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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hey Everyone…..Sorry so Long…

Since my last post!!! I’ve had a lot going on in my life…I would like to share with you a couple of files I worked up last week……and also share a word of caution for those parents with teenage boys……
Two weeks ago tomorrow my youngest son…came to me and mentioned that he had a sore spot on his bottom and was wondering if I thought it might be because of the belt loop rubbing on his bottom when he sat down…..I told him perhaps it could but I would check to see if I seen anything….we saw what we “thought was a pimple”… I told him to watch it so when it was ready we could relieve the pressure from it…..well as the weekend progressed the pain intensified and it continued to get bigger…….so on that Monday I took him to the doctor as he was also running a fever….and he was very inactive…..(this from my son is very unusual…he’s always on the go)….so we go to the doctor and he immediately advised me that it was what is called a Pilonidal Cyst that had abscessed…..he wrote a prescription, told him to stay home for 2 days and continue to squeeze it to drain it to get the infection out…..which we were doing……after 3 days of antibiotics and draining several times a day while he was in terrible pain it did not get better….only worse…then on Thursday it quit draining……
So…..Thursday afternoon I called the doctor and shared with him the fact it had stopped draining and was still very painful and the antibiotics were not doing any good… he immediately set me up an appointment that next morning for Dylan to see a surgeon at 8:30 a.m….Friday….exactly one week from when Dylan first start complaining about it hurting……We get into the surgeon’s office and he immediately started telling us all about what it was and sharing with us the fact this will NEVER go away on it’s own…….he explained in great detail exactly what it was and how it was caused….of which I won’t go into detail here…but will strongly suggest you click this link….. PILONIDAL ABSCESS and read all about it…especially if you have young men between the ages of 15-25…..I don’t want ANYONE to go through what we’ve just been through and are still enduring….
So he continues to share with me we will need to do surgery right away….so he schedules him for surgery that next morning at 8:00 a.m…..(on a Saturday)…he expected us to be able to go in and go home that same afternoon…..then he would recover for several days and go back to school….Well….that’s not exactly what transpired….after surgery he came out to talk with me and shared with me when he cut Dylan open what he was graced with was a hair mass the size of a walnut…AND a bunch of infection that all had to be extracted from my baby’s body….he then had to cut out all the damaged tissue and cauterize the area….leaving my baby with an incision approximately 4” long and 3” deep……..which required A LOT MORE recovery time…..he advised he would need to be hospitalized for observation……and pain management…which ended up being a 3 day hospital stay and now weeks and weeks of recovery…..He must endure scrubs and packings of the incision multiple times a day to insure the incision heals completely and germ/infection free…this is a VERY painful process but one we MUST go through…….It absolutely rips my heart out to see my baby hurt this badly……If I could I would take it all from him in a moment…….
I share all this with you not for you to feel sorry for me…..because I know the Lord is in control and has a purpose for all of this taking place….and perhaps it’s so I can share our story with you……so if any of our children are suffering we can get them help……The surgeon said this has been developing for some time…that it had tried to exit multiple times but Dylan says he’s felt nothing……However it’s VERY common for our boys to say nothing because it’s an area they would rather not discuss and just suffer in pain……which in itself can cause more problems for them down the road… PLEASE let them know there’s nothing to be embarrassed about……it’s something that MUST be addressed and taken care of right away…….It’s nothing they can prevent nor anything they’ve caused…’s just basically an ingrown hair that gets way out of control!!!!
So….While he was in the hospital mama was with him the whole time….and that’s because I work for an AMAZING family that puts family first and is allowing me to work from home while we go through this healing process!!!
I had a couple of file requests I worked on and thought I would share them with you here in case anyone likes them……

So….If you’ve made it this far….THANK YOU for sticking with me….I would also like to THANK YOU for those who sent me so many amazing emails, Facebook comments and IM…..they truly touched my heart!!!!!  I do hope you will come by again and I wish you all a very blessed weekend!!!!

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