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Sunday, January 29, 2012

We come to another Sunday…..

Hey Everyone….I  trust you’ve all been blessed with a wonderful weekend!!!  My they just seem to go by so quickly don’t they!!!! 
Well….I think I had a productive weekend…..thought I didn’t create any new files in the creation of the following pieces…I did have a lot of fun playing with paper…and hope you’ll still enjoy seeing them even without new files…..It’s been so long since I’ve done this much creating in one weekend!!! LOL
So the first thing I needed to work on were some ATC’s for my ATC Swap I host every month in my ARTHaven Creations & Friendships group……this months’ theme was Hearts/Love….so here’s what I came up with……

I really love the softness these seem to have…..with a bit of grungy…..I ‘m quite happy with these…I hope the recipients will be….
So…the next thing I had to work on was a Hangie Dangle swap…..again in my ARTHaven Group…Now before I show you this I’ll go ahead and say I struggled with this….just couldn’t come up with an idea I really liked…..but I ended up with something I like….not love….but like….The flowers you see on this piece I did not create…they were some I’ve had for quite a while and figured I would use them……

The buttons create a heart shape…(this idea I love…)  It was an idea I found off Pinterest!!!  Isn’t that site AMAZING!!! LOL  So many gorgeous gorgeous pieces others create!!!! I think the button heart is my favorite part of this piece!!!
So…..the next thing I worked on is a Tag Swap in the ARTHaven group….This was to be something reflecting Valentine’s day…..I love how it ended……was nothing like I had originally envisioned…LOL.. don’t you just love how that happens!!!   Now I DID create the long stem roses for this piece……I colored them with Jumbo Java Chalk ink on the edges and spritzed with some of my homemade spritzers with Pearl Ex, Pump Hairspray and Worn Lipstick Distress Reinkers…….

The rhinestones were clear….on the ribbon slide and half the rhinestones on the swirles…..I colored them with alcohol markers to match the colored ones I also used…..they turned out perfect….it’s a nice way to be able to custom color things to get the perfect color you need…..Just thought I would throw that out there….

Now I KNOW some of you are going to fall in love with the “torn” notebook paper cut file I’ve made……I can’t take credit for creating this file….Our Paulo made this a while back….it’s it AWESOME!!!!!  If you want the file for yourself…you can find it on his site here…. …..Oh yeah…if you’ve not been to his site before….Just let me tell you to be prepared…You are going to be AWED!!!! He’s SO gifted and an amazing person to  boot!!!!
Ok….now I have one more piece to share with you…I needed to make a card/envie for a swap in ARTHaven…..I had drawn a blank when it came to this…LOL… I tried to use scrap papers to create this……after playing around I did come up with something I’m quite happy with……

Got a lot of bling going on don’t I!!! LOL  But I just loved it when I did it!!!  Now…I did not make the flower on this piece…but isn’t it AWESOME!!! My very dear friend…Angie Hall Haviland made these…and I just HAD to buy some from her……I LOVE them….You can check out her shop here….  She is SUCH a gifted ARTist….I just can’t say that enough….
Okie Dokie….That catches me up for the night!!! It felt SO AWESOME to play with paper…..And I can’t THANK YOU all enough for coming by to visit with me to check it out..I really hope you like what I’ve shared…..I also hope you will come by to visit with me again soon…I would like to wish you all a very blessed week!!!! Until next time…

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another Sunday Rolls Around….

Hey Everyone!!! I hope you’re all enjoying a WONDERFUL weekend!!!!  So much snow for so many around I hope you all are staying safe!!!  For me it’s been a bit of rain and rather gloomy….but I’m happy to report NO snow!!   Not very nice was it!!! LOL
So…….I can actually say I’ve had a productive weekend!!!  I created a card with scraps and things I had left over in my ARTHaven Spot with a sprinkle of a couple of different things….It was fun challenging myself…..Over at my ARTHaven Creations & Friendship group one of our AMAZING ladies…Diann challenged us to send little “thinking of you” notes to people that come to our thoughts….I LOVE this idea and am determined to do some of this myself….so I sat down yesterday determined to create something…’s nothing fancy but I rather like it and wanted to share it with you……

Yeah…I know….kinda used a hodge podge of flowers didn’t I!!!   the 2 blue creations I combined a few paper flowers you can purchase at the craft stores with a die I created and rolled into the flower and added the beads in the middle…..I think they turned out kind of cute….Of course the brown rose is one of my handmade grungy roses as well as the hydrangia and butterflies and ivy….the yellow roses are some paper roses I had purchased eons ago… proud of myself for actually USING them!!!  
Now the “Just Thinking of You” graphic….I’m really liking this…..the graphic I downloaded from this AMAZING lady’s blog that creates digital ART…I LOVE her taste in style…..

I took the image and brought it into Corel Draw…..made a shadow layer so I could do the Print and Cut Technique then made another shadow layer and used one of my other background graphics and did the Print and Cut Technique with it as well……Did the very same for the “Friends” tab I made……Using these graphics is so making me love love love my Kitty “Sable” even more because it does SUCH a beautiful job with the Print & Cut……
This card will be finding it’s way to someone very near and dear to me tomorrow….I really hope she likes it…….

