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Saturday, March 12, 2011

I’M SO FURIOUS!!!!….BUT Excited!!! ;)

Happy Saturday Everyone!!! I hope you are all for the most part having a very blessed weekend!!!! I would also like to THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH for your loving comments and support for what my baby…Dylan Wayne is going through….he is on the mend…slowly (which is good…hoping it will never come back)…….and I give all the love and prayers the credit as my Lord is AMAZING!!!
Ok….It’s come my time to rant a bit and I’m FURIOUS!!!! Not that anyone really cares…LOL….But I do and to me that matters…..
Provocraft has broken the last straw with me!!!! I’m beside myself SICK of this company and don’t mind shouting it off the rooftops!!!!!!  The verdict has come down and the AMAZING program Make The Cut and it’s owners have made settlement with Provocraft for the lawsuit they had against MTC…….looks as if in time MTC will no longer be compatible with our Cricuts (BUT…IT STILL WORKS WITH SEVERAL OTHER CUTTING MACHINES ON THE MARKET)……..My heart and prayers go out to Andy, his wife and children for the stress they have been made to endure through all of this and also are going out to Todd and SCAL (Sure Cuts A lot) as they are now being sued by PC……
I’ve made the decision that I am getting rid of my Cricut Expressions….I REFUSE to be tied to a stupid cartridge that PC sees fit to put what files THEY want to allow me to cut and tell me to be happy with it!! NOPE NADA….NOT going to happen!!!!! I’m a big girl…..I enjoy drawing and creating my own files and they will NOT tell me I can’t do something!!!  So off on a search I went to find the cutter that would best fit ME!!!!  What did I find?????  Well let me just tell you!!!! I’m OVER THE MOON EXCITED!!!!
I was checking out the Silhouette, the Craft Robo, the Pazzels, the KNK and the Cougars………Happened upon Sherri & Dawn’s store That’s Scrap Inc I emailed Sherri and inquired as to which of her cutters would work with the MTC software (of course the Cougars do)…….she quickly responded to share some EXCITING EXCITING EXCITING NEWS!!!!!  (First I must say……Sherri is AN AMAZING lady….I was SO honored to get to chat with her and look forward to getting to know her better…a genuine WONDERFUL person!!!!) She and Dawn have been working feverishly  to get a new addition to the Black Cat  family on the market and it’s JUST ABOUT READY!!! They have them on order now and I CAN’T WAIT  to get my hands on it….What is it you ask????? Welllllllllllllllllllllllllll…..It’s the NEW 12” Lynx Cutter…..It will do all the Cougar will do with one little exception……….it won’t cut the thicker chipboard…..but so what I say…doesn’t bother me none!!!!!  It does the print and cut, embossing, engraving all the goodies!!!!!
They will probably not be available for approximately 5 weeks…but I’ll WAIT!!!!The price point is supposed to be in the same family market as the Cricut Expressions….though I’m sure they may be a wee bit higher but for what you’re getting it will be worth EVERY PENNY!!!!! 
I am so super EXCITED over this and heartbroken for what Andy and Make The Cut are going through…….I will be keeping them all in my prayers that all of this works out well for them and I am praying that Make The Cut will continue to flourish and grow to new heights because they have an AMAZING program and I'm looking forward to using it with my new cutter and MY FILES I CREATE and share for years to come!!!!
So now I will be putting my  virtually new (as I just purchased new ones approximately 2 to 3 months ago) Cricut Expressions up for sale…… off to Ebay I go!!!!!
Thanks for listening to me rant……..I pray you are all having a very blessed day and I can’t WAIT to get to share with you all the fun stuff my new cutter will do when I get it!!!  So I hope you’ll continue to stop by……I’m looking forward to creating again VERY SOON!!!   Until next time!!!

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