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Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Tag Shawl Anyone?????

Happy Happy Sunday Everyone....I hope you've all enjoyed a Wonderful weekend......they just zoom by so fast don't they!!!!  So I had another day in my ARTHaven and had alot of fun!!!!  Wanted to create something a bit I came up with a Tag Shawl......What the heck is a Tag Shawl you ask????'s a tag topper.....but I wanted to think of a cool name!! LOL  Wanna see how it came out?????

This is the overall look of the piece!!! Used my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter ALOT on this tag!!!!!  Just LOVE it......Used my Pen Tool, Embossing Tool, Cut Blade.....Just had FUN FUN FUN........

Check out the fine lines of the leaves.....see how thin they are....and what an AMAZING job my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter cut this out...this is very thin paper.....maybe 40# shimmery.....had my settings on Velocity of 800 and force on 45 using the Silver (original) blade holder...45 degree blade...cut like butter!!!!!

See the intricate cuts on this piece.....and how WONDERFUL the detail is show the way the Silver Bullet Professional Cutter cut it.......the thin thin lines........this is scrapbook paper.....probably 65#......cut using my Silver (original) blade holder with a 45 degree blade...velocity 800 force of 90.........Then I used my Pen Tool that I also got from That's Scrap Inc. to draw the phrase under the oval above.......

Here I'm trying to show you the clear plastic I did.....I got the plastic from Tyler at All That Jazz Supplies Inc. this is the acetate thickness sheet....I used my Embossing Tool that I got from That's Scrap Inc. using a velocity of 800 and a force of 255.....made a VERY nice deep impression into the acetate....then once it was embossed I took alcohol inks in 3 colors and colored  the back side of the acetate....then on the top side I used a Stazon inkpad in Timber Brown and then sprayed with a fixative so it wouldn't smear at all...even thought the Stazon is a permanent still smeared a bit and I don't like to the fixative was a quick fix for me......I really really LOVE the end result......the back tag is actually a file folder that I cut out the tag shape with.....

Trying to show you the back of the "Tag Shawl".......

So.....Do you like it??????  I think it's pretty cool!!!!  And the "Tag Shawls" can be very addicting.....I used a portion of a GORGEOUS design from the AMAZING Monica's website.....You can find her website here...... Monica's Hobby....Thought I would share the file I created with you for a period of time before I take it and put into my collection for a future DVD.........

Remember....if you're interested in downloading while it's will need to be signed into your Google Profile.......
Okie Dokie.....That's it for me tonight......I hope you like my tag...and perhaps the always....Want to THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me......Always makes me smile!!!!  I do hope you will come by again and I wish you a VERY blessed week!!!! Until next time...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Half Way Through!!!!!

Hey Everyone....I hope you are all doing wonderful today!!!!'s Hump Day!!! Here in the US it means we get to be HAPPY cause we're half way through our work week!!!!  I've been busy at work since getting back from vacation.....but in the evening I have completed just a few files I thought I would share for a period of time....just in case any were of interest to you......For some reason I have a fascination for leaves right now...LOL......can you tell..??? ;)
Then I decided I wanted to try my hand at creating a file completely from scratch in  Sure Cuts Alot 3 (SCAL3)...rather then in Inkscape as I usually do....I kinda like how this one turned out......

Well......that does it for me this morning.......have to finish getting ready for work.......I hope you might like some of these????? As always...THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me........I hope you all have a VERY BLESSED DAY....and will come back by to visit with me....until then...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Side by Side Comparison Between Silver Bullet Pro Cutter & Black Cat Cougar

I'm EXCITED also to share that my friend Lisa has also gotten the Silver Bullet Pro Cutter and she is upgrading from the Black Cat Lynx 12" cutter....she has done a comparison intricate cut file with very thin'll DEFINATELY want to see the comparison cuts....It makes it CLEAR the Silver Bullet Pro is NOT a Lynx with a new name....It is an ASTOUNDING top of the line machine!!!!!

And Rachel over at My Little Spot of Creativity has done a review cutting VERY intricate and TINY cuts on her Silver Bullet Pro.......You WANT to see these!!!!

