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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just where does the weekend go?????

Isn’t it hard to believe it is Sunday evening again already!!!!  WOW time goes by so quickly when one is having FUN in their ARTHaven!!!! LOL  And I actually created something this weekend!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh ME!!
Before I show you what I created I first wanted to share an idea with you that I’m sure most of you have already thought of…..but my brain didn’t kick in with it until this morning…….So…yesterday I went to get something out of one of my drawers and one thing led to the next and before I knew it I was doing what my son calls “intentory” LOL…in my ARTHaven and I went through and re-organized each and every drawer in my ARTHaven….and labeled them….felt SO good to do all of that…..and while in that process I dedicated 4 shelves in my ARTHaven to display favorite pieces of ART from fellow ARTists that I’ve received and that inspire me….as well as a shelf to display some of my pieces I’ve made that I’ve actually kept….but this wasn’t my idea I wanted to share……..So what is it you say….get to the point already!!! LOL….OK OK…I will……
So I had at one time removed all the ATC’s I collected over the years from the baseball card sleeve pages I had them stored in because I wanted to put them in a box so I could keep them on a shelf….well while cleaning out I came across them again and decided that I wanted to put them back in pages so I can view them when I want……So I made a trip to Walmart this morning to get more baseball card sleeve pages and lo and behold they don’t carry them anymore…WHAT????!!! How can that be!!!!  They should have KNOWN I was going to need them…LOL…so I immediately begin thinking of what I can do as an alternative…….and it hit me….why not use a photo album…you know the ones that hold 4x6 photos……..I figured this would be a great size because a lot of the ATC’s I have from other ARTists are dimensional and don’t really fit well in the baseball card sleeves….and then some of them are also embellished with items that stick out of the ATC base….well both of these situation are resolved by storing them in the Album……

I’m totally tickled with my solution and wanted to share it with you so incase anyone else might be looking for a better idea…..
Now that this one is full I’m getting ready to start on my 2nd album of ATC’s…and I’ve also decided to get albums so I can display the Tags I’ve received as well as greeting cards I receive from other ARTists…that way I can still display them and keep them neat in the process……..So that’s my little tip for the day!!!!
OH YEAH!!!!! One thing else I wanted to mention…….All you ARTists out there who put all of your love and attention to your creations……..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember to sign AND date your ART……..It doesn’t sound like a big thing does it….BUT for those of us who truly truly treasure the pieces and save them to look back on through the years to draw inspiration from and admire your ART……It means SO much when we can put a name and a date with the piece of ART!!!!!! After all….YOU took your time and creativity to create the piece…You DESERVE the proper credit!!!!
Now…On to what I created today……..I had a Double Easel Card I needed to make for a swap in my ARTHaven Creations group… the theme is Fall….I really had fun with this card once I decided what I was going to do…….can’t wait for you to see it…..

Isn’t he cute!!!!  So in the process of making the card and envie I made a couple of files…thought I would share them with anyone who might want them…….Also….just so you know the Loopy squares you see are some of my Shaplie files I’ve previously shared… can see how versatile they can be cause I made them whatever size I wanted them to be!!!!….I’ve also previously shared the leave files which you can find on my blog or in the appropriate category on the top left of my blog….

Okie Dokie Artichokie!!!! That’s it for me tonight….I think that catches me up…..I sure hope you like what I’ve shared…and perhaps can have a use for the files……As always….always…always….THANK YOU for taking time out of your day to stop by and visit with me….it means WAY more then you know!!!!  I so hope you will come by and visit with me again….and I also wish each of you a very very blessed week!!!

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