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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Wednesday Everyone……

I hope you’re all enjoying a wonderful week thus far!!!  It’s a bit rainy here but thankfully no severe weather!!!!
So I have officially completed the 1st of the 3 wall hangings I’m doing for three winners of my blog hop a couple of weeks ago…….I thought I would share it with you as I was quiet happy with the way it turned out……
I’ve also fallen in love with being able to do the FILL feature in my pieces so when I engrave pieces with my Lynx “Sable” I’m able to fill in the inside of the pieces so it’s not just the outline of something…it is WAY COOL!!!!!!  I am now using a combination of Inkscape & Signcut software to allow me to do this and it is the perfect match for me!!!!  Anyway….Here’s the piece if you would care to see….

This piece is for Retta….her blog is called Royal Inspirations and she shared with me her favorite colors so I’m “hoping” she will love this piece…….time will tell…..
To create this I used some of the metal sheets from Tyler at and it works BEAUTIFULLY!!!!  It started out silver but I distressed with alcohol inks before I engraved it…..ended up not liking it so I used alcohol blending solution to remove most of the color…..then tried using silver rub n buff on the engraving….didn’t like that either so then I took more alcohol blending solution and denatured alcohol and between the two got most of all of it off and a lot of scrubbing and ended up with this…what I call a “happy accident” cause it has just enough of a petina on the metal that I really like the affect…….
I just knew I didn’t want to start the piece complete over as it took a good 5 hours at a velocity of 600 to engrave it…LOL  but I love how it turned out…..
So I thought I would go ahead and share the frame design I created in case anyone might be interested in it…’ll see it twice listed below….One is the frame without the design being filled and the other is with the design filled…….I’m doing this because I know that the filled piece is too much for MTC and SCAL to handle…..I know this because I tried and it kept locking up the program….not at all slighting the programs….they’re great programs….but they’re not meant to handle this many nodes……It zipped on through with Inkscape & Signcut which is another reason I have fallen in love with this combination!!! 

Then while playing with Inkscape and watching some more tutorials….one can never learn enough I created the doilie you see below….it was so much FUN…it all started out as a starburst and I went from there with it….I have cut this and it cuts GREAT!!!!!!

Okie Dokie….that catches me up for now….I so hope you’ve found something here you like!!!   As always…THANK YOU so very much for stopping by to visit with me…..I wish you all a VERY blessed day!!! And I do hope you will come by again…..Until next time…..

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