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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Something for Someone Who Touched My Heart…..

Good Morning Everyone and HAPPY SUNDAY to you all!!! I pray you are all having a very blessed day today!!! The sun is shining….chilly…but a GORGEOUS morning!!!! 
Throughout the years I have been blessed to have met so many amazing people on line through my passion for ART!!!  It’s just a blessing to know there are such awesome people in the world who care about others……I am blessed to know another through our cyber ART family by the name of Terri Ettling-Shell……she is a lady I met in the forums and Yahoo groups I frequent for our cutters….we love the passion we have for what we do!!!
Terri is an amazing lady…..she has a student…..named Shawana that is struggling for her life……she has cancer and it has recently been found that it has spread to her brain…..Shawana has an AMAZING mother who is there for her every single day and is helping to fight the fight!!!!  And Shawana has an AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL teacher in Terri….Terri is taking time to spend with Shawana……to just read to her or be there for her….to love her unconditionally….To me that is ONE AMAZING LADY!!!  And I can say I am HONORED to know you Terri!!! My heart goes out to you as well as Shawana….
Now…Shawana herself….WOWZERS from what Terri has shared with me is one young lady who is 2ND TO NONE!!!!  She’s been fighting this fight for a long time….YET she was DETERMINED she had goals she wanted to achieve before her days on earth are over… she could fulfill HER dreams!!!  And she’s ACHIEVED them…with the love and support of SO MANY around her!!! It just goes to show you what determination for what you desire, believe and hope for CAN COME TRUE!!!!  I am NOTHING in comparison to these ladies……and I’m HONORED that I have heard of them!!!!
I asked Terri if I could send a card to Shawana…just to lift her spirits if only for a moment…as Shawana has been sent home to be kept comfortable to enjoy her family for her final journey here on earth…..She has so much love around her the hospital walls can not keep it fenced!!!  And YES Terri is right there by her side through this last part of her journey before her body is healed of all it’s pain and sickness…….What a PRICELESS treasure!!!!
Terri shared with me I could…and I wanted to make it as SPECIAL as I possibly could…so I put a lot of love into this piece!!! I have prayed over it and ask the Lord to allow it to touch Shawana and  her mother’s heart!!! To know  I KNOW the Lord IS WITH THEM!!!!  Through this entire journey…that we do not know or understand…we must ALWAYS remember the Lord knows the entire picture…we only get snippets of time…..

And I really have a desire to share it with you as well…perhaps some of the phrases in this creation may touch your heart as well…….and for anyone who might be interested….I am also offering this file……please know I have put a lot of love into this creation and I sincerely pray it is enjoyed!!!
Yes I know it’s a lot of pictures….but I truly wanted you to see each page!!!  I pray you like this….If you would like to have this file you may find it below…..

Then I had a few other files I thought I would go ahead and share with you if you might be interested in them……..

Ok…..That catches me up….I know this was  a LONG post and if you’ve stuck with me this far I sincerely THANK YOU!!!!  This to me was just a very special post and I pray Shawana knows what an AMAZING young lady she is… she has touched the heart of others she has never met…..simply by being who she is!!! May the Lord bless you and hold you close Shawana!!!!
As always…THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me….I pray you are all blessed with an awesome week!!! I do hope you will stop by again….until then…

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