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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another Sunday Rolls Around….

Hey Everyone!!! I hope you’re all enjoying a WONDERFUL weekend!!!!  So much snow for so many around I hope you all are staying safe!!!  For me it’s been a bit of rain and rather gloomy….but I’m happy to report NO snow!!   Not very nice was it!!! LOL
So…….I can actually say I’ve had a productive weekend!!!  I created a card with scraps and things I had left over in my ARTHaven Spot with a sprinkle of a couple of different things….It was fun challenging myself…..Over at my ARTHaven Creations & Friendship group one of our AMAZING ladies…Diann challenged us to send little “thinking of you” notes to people that come to our thoughts….I LOVE this idea and am determined to do some of this myself….so I sat down yesterday determined to create something…’s nothing fancy but I rather like it and wanted to share it with you……

Yeah…I know….kinda used a hodge podge of flowers didn’t I!!!   the 2 blue creations I combined a few paper flowers you can purchase at the craft stores with a die I created and rolled into the flower and added the beads in the middle…..I think they turned out kind of cute….Of course the brown rose is one of my handmade grungy roses as well as the hydrangia and butterflies and ivy….the yellow roses are some paper roses I had purchased eons ago… proud of myself for actually USING them!!!  
Now the “Just Thinking of You” graphic….I’m really liking this…..the graphic I downloaded from this AMAZING lady’s blog that creates digital ART…I LOVE her taste in style…..

I took the image and brought it into Corel Draw…..made a shadow layer so I could do the Print and Cut Technique then made another shadow layer and used one of my other background graphics and did the Print and Cut Technique with it as well……Did the very same for the “Friends” tab I made……Using these graphics is so making me love love love my Kitty “Sable” even more because it does SUCH a beautiful job with the Print & Cut……
This card will be finding it’s way to someone very near and dear to me tomorrow….I really hope she likes it…….

Okie Dokie….I “think” that catches me up for today!!!! Now that I have all this updated I get to go PLAY WITH PAPER!!!   Yeah ME!!! I want to THANK YOU all for stopping by to visit with me….it means more then I can EVER express!!!  I pray you all have a very blessed day and will come by to visit with me again!!! Until next time….

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