UPDATED 7/31/2012 7:35am
I am SO EXCITED to share this link with you....Lisa over at Mind Over Matter....owns both the Silver Bullet Professional Cutter AND the Black Cat Lynx.......She DID a side by side comparison video that confronts all of the questions from some......It is a DEFINATE MUST watch for those doing their research of what is the best cutter for them!!!

Have a very blessed evening!!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Thought I would review mediums with my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter

Happy Happy Friday Everyone......I hope you all are having a WONDERFUL day!!! WOWZERS I can't believe it's the last work day of my vacation....It has so flown by!!!

So last night and this morning I decided to pull out some of the different mediums I use in my Mixed Media ART and figure out the settings that work for ME and my Silver Bullet Professional Cutter......It was alot of fun....I thought I would work up a video sharing that.....perhaps it might help some of you....keeping in mind this is of course NOT an absolute of what YOURS will necessarily's what I would consider a "starting point" to give you some each of us will set our blade differently so we'll need to tweek for each of us....but perhaps it will help.....

I just LOVE how awesome it cuts and the efficiency!!! Possibilities are ABSOLUTELY ENDLESS!!!!

So I said in the video I would share with you the list of settings I had found work for case any of you might be interested in it....and those who are Cougar owners.....these would also be a good starting point just to give an idea....and of course you know.....for those who purchased your Black Cats from Sherri at That's Scrap Inc. or Dawn in the UK at Thyme Graphics or Jo in Australia at Cutting Edge Craft have access to the US Forum Learning Center.......which is even more of a wealth of information......and us Silver Bullet Professional Cutter owners have access to that forum and the Silver Bullet Learning Center......They have done an AWESOME AWESOME job with the Learning Centers.....  But here's the PDF I made up of the settings I've done so far.....

Okie Dokie....that's all for me for today.....I hope you find the video always...THANK YOU THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me......I truly appreciate it and I hope you'll come by again....Until next time...I wish you all a very blessed day!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Doin' The Happy Dance and Want to Share My Excitement!!!

Hey Everyone....I hope you are all having a WONDERFUL week!!!!  Mine has been pretty darn good and it got REALLY GREAT Yesterday!!!!! It all started when a Fed Ex truck pulled into my driveway.......and he hands a big box!!
You can bet your bottom dollar I was jumping up and down!!!!!!  Cause when I open the box...this is what I see......

So you're thinking....or at least...I "think" you're thinking...What???? I thought you loved your Black Cat Cougar???  Oh I DO.......It's an ASTOUNDING cutter.........IF you have one and purchased it from Sherri or Dawn or Jo....there's NO doubt you understand what I mean when I say the Customer Service is what makes it ........they are so helpful it's so hard not to fall in love with any cutter you get from them!!!

So.....Of course I had to IMMEDIATELY break it in...and I was itching to try out the engraving...
So...Can you tell I'm SO SO SO EXCITED!!!!  I have 3 more days of my vacation to PLAY PLAY PLAY.....I've started testing mediums cutting them and making notations of the settings I need ....I'll share those thoughts with you in a later video......Until then..I so hope you will come back by and see my next creation with my New Silver Bullet Professional Cutter!!!!
As always...THANK YOU so very much for stopping by and celebrating with me.....I pray you all have a VERY blessed weekend!!!! Until next time....

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's a Tuesday!!!!

Hey Everyone....I so hope you are having a WONDERFUL week so far.......I sure am!! ;)  I'm on VACATION this week and enjoying some in my's been FUN so far......trying to stretch it out as long as I can.....I had something I wanted to create......I have one of these on my desk at work and have had alot of wonderful comments about it.........So I decided to do one this week while I was off
To create this piece....I started out with this......
I did all my crackling techniques to the frame....LOVE the Crackle!!! ;)  Then on the inside frame piece I created an SVG file that I "initally" had a decorative background  for and then put it back through my laser printer and printing the words off in black........then I wanted to run through my Foil just the words would be foiled....BUT....LOL  apparently the piece had a different idea in mind and even though the background was in color it still took on the foil...It ended up as a HAPPY accident because I REALLY REALLY love the end result of the piece...LOL  I decided to leave it just as it was.....don't you just love when that happens!!!!
PDC Altered Digital Frame 2-2012 (23)PDC Altered Digital Frame 2-2012 (25)PDC Altered Digital Frame 2-2012

I also created all of the flowers for this PDC Grungy Roses, PDC Cala Lilies, PDC Hibiscus flowers....they are SO much fun to make and relaxing too...
The Digital Photo frame is so could make digital scrapbook pages to display on it...or just use your digi family photos...whatever you want to use.....and it takes several different types of  memory cards or a thumb drive......whatever you want to use....this would make such a wonderful gift for someone who has everything.......don't you think......

