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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Happy Saturday!!!!

I hope you are all having a WONDERFUL weekend!!! Mine started out SO awesome!!! I was welcomed with a WONDERFUL surprise in my email!!!  A week or so ago I had signed up for a give-a-way Celeste at Touched By A Butterfly  was having on their blog for a Scrapbooking program……..Well I’m not a lucky person on winning things……so I kind of had written off even having the possiblity of winning…Wellllllllllllllllllllllllll…..Wasn’t I surprised when I found out I had won!!!!

I was so tickled and promptly went to retrive my win!!!  I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet….but I WILL!!! I’m planning on using it in creating my designs on my quilt squares I’m going to be creating!!!!  THANK YOU so so much Celeste for the surprise!!!!
So……being to tickled on my win I got the mojo going to play with some fabric…….I had some squares I had started some 10 years ago of pictures of my boys when they were small…….so I pulled them out…decided I would get some practice in on quilting by taking these squares and making me a little wall hanging………I’m very happy with the way it turned out….now I won’t give you close up images…LOL as I still need LOTS AND LOTS of practice….but it’s something I can look back on later when I hopefully have gotten better!!!!  But I still think it turned out cute….

I deliberately made the leaves kinda wavy……so they go in and out of the border and image……I was just wanting to play with some of the stitches on my sewing machine…….I used my YoYo maker to make the round pieces…LOL  I had gotten a circle Accucut Die that allowed me to cut the circles the PERFECT size to use with my YoYo makers so it make it super quick on them…….I KNOW this isn’t perfect…..boy it ain’t even close……LOL  but I WILL get better……she says with her fingers crossed!!!!  But it’s a piece I can keep and treasure cause it has my babies on it!!!!!! 
Okie Dokie Artichokie!!!!    That catches me up for now!!!!!  I hope you like my excitement I shared….. pray you all have a wonderful evening and a very blessed Sunday!!!!  As always…THANK YOU so much for stopping by and visiting with me…..Please come by again….Until next time…..

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