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Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Monday……..

I hope you all enjoyed a WONDERFUL Labor Day weekend……wasn’t it a GORGEOUS day today…nice and cool compared to the horrible humidity we’ve had for what seems like forever!!!!!
I had a quiet weekend and it was so nice…got to spend some AWESOME time snuggling on my cousin’s identical twin girls…they’re 2 months old now and SO OVER THE TOP precious and then attended my future granddaughter’s 9th birthday party….she had it at the local skating rink and had a blast!!!!  Then the rest of the time I spent in my ARTHaven creating some more pins……felt good to just create for a bit but it just makes the time zoom by!!……..I’m sure you are all getting tire of seeing roses from me…but you all know by now they are my favorite!!!  But I thought I would show you the pins I made……
I won’t bomard you with tons of pictures…..

I tried to make them each a bit different………I really like how they turned out…

So….it’s back to work tomorrow… ;(  BUMMER!!!   But I hope to be playing more this week……I would like to wish you all a VERY blessed week!!!!  I, as always…..want to THANK YOU all for stopping by to visit with me….I do hope you will come back by…..until next time….

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