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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Whew.....Long Time No Post.......

Hey Everyone.....Sure hope you're all having a FANTASTC day!!! It's a gorgeous sunny day here in my neck of the woods!!!!  Is it Friday Yet!!!! ;)  So....Yesterday was my youngest son's LAST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL!!! He is SO excited.....we do the official Commencement Ceremony on Friday evening and he is beyond thrilled!!!!  So hard for me to believe my babies are all out of school!!!  LOL How old I feel!! ;) seems like FOREVER since I've created anything.......Last weekend I didn't do much at all except break in my new recliner my hubby got me for Mother's Day... ;)  It's so comfy and cozy...I'm loving it...but it must have inspired me just a wee bit because I actually did play even if just a bit.......I love having pictures on my desk at I can look at them and think of my babies and hubby while I'm working during the day......And the new rave now is Digital Photo Frames.......they hadn't much interested me before now.......BUT I've come to the realization they are PRETTY DARN AWESOME!!!! ESPECIALLY when you pair them with the My Memories Scrapbooking program!!!!!  Talk about FUN FUN FUN!!!  I decided to work up a few layouts using the program and display them with my digital photo frame.......Just have to now confess......I'm converted to Scrapbooking....LOL...Well.......DIGITAL anyway!!! ;)  I generally love creating my own things in Corel Paint Shop Pro.......however if you want a really fun and cool program to use in depth or using the kits where others make up the layouts for you......then you will LOVE the My Memories Scrapbooking Program....

Recently I've made a huge move and took all of my photos off my photobucket account and moved them over to Picasa which is tied in with Google EVERYTHING!! ;)  And it's a perfect solution.......Google has come along way for us users of their products and they way they work so seemlessly together is a DREAM!!!!  Especially with Googe+'s WONDERFUL......With Picasa you can decide how you want to share your items...if at all.......and you can sync your albums to every piece of hardware you I only have to take the photo one time....and it is automatically synced to all of my devices where I have access to them at all  tell flippin easy is that!!!!

A co-worker of mine shared a link to an article the other day that is SO VERY TRUE about what our kids will never use that we think is the cutting edge of technology today........I thought it was so interesting and VERY TRUE....I can see alot of these things going by the wayside already....One being the need for hard  drives or desktop or for that matter almost laptops.........I have both of those as well as a tablet and of course my smart phone.....and with the apps that are being created for the tablets......and the touch screen's so darn easy......I take a pic with my phone and I have it set to automatically upload the images to my Picasa album into a private folder for me then to manipulate and tweek how I care to......Anyway...sorry to drag on...getting off topic here...LOL's a link to the article if you might be interested in reading.......

Now back to my just am SUCH A GEEK and LOVE technology and love to share what I learn about it....hehehe....SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO........Back to my Digital Photo Frame......So...I've shared how I created some layouts I quickly created using the My Memories Scrapbooking's what my frame looked like when I bought it......

A decent looking frame as it is........for a plain frame....but you know me.....I can't stand to leave it not "tweeked" I took the middle out of the frame....comes out by removing 4 small I could then play with the wood frame.........Wanna see what I did?????? 


Ain't it pretty!!!! ;)  I absolutely LOVE crackle....LOL can you tell.....And I love how EASY it is to do......all I use is a product called Deco ART Weathered Wood Crackle Medium.

It's AMAZING stuff....because you are NOT limited to what color of paints you want to use........I love using the bottles of paint that you can get in a gazillion colors and mix and match to get the color I want for a all I do is prepare my frame with whatever color I want the base of the frame to be...allow to dry....then paint a layer of the above product on the frame...allowing to dry throughly...then paint on a layer of my color of acrylic paint of choice and allow to dry....and VOILA!!!!!!  It's AWESOME and SUPER SUPER easy to use!!!!  I have a great big bottle of the stuff and it lasts and lasts and it's NOT very pricey at can easily get it at Michaels or Joann's.......and order online of course...I swear by this stuff!!!

So...I have one more to show you.....I was truly touched when my future Daughter in Law asked me if I would take a frame that contains a cherished picture of one of her grandmothers and "Penny Duncan" it...ROFL....How sweet is she!!!! LOL  I've made her several altered frames in the past several years and I'm so touched and blessed that she cherishes every one of imagine my sincere humbleness when she asked ME to do it to this frame containing a picture that means so much to her......I quickly said SURE I would.....So here's how it turned out.....

The swirly rhinestones on the sides are some that began as clear.....and I just took one of my alchol markers and colored them the color I needed for my project....I loving doing that as it's really a money saver....I just purchase clear rhinestones in various sizes or swirls and white or off white pearl in various sizes or swirls and I'm good to go.........saves lots of $$$$ for other goodies!!! ;)

Then one last thing I wanted to share with you is a Mama's Braggin' moment....I wanted to show you how my baby and his dates looked for their Senior Prom.....and to show you their corsages and boutineer I made for them.......You did read that correctly...LOL His "dates" of his best friends ended up not being able to attend Prom so Dylan offered to take his girlfriend as one of his dates.......what a sweetie my baby is!!!!

 Okie dokie...LOL...did you stick with me?????  I sure hope so...And I want to THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me!!!!  I hope you enjoyed my post and I truly hope you will come by to visit with me again..I wish you all a VERY blessed day!!!! Until next time!!! ;)

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