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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Thursday…….

Hey Everyone….Hope you’re continuing to have a WONDERFUL week!!! Mine is fantastic!!!!  Me and my new bestest buddy…..My Black Cat Cutter…..the Cougar….are having LOADS of fun getting to know each other!!!!  She does SUCH A BEAUTIFUL job on “clawing” the paper!!!! She takes her sharp claws and slices some of the prettiest designs you can imagine!!!
So I needed to make some bookmarks for a Book Mark Swap in my ARTHaven group…..I KNEW I wanted to use my new" “kitty”….and I wanted to use some of Monica’s intricate border files……Have you checked out her website….OMG IF you have NOT… are REALLY MISSING OUT!!! She does some of the most breathtaking designs……..  Here’s her site if you’ve not been there……

WARNING……Be prepared to have LOTS OF TIME on your side….cause you’re GONNA NEED IT….Your mouth will water with all the GORGEOUS files she’s designed!!!!!!  Be sure to leave her some blog love too!!!! She CERTAINLY deserves it!!!!!
Ok…now back to what I MADE using HER designs……..I SO hope the person receiving these loves them as much as I do……
Check these out…..

Now… I just have to give you better close up images…..I LOVE all of the detailed cuts….and YES My new Black Cat Cutter……”kitty”…..(haven’t found the perfect name for her yet)…….did with just a regular blade……..

Doesn’t my “kitty” “claw” the paper SO PRETTY!!!! LOVE them….  You can find each of these pattern designs on Monica’s website…here…..
I think it only fair if you’re interested in them you go directly to the source….as she is SO GRACIOUS to freely share these files……..
The  first Bookmark I used a LOT of ribbon but absolutely LOVE how it turned out…and yes…a bit labor intensive…….but the outcome I think is AWESOME!!!!
The second Bookmark I used some Tim Holtz paper from the Vintage Shabby paper stack then distressed a bit with a bit of a resist technique and some distress ink pads and embossing powder……and a wee bit of water……then added the sheer ribbon & brads…….
The third Bookmark I cut from just regular ole’ white 110# cardstock…then colored with TH Distress Inkpads and ink blending sponges….then coated with Perfect Medium and coated with clear embossing powder and embossed…..the I used heat fixed Rhinestones using my utility tool
with a flat heat element tip on it…(I much more prefer using this tool because it has tons of multi uses as apposed to a rhinestone setter).. and threaded the ribbon with a ribbon slide at the top……LOVE the impact of how this turned out…….

So…Do you like these?????  Didn’t my “kitty” do an AWESOME JOB!!!!  I sure hope you like them…

Now I need to go work on my youngest son’s corsages for his upcoming prom…..I finished his Graduation Announcements this past weekend…was VERY HAPPY how they turned out…….wanna see?????

I used my PDC Graduation Cap file and then also drew the PDCTassel File to hang off the cap with some embroidery floss…..attaching it to the cap with a black brad….well…..I didn’t have enough black brads on hand so I just took some silver ones and colored them with a black sharpie and they worked perfectly!!
I didn’t actually have the shield as an image….but my son had gotten his cap and gown last week and the collar he’s to wear has the school shield….So I took my Tablet Phone and snapped a picture of it then made it into a useable file……I think it came out pretty darn good….printed everything with my color laser printer……then added the Graduation cap with the Tassel to the front of the card with a bit of foam tape…..just to give the card a bit of pop……
I also included one of Dylan’s Senior pictures inside the invitation…..Here’s one of my favorites of my cutie patootie!!!!!  I’m SO proud of him….

and as always…I want to THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me…….It always touches my heart and makes me SMILE when I know you’ve stopped by…..I so hope you’ll come by again…..I wish you all a VERY Blessed remainder of the week!!! Until next time…..

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Happy Tuesday to YOU…..And EXCITING news for ME!!

Hey Everyone…..I hope you all are having a WONDERFUL week!!! I know I am as I’m enjoying a wonderful week at home in my ARTHaven on vacation……it feels so awesome to be able to play all day in my favorite space!!!! 
I had a couple of swaps that I needed to get completed then I’ve been piddling…….thought I would show you first an item I created for a Banner Swap in my ARTHaven group…….I wanted to personalize the one I made for the recipient who gets it….and tried to make in some of her favorite colors……she loves blue/tan……so here’s what I came up with……

The pinnate piece I did the print and cut with my Black Cat…….I LOVE the fact that SCAL 3 does such an AMAZING job with my Black Cat on the perfect cuts……LOVE IT!!!!!  I did a lot of distress on the edges with my Distress Ink Pads and blending tools…….I also stamped the swirls with Distress Ink then coated in embossing powder…embossed then distressed the edges with distress inks…..On the letters I did the Print & Cut with my Black Cat & SCAL3  See how PERFECTLY they cut out….then distressed a wee bit with distress inks and then coated with perfect medium and coated with clear embossing powder…heat embossed…then coated again with perfect medium and then  coated with clear UTEE and heat embossed again…it gives the letters a glass like finish…….
I’m really happy with how this turned out and I SO hope Rita is too!!!!!  It’s all packaged up and winging it’s way to her tomorrow!!!!

