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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Happy BEAUTIFUL Sunday.....

Hey Everyone...I SO hope you are all having a FANTASTIC day!! It is SUCH a GORGEOUS day here in my little neck of the woods!!!  I have my windows open enjoying an AMAZING cool breeze!!! PERFECT!!!!

So Yesterday I had to run into town to get some medium that I had received a request as to whether I could successfully cut with my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter.......I was eager to give it a whirl to show a very nice lady if it would cut successfully or not........It's called Arches Cold Press Water Color Paper.......I got some in both 90# and 400#.....not sure what she was needing it for....but Hey I was up for the challenge!!!! ;)

I'm THRILLED THRILLED THRILLED to share that my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter cut it with EASE!!!!! ..I shared the info with the very sweet lady so she can use that info for her decision making.....but I can share she was QUITE am I!!!!
Sooooooooooooooooooooo....while out shopping I decided to stop by Hobby Lobby just to look around....can't pass it up if I'm there close already now can I!!!???  Would just be a CRIME I tell ya!! ;)  While browsing around I decided to take a look over in the stained glass I LOVE looking for different mediums to alter with my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter......I found some GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS Mother of Pearl Glass....OMG...This stuff is BEAUTIFUL!!!!  I got to wondering if I could engrave on you know got the better of me and I just HAD to get some of I picked up a piece of the Mother of Pearl and also a piece of a wavy clear...haven't played with the clear yet...but OH I DID with the Mother of Pearl....
I just KNEW I wanted to make something extra special out of this I wanted to start with something I KNOW I will use once it's I sat and thought and came up with a poem....I write it down as it came to me...and think it's a very beautiful I opened my trusty Inkscape and began........first I created my cutting file.......then I took that and created my engraving file......being meticulous with it cause I wanted to make sure it looked awesome!!!!!!  I LOVE what I came up with....would you like to see??????  Oh Yeah...I just gotta tell you.....the glass is a whopping 1/8" thick which equates out to about 4mm.......and I positioned it on the mat so the glass is between the pinch wheels...but I will tell you the pinch wheels I didn't use are still rolling along the surface of the glass......but anyway...check this out!!!!!
PDC Family Poem SAMPLE

After I finished all the engraving which took about 3 this is a 7"x7" design....I then decided to paint it with some permanent shows off the different angles of engraving I did....
So is it just me...or do you think this is GORGEOUS TOO!!!!???  I've got plans for this once I'm completed with it I'll share the finished product...if you care to see it......then it will go into My ETSY Store for anyone who might be interested in this piece.....
I worked up the files and have placed them in My ETSY Store as case there are any out there who might be interested in can see them below.......
PDC Family Poem Cutting File

PDC Family Poem Engraving 4012013

So....That's it for me today....have some more files I need to work on...I DO hope you will stop back by tomorrow as my next entry for the Creative Cutting Challenge comes out again.....I've done a piece I think is SUPER SUPER cute!!!! Maybe you will to....And as always....THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for stopping by to visit with me...I wish you all a VERY blessed week!!!!

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