Then I thought I would share with you another file I created the other day.......I thought it turned out pretty cool and could be used for several purposes.......
NOW.....I have some VERY EXCITING NEWS to share with you all.......As you all know I am a HUGE supporter and admirer of Sherri with That's Scrap Inc and Dawn with Thyme Graphics.......they are in a legal battle regarding some trademark issues......Well....I am SO PROUD AND THRILLED THRILLED THRILLED to share with you just how JUSTICE IS PREVAILING!!!!!  So far (1) trademark issue has been SETTLED and it belongs to these WONDERFUL LADIES!!!!!  So I will proudly shout out the name......
BLACK CAT - The Cat with AttitudeTM
It was issued under
 Trade Mark 2616066 BLACK CAT - the cat with attitudeTM

Granted to Anthony Grantham of Thyme Graphics on 13th July 2012

I am SO VERY PROUD of these ladies and happy for them....They DESERVE this!!!!!  And I know this is just the beginning of their vendication!!!! 
Ok.....this is my exciting news for the day and my share of my playing....I, as always...want to THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me.......I hope you found something here you might like.....and I do so hope you will come by again....I pray you are all having a very blessed week!!!! Until next time...


Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Hey Everyone....Me again!!!! OMG...I am SO SO SO PROUD of Sherri at That's Scrap Inc....and Dawn at Thyme Graphics.....They've DONE IT.......They have made a decision that was tough for them....but they've done it and I'm SO SO SO SO BEYOND THRILLED!!!!!!  Amongst all the CRAP they are going through right now with their battle about the trademark issue with the Black Cat Cutters.......They've gone and took the customer's desires and wants and needs to heart and come out with a NEW PROFESSIONAL Grade Cutter!!!!  This thing is AMAZING!!!!  It's name???

Silver Bullet ....Isn't it pretty!!!!!!
Silver Bullet Professional Series
You've GOT to watch the introductory will be SUPER impressed!!!! 

Now I am totally thrilled with my Black Cat Cougar "Raven" one of these are not on my list of can bet your bottom dollar whenever I do decide to upgrade...this will be the machine I buy!!!!!  So...IF You're looking and researching what is the best cutting choice for you....perhaps....just perhaps this may be the one!!!!

I feel like it's my child!!! LOL  I'm just SO PROUD and happy for them!!!!!  OK.....Thanks for allowing me to gloat a bit!!!!! LOL  Thank you for checking it out!!! I hope you all have a VERY blessed evening and a WONDERFUL 4th of July!!! Be SAFE!!!!

Oh....I'm SO EXCITED to share this with you all!!!!

Black Cat Lynx

Hi all!

Just wanted to let everyone know that Sherri over at Thats Scrap. Inc has the superb Black Cat Lynx for $399.99 which is in itself an awesome deal...but no, that's not good enough! If you order one in the next few days, you will not only get one of the best cutters out on the market, can either get a free software or free shipping. You will need to purchase the machine and send Sherri an email (or include it with your purchase in the little box for comments) letting her know if you would rather have free shipping or a free software and she will either include the software in your shipment or refund, through Pay-Pal, the shipping charges right after purchase. Just click here to will NOT regret it!! The machine is absolutely AWESOME and the customer service provided with and after the purchase is supreme!

I want to THANK Lisa Howell over at for allowing me to  "post lift" her verbage for the sale information above.....She just did such a wonderful job of hitting all the amazing points to the sale Sherri has going!!!!!
No ART for me today as I spent the weekend in my kitchen creating that way!!! LOL  Had LOTS of fun.......figured if they mojo isn't working in the ARTHaven perhaps I can get it working in the Kitchen!!! ;)  Thank you as always for stopping by to visit......I would like to wish you all a very blessed week!!!!