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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's a Tuesday!!!!

Hey Everyone....I so hope you are having a WONDERFUL week so far.......I sure am!! ;)  I'm on VACATION this week and enjoying some in my's been FUN so far......trying to stretch it out as long as I can.....I had something I wanted to create......I have one of these on my desk at work and have had alot of wonderful comments about it.........So I decided to do one this week while I was off
To create this piece....I started out with this......
I did all my crackling techniques to the frame....LOVE the Crackle!!! ;)  Then on the inside frame piece I created an SVG file that I "initally" had a decorative background  for and then put it back through my laser printer and printing the words off in black........then I wanted to run through my Foil just the words would be foiled....BUT....LOL  apparently the piece had a different idea in mind and even though the background was in color it still took on the foil...It ended up as a HAPPY accident because I REALLY REALLY love the end result of the piece...LOL  I decided to leave it just as it was.....don't you just love when that happens!!!!
PDC Altered Digital Frame 2-2012 (23)PDC Altered Digital Frame 2-2012 (25)PDC Altered Digital Frame 2-2012

I also created all of the flowers for this PDC Grungy Roses, PDC Cala Lilies, PDC Hibiscus flowers....they are SO much fun to make and relaxing too...
The Digital Photo frame is so could make digital scrapbook pages to display on it...or just use your digi family photos...whatever you want to use.....and it takes several different types of  memory cards or a thumb drive......whatever you want to use....this would make such a wonderful gift for someone who has everything.......don't you think......

Then I thought I would share with you another file I created the other day.......I thought it turned out pretty cool and could be used for several purposes.......
NOW.....I have some VERY EXCITING NEWS to share with you all.......As you all know I am a HUGE supporter and admirer of Sherri with That's Scrap Inc and Dawn with Thyme Graphics.......they are in a legal battle regarding some trademark issues......Well....I am SO PROUD AND THRILLED THRILLED THRILLED to share with you just how JUSTICE IS PREVAILING!!!!!  So far (1) trademark issue has been SETTLED and it belongs to these WONDERFUL LADIES!!!!!  So I will proudly shout out the name......
BLACK CAT - The Cat with AttitudeTM
It was issued under
 Trade Mark 2616066 BLACK CAT - the cat with attitudeTM

Granted to Anthony Grantham of Thyme Graphics on 13th July 2012

I am SO VERY PROUD of these ladies and happy for them....They DESERVE this!!!!!  And I know this is just the beginning of their vendication!!!! 
Ok.....this is my exciting news for the day and my share of my playing....I, as always...want to THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me.......I hope you found something here you might like.....and I do so hope you will come by again....I pray you are all having a very blessed week!!!! Until next time...


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