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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Hey Everyone....Me again!!!! OMG...I am SO SO SO PROUD of Sherri at That's Scrap Inc....and Dawn at Thyme Graphics.....They've DONE IT.......They have made a decision that was tough for them....but they've done it and I'm SO SO SO SO BEYOND THRILLED!!!!!!  Amongst all the CRAP they are going through right now with their battle about the trademark issue with the Black Cat Cutters.......They've gone and took the customer's desires and wants and needs to heart and come out with a NEW PROFESSIONAL Grade Cutter!!!!  This thing is AMAZING!!!!  It's name???

Silver Bullet ....Isn't it pretty!!!!!!
Silver Bullet Professional Series
You've GOT to watch the introductory will be SUPER impressed!!!! 

Now I am totally thrilled with my Black Cat Cougar "Raven" one of these are not on my list of can bet your bottom dollar whenever I do decide to upgrade...this will be the machine I buy!!!!!  So...IF You're looking and researching what is the best cutting choice for you....perhaps....just perhaps this may be the one!!!!

I feel like it's my child!!! LOL  I'm just SO PROUD and happy for them!!!!!  OK.....Thanks for allowing me to gloat a bit!!!!! LOL  Thank you for checking it out!!! I hope you all have a VERY blessed evening and a WONDERFUL 4th of July!!! Be SAFE!!!!

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