Okie Dokie….I “think” that catches me up for today!!!! Now that I have all this updated I get to go PLAY WITH PAPER!!!   Yeah ME!!! I want to THANK YOU all for stopping by to visit with me….it means more then I can EVER express!!!  I pray you all have a very blessed day and will come by to visit with me again!!! Until next time….

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wahoooooooooooooooo……Mojo came home!!!!

Hey Everyone……Happy Tuesday to you all!!!!  I hope you are all having a very blessed week so far……..It’s going to be getting chilly here again and rain is on it’s way….but all is well in the world cause I PLAYED WITH PAPER!!!! Yeah ME!!!   It really felt good to be creative again and I had a lot of FUN!!!!!  I needed to work on an ATC for a swap I’m participating in over at the Black Cat Forum…….. ……a WONDERFUL group of ARTists over there….and EVERYONE is welcome…you don’t have to own a Black Cat Cutter at all to join in on the fun and friendship……..people own every cutter imaginable and they are all welcomed with open arms!!!  The theme for the ATC Swap this month is “Express Yourself”  You’re to create an ATC that shares a bit about yourself…….Soooooo……I thought about it for a while……Purple is my favorite color…..I am a VERY strong Christian….and I consider myself a Sister in Christ to all fellow believers!!!!  Here’s what I came up with…..

So….Do you like it?????  I am quite pleased with the way it turned out…I used one of my Cross files, my Grungy Rose file, one of my Vine Files  and I had make the banner  file based on one of the dies on the market……I love using these as a cut file because I can resize to whatever size I want…..I’m listing the files I created below as a refresher to where they are if anyone is interested in them and hadn’t previously gotten them……I had so much fun making these and I “think” it’s got my creative mojo working again….I sure hope so as I have other things I need to create for some swaps I’m in my ARTHaven group……..LOL

I have something else I want to share with you too…This is EXCITING…….You know how so many of us like to try to get as much use out of our cutting mats as possible……we try everything we can think of to “re-sticky” our mats……from the Jumbo Zig Glue Pens….to the Tack it Over and Over Glue/Water Solution… Spray Adhesive….then we have to wait and wait and wait for it all to dry….then knock down some of the sticky before we can begin using again….It works…but isn’t it a PAIN in the booty…..LOL  Well GUESS WHAT!!!!!  You’re going to LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS…I PROMISE you!!!!!  Sherri over at That’s Scrap Inc…….You know…the person I ordered my Black Cat from….Well…she has come out with this AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING stuff……..You are going to FLIP over!!!!!!  It’s called…..

It is SO SO SO easy to restick your mats using this stuff and it’s very reasonably priced….you get A LOT of use from these…….the sticky is the perfect amount to hold your paper but releases SUPER  SUPER easy!!!!  If you’re looking for something to make your life easier to get the papers off your mats…You’ll definitely want to give some of this a try….And just so you know…NOPE I’m not getting any kind of a kick back for this……It’s just an amazing product and I know you all are going to LOVE this stuff!!!!!  Just another product that Sherri and Dawn are striving to find/create for us ARTists to make our creating time more fun and easy!!!!! 
Okie Dokie Artichokie!!!! Guess that catches me up for tonight!!!!! THANK YOU so much for sticking with me…….I hope you like my little creation and I hope you’ll come by and visit me again….I also pray you all have a very blessed week!!!! Until next time….

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How special I feel…..

Hey all my AMAZING cyber friends!!!!  I just had to stop in and tell you I have been TRULY humbled….I  know it’s been almost a month….will be this Friday….since my last post…….got my new ARTHaven Spot all set up and then wham….my mojo packed up and moved out….went on an extended vacation…….It has been such a struggle getting it going again……

So I begin to think…..well it’s no big deal….no one really misses me anyway…there are SO MANY talented and gifted ARTists out there…they won’t miss my posts and shares……and begin to wonder… I really need to continue my blog…..does it REALLY make a difference…..does anyone really care?????  Now I’m not saying this for pity at all……so please don’t think that for one moment….

But…during the last couple of days I have been totally overwhelmed and humbled by the outreach of love and concern for so many of you checking in on me to see if I’m ok……..It has truly brought tears to my eyes!!!!  Some of you have shared with me the struggles you are going through and challenges you are overcoming and I can’t tell you how much it means to me…..and it really has opened my eyes and heart to know that we have a community of AMAZING “FRIENDS” in our ART world and I’m SO HONORED to be a part of it!!!! THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart for letting me know I’ve been missed!!!  It has truly humbled me and I PROMISE to get my bootie in gear and force that mojo back home!!!!!!  So I can start enjoying my little ARTHaven Spot that I have now tweeked every inch of so I can enjoy playing!!!!  So I’m making a commitment to myself and all of you to share SOMETHING by the end of this coming weekend!!!!!  See, now I’m made a promise I MUST keep it!!!!! 

Again…THANK YOU ALL for the immense amount of love I have received from you!!!!!  I’ve truly missed you and look forward to getting active again!!!! I pray you all have a VERY blessed Thursday!!!!  Talk with you soon so I hope you’ll come  back by!!! Until then….