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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Side by Side Comparison Between Silver Bullet Pro Cutter & Black Cat Cougar

I'm EXCITED also to share that my friend Lisa has also gotten the Silver Bullet Pro Cutter and she is upgrading from the Black Cat Lynx 12" cutter....she has done a comparison intricate cut file with very thin'll DEFINATELY want to see the comparison cuts....It makes it CLEAR the Silver Bullet Pro is NOT a Lynx with a new name....It is an ASTOUNDING top of the line machine!!!!!

And Rachel over at My Little Spot of Creativity has done a review cutting VERY intricate and TINY cuts on her Silver Bullet Pro.......You WANT to see these!!!!

UPDATED 7/31/2012 7:35am
I am SO EXCITED to share this link with you....Lisa over at Mind Over Matter....owns both the Silver Bullet Professional Cutter AND the Black Cat Lynx.......She DID a side by side comparison video that confronts all of the questions from some......It is a DEFINATE MUST watch for those doing their research of what is the best cutter for them!!!

Have a very blessed evening!!!!

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