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Sunday, September 16, 2012


Sooooo.....I'm bbbbaaaccckkkkk.... ;)  But it's for HAPPY HAPPY news!!! We came to then end of our 2 week That's Scrap Fabric Blade Blog Hop....ended Saturday night at 11:59.......and we had lots of chatter and some entries........So then it came to decide on a winner........and was SO HARD TO DO!!!! So...just to show you JUST HOW AMAZING Sherri at That's Scrap Inc. is.....This is what she has done.........The winner is.......

The following people have been named FIRST PLACE WINNERS!!!!
Gigi Gleason - No blog

Yeppers...You read that right...Sherri was SO impressed with what you ladies created with the Fabric Blade and your cutters that she refused to choose and named EACH OF YOU 1ST PLACE WINNERS......And for that would you like to know the prize!!!!!????  

EACH of you will receive a $25.00 Gift Certificate from 

How COOL is that!!! Yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo........CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!!!!!! And THANK YOU so much for participating in the blog hop!!!!!

Now if anyone would like to see their awesome creations you're most welcome to come on over to the Silver Bullet Cutters Facebook Page and take a look.......  and you're also invited to join the Silver Bullet Face Book Page.....
Thanks for sharing in the excitement with us!!! And CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN ladies!!!!!  I want to THANK YOU for stopping by and wish you all a VERY blessed week!!!!

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