Now…..BOY OH BOY OH BOY!!! Do I have some EXCITING news to share for me!!!!  I have been wanting this for so long…….You all know  I am absolutely over the moon  for My Black Cat Cutter….Sable…..she’s a 12” Lynx…….She does SUCH an AWESOME job!!!
One day when she grew up I wanted her to become something like this…..
What is it you ask???? It’s a BLACK CAT COUGAR!!! And Guess what??? SHE’S MINE MINE MINE!!!! ALL MINE!!!!  What is she….She’s a 13” Black Cat Cougar….and I got her from Sherri at That’s Scrap Inc.  She is the ONLY US distributor for The Black Cat Cutters!!!  I am SO OVER THE MOON with her customer service I’m SO honored to have another cutter that she sells!!!!!  Doesn’t my new kitty look like she’s rarin’ to cut!!!! I know…And I get to play with her all week!!!!!  I’m SO OVER THE MOON with her!!!!! 
I was so EXCITED when she arrived today I couldn’t wait to share my excitement and how you all would be excited with me!!!! 
Okie Dokie…..I think that catches me up for the night!!!! I pray you all have a VERY blessed Wednesday…..and as always I want to THANK YOU so much for stopping by and sharing in my excitement with me!!!!  Can you tell I’m still a bit giddy!!!!   Hope you’ll stop by again!!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sometimes we must take a stand!!

Hey everyone….I hope you are all doing well this week…..It’s a short work week for me and I am SO HAPPY!!!
Why is it that no matter how much we enjoy and love our passion for our ART …..there are those out there who have to rob joy and try to spread lies that are so untrue of others….I just honestly do not get it!!!!!  I’m so fuming over it I couldn’t stand it anymore and felt I need to take a stand for 2 AMAZING ladies!!!!!  They have not asked me to do this……but I WANT to do this……..They deserve to have voices to stand with them while some creeps are trying to stand against them!!!!
Most of you probably know that I am a VERY PROUD OWNER of a Black Cat Cutter…Lynx….I call her “Sable”….she is an AMAZING  machine!!!!!  This cutter line has been rated #1 in the cutter industry for 2 straight years in a row……
And can be purchased from two AMAZING LADIES!!!!!!!

In the US – You would contact Sherri  at That’s Scrap Inc
In the UK – Dawn  at Thyme Graphics

And from these two ladies and their support staff you will receive the most AMAZING Customer Service you will ever find!!!!! 

Because of the amazing reputation they have made for themselves in the cutting world there are those out there who are jealous of them and can’t stand the fact they do not have the same reputation… they feel the need to attack and make themselves look like idiots!!!!  I’ve had a few words with one worthless person in particular but I refuse to give that jerk any type of “publicity” on My BLOG!!!!  That person doesn’t deserve my time of day……What I am choosing to do today is to let you know IF you are looking to purchase a Black Cat Cutter….The ONLY dependable reputable and proven people to purchase this amazing machine from are the two I’ve listed above……..Some of you have been exposed to lies and complete untruths about who is the “distributor” for this cutter line……and I want to let you know the truth……..Am I “picking my side”???? YES…YES I am!!!!  I KNOW the reputation, and integrity of these ladies…..I know they speak the truth and are out for the best interest of their customer base…You do not see them going around to different groups they belong to around the web spreading lies and untruths….They are standing firm to themselves and standing behind THEIR product….I don’t know about you…but to ME that speaks volumes!!!!
So, I am respectfully asking….BEFORE you listen to “others” out there who try to tell you otherwise…Contact these ladies……
Sherri  (That’s Scrap Inc ) -
Dawn  (Thyme Graphics ) -
ask them your questions, allow them the time to share with you their truths and you make your decision from there…….They are honest and wonderful ladies…..whom I am TRULY honored and blessed to have met……..And very PROUD to be able to say I own one of THEIR cutting machines!!!!!!
If you stand with me in supporting them….let’s let THEM….Sherri & Dawn know this……they have done so much for so many…they strive to improve more and more on features and software that can be used with their machines….they truly and genuinely have their customer’s best interest at heart!!!!!  And I am furious and hurt because they are being attacked!!!!
Thank you SO much for stopping by and  taking time to read this!!!! Please know I am truly  thankful for your comments and the time you spend to visit with me….I would like to wish you all a very blessed and happy Easter weekend!!!!
4/6/2012 UPDATE!!!:  I FIRST want to THANK YOU ALL for your AMAZING voices of support for these two FANTASTIC ladies!!!!  Yesterday…while doing a bit more searching on what is being said out there about the Black Cats I happened upon the fact the website with the false allegations had been changed…and all defamatory comments have been totally removed!!! 
I’ve since found out that the CREEP making the comments has been FORCED to STOP AND REMOVE any comments against Dawn & Sherri and the untruths  about the cutter line!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! The honest and truthful ARE  WINNING!!!!  The battle is not over I’m sure…but one thing is clear……These two are genuine and sincere in who they are and what they do and believe……IF ANYONE chooses to make the choice to defame them in any manner…their attorney and legal support are ready and prepared to take legal action…….
Some of you “may” have seen 2 VERY INAPPROPRIATE comments that were left on my blog yesterday………YES, I REMOVED THEM… they were ridiculous and an obvious dig from the “others” that warranted no time to view……IF people have legitimate gripes or complaints about another person or company…….rather then to take cheap shots stating untruths…they would take legal action to protect themselves…just as Sherri & Dawn are doing….I’m VERY VERY proud of these two and so honored to have been blessed to meet them and proud that I own a machine they stand behind!!!