check  back!!!  Have  a SUPER blessed week!!  And as ALWAYS......Thank You for stopping by to visit with me!!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy Sunday!!!!

Hey Everyone....I hope you have all enjoyed a wonderful weekend!!!  I had the pleasure of a 4 day weekend and loved every moment of it....even managed to create something in my ARTHaven this weekend!!!  Spent a bit of time out and about with Hubby and also made a stop to  both Hobby Lobby and Michaels....Not bad huh!!! LOL

So I decided today I wanted to play with some of my older files I created eons ago.......and one of the things I've always enjoyed but just never really used alot was my PDC Cut Line I was the day.....I incorporated one of them..... PDC Cut Then Fold Circle Whisp along with one of my PDC I chose this one.... PDC 4 Point Double Rolled Corner Shaplie 10-10-2010 in conjunction with a Digi Stamp.......and used my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter to cut it out.......LOVE how it turned out.......In addition I also made some of my PDC Grungy Roses and some of my PDC Hydrangias and PDC Gerber accent the card.....Wanna see how it turned out????

I recently purchased a new (my 3rd attempt at a large format printer) and have FINALLY found one I absolutely LOVE.....It's an HP Officejet 7000 Wide Format Printer......I read reviews online before I made my purchase....and though there were some negative I decided to make my own opinion for myself and decided to jump at the deal I was able to get this printer for...and I can honestly say I am THRILLED with my decision.....this printer prints beautiful pages......and I can get a true borderless print with I've started printing my own decorative papers....of which I did for the papers I'm using on the flowers I've created that you see attached to both the inside and outside of this card.......I am a BIG FAN of creating all my accents and empheria from scratch if I can....I just feel it allows me to put money into things I can get multiple uses out of such as stains, paints and embossing folders and I think it gives your pieces that more personalized one of a kind type feel...know what I mean????  So I have made the Roses, the Hydrangias and the Gerber Daisy flowers on this piece......

On the layer with the Whisp Cut lines...isn't that COOL the affect I get with the digi perfectly nestled in the inner circle the cutlines has created.......I REALLY love how this affect turned out.....I brought my Shaplie into SCAL3 then put my cutline design where I wanted it positioned then placed a digi image in the center of the circle of the cutline design and did a print and cut turning off the COLORS of the cutlines and shaplie....I did NOT close the eye on these 2 layers...I simply turned the colors they were "technically" there but you can't "see" them.....then once the images printed I did a WYSIWYG setting....(normally I would do the Print and Cut step but because I PLACED the IMAGE instead of creating the PNC shadow layer I needed to use the WYSIWYG setting.....Clear as mud???? LOL  Using SCAL3 is SO easy to know where to place your blade to set your origin.......I make my mat size the EXACT size as the PAPER I'm using...then place my blade in the bottom right corner of the paper and set my origin...then when I click to cut I select WYSIWYG and can see it cut it PERFECTLY!!!!  I PROMISE it really is easier then I just made it sound....LOL 

Once I printed it ...then cut it...I distressed the edge with Victorian Velvet Distress Ink Pad then ran through my Ebosser with a decorative embossing sleeve.......and then hit the high spots with Old Paper Distress Ink Pad.....On the digi image I used my waterbrush and my Distress Markers......Just LOVE coloring digis this way.....

I then cut another Shaplie layer the exact same size and the one with the Whisp Cut file only this time only cut the Shaplie shape to layer behind the top one...then cut another Shaplie Layer the next size up......and attached all with foam squares to a 6x6 card base....I used decorative paper I had in a paper stack I had previously purchased......I also cut another Shaplie layer for the inside of  the card.......added some vines I had cut with my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter.......and attached all the flowers.....

Then....for the "Friends" Decorative frame I took one of my stamp sets I recently purchased from Hobby Lobby called Little Yellow Bicycle Vintage Banners CSS-100...stamped them out on to white cardstock and scanned into my computer so I could create shadow layers for them......and then cut out the shadow layer using my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter and SCAL3....Once I had the shape cut out I then used Pigment Black Ink and stamped the image and then embossed with black embossing powder.....then stamped with Archival Black ink the word "Friends"......used foam dots to adhere to my card and then added the Hydrangia I had made......added pearl dots as accents all around the card and VOILA!!! Done!!!!  I love the soft affect the card has...don't you????

Now....the last thing I want to share with you tonight is a file I've been working on for a long time......My oldest an AMAZING ARTist.....He just doesn't give himself enough credit!!!  I love him to pieces and he's my baby.......Well a couple of years ago he drew me this image.......

Isn't this GORGEOUS!!!! He does alot of Tattoo drawing for special requests and he draws everything freehand...he is SO GIFTED!!!  Well I asked his permission if I could create a cut file of this drawing as I absolutely LOVE this!!!!  He told me I I went to work on it......WOWZERS there was alot to do.....but here's the file I FINALLY got completed........

And I decided to work up a mock up so you can see how it actually cuts out.......I LOVE this and know I will be using it often......

Didn't it turn out GORGEOUS!!!! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this design.....and am SO proud of my baby for his gift!!!!  Something FUN I did with this too I brought the file into SCAL3 and did a pattern FILL of each shape and the did the Print & Cut Technique with this file and it worked BEAUTIFULLY!!!!  

OK....Shewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.....Did you make it???? LOL  Still with me!! ;)  I as always...want to THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me....Hope you like something I shared....and I so hope you will come by and visit with me again......And I...want to wish each of you a very blessed week ahead!!!! Until next time.....