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Thursday, March 17, 2011

How about……an Easter Lily???

Hey everyone…..I hope you’re all having a great week!!!!!  It’s FRIDAY tomorrow and I thought why not start of a GREAT weekend with a new flower design??????  I had been asked to see if I could come up a with an Easter Lily….Well….you know me…I LOVE a challenge……SO…’s what I came up with……..

So…What do you think?????? Don’t you think they look like Easter Lilies?????  Would you like to know how I made them??? If so…check out my tutorial…..Now…If you liked how easy they were to make…would you like to have the file??? If so you can find it here……

Thank you for bearing with me and allowing me to vent this last week!!!! I had been asked to consider starting a petition concerning the PC issue…..after a lot of thought I decided it is not a good decision to make….I don’t thing a e-petition will have an impact…but I know our decisions and actions will…So I made the decision and action that was best for me…… I am SO EXCITED and waiting on my new Lynx!!!! Hopefully I’ll have it in a couple of weeks then I can start creating projects with It…I can’t WAIT!!!! 
As always….THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me!!!!  I hope you like my new design………I also pray you have a very blessed weekend and will come by to visit again!!! Until next time…..

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