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Saturday, September 1, 2012

That's Scrap - Fabric Blade Blog Hop!!!

Hey Everyone.....SO GREAT to see you hear!!! The time has come....the time has COME for some FUN FUN FUN.....We have 6 Bloggers that have joined in on the

"That's Scrap - Fabric Blade Blog Hop"!!!! 

I hope you're ready to have some FUN creating......

Each of the Bloggers have created their own project to offer for you to create and post on the Silver Bullet Facebook Page for a chance to win a Gift Certificate to That's Scrap Inc.

We will be using our Silver Bullet Professional Cutters in combination with the Fabric Blade we obtained from Sherri at That's Scrap Inc.  We felt it would be fun to use this...not so well known blade...and give you some FUN ways it can be used to create cool projects!!!  You can use whatever cutter you own...and if your blade holders use the Roland TYPE blades...the Fabric Blade should work in your holder... so you can play along!!!!

So come on and have some FUN with us!!!!!!  I'm going to share with you my contribution to the Blog Hop.......and if you'll leave me a comment as well as travel around to all the other blogs in the hop

(Some of the ladies may be a bit late on getting their entries posted as they've had "LIFE" take over....don't we all understand if you can...perhaps check back with them a bit later......THANKS so much!!)

and leave a comment.....then get to creating some AWESOME PROJECTS.....Once you've completed your project(s) go on over to the Silver Bullet Facebook Page and post your entries into this photo album:

Be sure to indicate which Blog you are submitting your creation from and your name!!!  The Hop will continue for 2 weeks......Beginning September 1st......and ending September 15th with a winner being announced on September 16th!!!! 

If you don't have your Fabric Blade from Sherri at That's Scrap Inc.....head on over to her store and order yours so she can get it sent out to you and then get to having some FUN!!!!!

Okie Dokie.....So what's mine???

Well you all know I LOVE flowers....and a couple of years ago I shared a flower pattern using coffee was OK....but I decided to give it a whirl using my PDC Grungy Rose file with COFFEE FILTERS....And OMGoodness....they end up looking SO REAL!!!! Check this video out on how to make them......and then see my roses below...I SO hope you'll join in on the FUN.....
Here's my roses.....

PDC Coffee Filter Roses 72012 (1)
PDC Coffee Filter Roses 7202010 (1)
PDC Coffee Filter Roses (2)

And while I was playing I decided to try some of my PDC Poinsettas too....and WOWZERS I LOVE how they turned I thought I would share them with you as well......

PDC Coffee Filter Poinsetta Flowers 8042012 (5)
PDC Coffee Filter Poinsetta Flowers 8042012 (4)
PDC Coffee Filter Poinsetta Flowers 8042012 (2)
I'm attaching the SCAL3 file for both of I have the layout all set for this......I'm sharing the SVG file as well....however you will have to tweek the Filter to fit and work on your mat in whatever program you are using.......

PDC Coffee Filter Roses 8-1-2012
PDC Coffee Filter Poinsetta 8-4-2012
OK...So this is my Blog Hop Project....I REALLY hope you like it!!! I SO can't wait to see what you make....and I hope you want to join in on the FUN!!!!  So now head on over to all these AWESOME ladies' blogs!!!!!

Then REMEMBER to post your creations on the Silver Bullet Professional Cutter's Facebook page.....

As always...THANK YOU SO MUCH for stopping by....hope to here from you and see your creations over at the Silver Bullet Facebook Page......I hope you'll stop by again...have a very blessed week and until next time.....

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