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Monday, July 4, 2011

The end of a long weekend!!!

Happy 4th Everyone….I hope you all had a WONDERFUL weekend!!!! Mine was PERFECT for me….I spent it in my ARTHaven and had A LOT of fun creating!!!!!  Just thought I would share with you most of what I was working on……..if some might be interested in seeing….and there’s a few new files thrown in……

Something else I’m EXCITED about!! I have an EXCITING new addition coming into my home to pair up SO nicely with my Lynx “Sable”…I have a Foil Master machine on it’s way to me and I SO CAN’T WAIT!!!!  I will be able to foil just about and creation I can think of!!!!! Check it out……
This machine is SO COOL and talk about a RAINBOW of colors the foils are available in…..I just have a zillion ideas going through my brain!!! LOL  Just had to share my excitement with you all!!!!!
Ok….now off I go to get my beauty sleep….Oh YEAH…don’t forget about the upcoming Crop starting this weekend……..
You can click on the image above to get details!!! It’s going to be A LOT of FUN!!!! I have a project I’ll be sharing as well……..Ok…now off I go…I hope you all have a VERY BLESSED week!!!!  I also hope you will come by again..and THANK YOU for stopping by!!!! Until next time…..

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