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Monday, May 30, 2011

How about a few new tutorials…..

Hey Everyone……WOWZERS our long weekend sure has went by fast!!!!  But I’ve enjoyed it……
I had shared last week some butterflies I had made……I have received such a HUGE response from them and several asking if I would be willing to work up a tutorial for them…… that’s exactly what I’ve done…….IF you’re interested in learning exactly how I created these you are most welcome to view for yourself……..they’re easy to create and a perfect touch for your special project……..I’m also showing you the butterfly I created for this tutorial…..
Now as a reminder……if you haven’t previously downloaded this file and you are interested in it….you may find it here…

Ok……Now I knew I wanted to created another “animal” or should I say “insect” as well…..and thought I would go ahead and work up a tutorial on it too…..I have been thinking about this one for a bit and finally sat down Sunday morning designed and drew it and created it……..and I am quite happy with what I’ve come up with…….so here’s my new design…..

Yep…..DRAGONFLIES!!!!  Aren’t they CUTE!!!!  I’m loving them……and I’m excited to share with you how I created them if you’re interested… can check out the tutorial here…..
Now if you liked the tutorial and you like the dragonflies and would like to have the file to create some for yourself….you may find it here…..

 Now I thought I would share with you a little project I worked up Friday night for a baby shower I went to on Saturday……My cousin and his wife are having identical twin girls!!! How EXCITNG is that!!!!  We are all so thrilled for them……It was a fun shower with the exception that “mama” didn’t get to come as she is on strict bed rest and has been for the past 8 weeks…she has 25 more days to go before they induce her but the girls are doing very well!!!  So my cousin had to be the “mama” and the “papa” at the shower…It was so fun…..he’s like my brother and I wrote down all the gifts they received as he opened them…OMG…took us an hour and a half for all the gifts…I’ve never seen so many!!! LOL
Anyway…back to what I wanted to share…LOL…Sorry…didn’t mean to get off track!!! LOL  I thought I would share with you the Gift Bag Skirt I made for part of their presents……..

Aren’t they cute!!!   You’ll notice on the bags it’s listed as Baby A and Baby B!!! That’s because they won’t tell ANYONE what the girls’ names are going to be……You talk about meanies!!! LOL  We have a NOSEY family and this is killin’ us not to know!!!  But they sure are loving it!!! Those little twits!!! 
If you like the bag topper and you would like to have it…you can find it here…..
Whewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I did it!!! Got all that in!!! I just hope I haven’t lost you by the time you get to the end!!!   As always….THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me….I really hope you’ve found something you might enjoy here…….I would like to wish you all a VERY blessed week…..I so hope you will come by again!!!!!  Until next time….
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