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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Third Wall Hanging is DONE!!!

WOW my week of vacation has FLOWN by!!!! But I’m surely going to get as most out of this weekend while it lasts!!!!  So……..I have FINALLY completed the third of the three wall hangings I offered up to winners of the MTC Blog Hop I was involved with back in June…….I’m SO glad I have them completed….just finished with the last one and wanted to share it with you……I really like how it turned out…..
I’ll be honest with you….the vision I had for this didn’t initially work out……but it just goes to prove that we don’t always need to trash something we’ve stared and it’s not immediately meeting our vision…….I walked away from things several times just to give myself some time to think about it……and after a lot of patience and playing with different things I came up with something I rather like…….
Isn’t it cool how you when you start creating something and you add pieces knowing they “really” don’t go with what your doing……but then you get to the finished result and you realize…WOW….It REALLY REALLY works well!!!  I love it when that happens…..
So this Wall Hanging is for Rebekka with A Diamond in the Rough  the reason she chose this name for her blog is because she is a child of Christ and He is continuing to polish her and bring her to be the child of His He wants her to be!!! I love the name….don’t you…….so here’s what I came up with for her……

Notice all of the “Diamonds” I have on this piece……didn’t even think about it when I started using them……then when it was almost complete the light went off and I then KNEW why the Lord gave me the vision to use them!!!!
I just have to share with you…..notice the etching on the glass piece…Oh that was SO MUCH FUN TO DO!!!!!!  I got a NEW Toy!!! ROFL…Yes yes….I know……I can’t help myself!!! It’s called an Air Eraser……no more etching cream for me!!!!  It was SUPER EASY to do…..just created the design I wanted….cut it out in vinyl….applied to the glass……then instead of using etching cream I used my Air Eraser tool with my compressor and it works BEAUTIFULLY!!! 
Then on the decorative background I printed out the design along with Rebekka’s blog name in black laser ink and ran through my Foil Master using Gunmetal colored foil…I LOVE this color!!!!  It is SO gorgeous!!!!  I got it from Dawn at Thyme Graphics…..
She has some of the prettiest colored foils….and even if you don’t own a Foil Master you can use your iron with it as well…..
So I decided I wanted to raise up the name of her blog so I printed just the name a 2nd time with black laser toner then ran through my Foil Master using the Gunmetal again…..then did the Print & Cut technique with my Inkscape/Signcut combination…….Of course I created some of my handmade roses and then added lots of bling to the frame I have also altered…..
Do you like it????? Think Rebekka will??? Oh I so hope so!!!!  Thought I would share with you the frame I created if any of you might be interested!!!!

Okie Dokie!!!!  Off I go to work on my next project!!! I hope you are all having a very blessed weekend!!!! As always…THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me!!! I do so hope you will come by again!!!! Until next time…

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