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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy Happy Tuesday....a Refresher on an Old File....

I hope you are all having a WONDERFUL week!!!  I had a request from someone on how to assemble a file I had created a couple of years ago...way back in March of was my PDC 3D High Heel Shoe.....perhaps some of you might remember it......

So I thought it would be easier just to work up a quick video tutorial on it as I prefer video tutorials to writing them out...LOL  Takes less time!! ;)  You'll have to forgive me!!!  So.....Here's the tutorial for anyone who might be interested.........

Since I worked up the video I thought I would again offer the file for anyone who might be interested in it....I HAVE modified it a bit so if you downloaded it a couple of years "might" prefer the modified file a bit better......please feel free to grab it if you would like......And I thought I would go ahead and show you a better shot of the 3 I worked up VERY quickly today.......they are really alot of FUN to make......

I have to say it's alot of fun going to back to older files and playing with them again....may have to do this more often!! ;)
Now...I just HAVE to share something else with you....something that has TOTALLY made my day and was honored  she chose my file to use in this.....
So I get an email today from a lady named Denise Hahn....she is a designer for Graphic 45!!!! Can you believe it.....SHE chose MY PDC Grungy Rose file to use in her creation.....I was BLOWN AWAY and so totally honored!!!!!
Check out the AWESOME email I received from her........
Hey penny , Denise Hahn here from graphic 45 design team, just wanted to let you know my project using your flowers was on the blog yesterday. I always list you in my supplies....absolutely my favorite flower cutting file!


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Now you DEFINATELY ABSOLUTELY POSTIVELY WANT to check out her project at the link she is SUPER cool and so GORGEOUS!!!!!  To say I'm on Cloud 9 to be mentioned on the Graphic 45 blog is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!!!  I was so excited I just HAD to share that with you all!!!!!  If you might be interested in this file... This has totally made my day!!!

PDC Grungy Rose 5-14-2011

Okie Dokie.....That's it for me......This was a super fun post to make....I sure hope you enjoyed it and joined in my excitement with me!!! I am still smiling.....I would like to wish you all a very blessed week and hope you will come by to visit with me again....Until next time.....

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