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Friday, December 14, 2012


Hello Everyone....and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!  I hope you are having a blessed day....and I would like to send out my sincere sympathy to all those affected by the horrible unspeakable tragedy in CT today.......I pray the Lord's embrace around all affected.......just so senseless and heartbreaking!!!!!

I DO want to  share some WONDERFUL WONDERFUL news with you.......Remember several months ago when the Silver Bullet Professional Cutter was announced...and came out........BTW....I am LOVING my machine!!!  There was a person trying to cause drama and spread LIES around about two AMAZING LADIES....Sherri Jensen (the owner of That's Scrap Inc.) and Dawn Grantham (the owner of Thyme Graphics)....they are the creators of the Black Cat Cutters........they have been in a legal battle regarding the Trademark ownership of the Black Cat Cutters....WELL....the truth is now been proven and I'm able to clearly SHOUT IT OFF THE ROOF TOPS!!!!

The trademarks HAVE BEEN GRANTED TO 
SHERRI JENSEN (SLJ Distributing)  That's Scrap Inc. IN THE UNITED STATES

Wahoooooooooooooooooooo Ladies!!!!  I would like to say I am TRULY in awe by the way you have handled yourself with integrity and honor through all of this!!!!  That speaks volumes to people seeking to purchase a machine and wanting to know the person they are purchasing from is honest and reliable!!!!!

Sherri owns the Trademark for the Silver Bullet Cutter in the UNITED STATES


Dawn owns the Trademark for the Silver Bullet Cutter in the UK

So.......let me be clear in sharing this.....the ONLY PEOPLE LEGALLY ABLE TO SELL The Black Cat Cutter OR The Silver Bullet Professional Cutters are Sherri Jensen with That's Scrap Inc. (US) and Dawn Grantham with Thyme Graphics Inc (UK) and Jo with Cutting Edge Craft (Australia).

Anyone else attempting to use these names on a cutter line will be breaking the law. These ladies are taking this very seriously AS THEY SHOULD!!!!  They've obeyed the law through all of this nastiness this CREEP has been pulling and they have been justifiably vindicated...and I could not be more proud of them.....Whatever punishment this CREEP receives through whatever legal actions they may be taking will be deserved on his part....and any people he has conned and lied help him.

So......If any of you see crap being spread around the cutting world about any of these ladies.....I urge you to  give them the courtesy of asking them directly....allowing them the opportunity to tell you the TRUTH...I can assure you anything this other CREEP will say will be lies lies and more lies...and any of this minions he has trying to destroy these ladies......With these ladies you will receive AMAZING customer service and a fabulous support team through their forums.  

Also...if any of you have put deposits down on "supposed machines" that will be coming out by him bearing any name containing Black Cat or Silver Bullet....I URGE you to check into getting your money he is NOT able to use these names on any cutting machine. Just a fare warning!!!!

For those interested in just some of the CRAP this CREEP has tried to might find the below listed link to be a VERY interesting read!!!!!

Ok......I've said my peace.....shared my excitement, pride and joy for Sherri & Dawn...These ladies deserve this.....and I pray you all will join me in celebrating with them!!!!!!  

THANK YOU everyone for taking time to read this.....IF you feel led to spread the word about this...THANK YOU....These ladies deserve anyone helping to spread the TRUTH that will.....they are ladies I am TRULY honored to know and be associated with...they are top of the line in my book!!!

I would like to wish you all a VERY blessed weekend and a very very Merry Christmas!!!!  I do hope you will come by again......until next time...

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