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Thank you so much!!
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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Greatest Gift Ever…..For an ARTist….

Hey Everyone and Happy Thursday to you all!!!  I just have to share this with you……..I had tears stream down my face when I received this email today…..
Remember the Easel Card I shared with you that I made for Shawana…….well Terri gave it to Shawana today…this was her email to me……
I just got home from Shawana’s.  When I walked in she started to cry and I had to give her a huge hug for her to calm down.  I had the box in my hand and her granny was talking to me and she grabbed it out of my hands.  There were a lot of people.  I read the card out loud for everyone to hear and Shawana touched all the embellishments and said awww the entire time.  I made it thru it without crying.  I think I was able to do that because some of the people there I did not know.  But her family was all in tears.  I have attached a pic of her and I with your card.  Her granny put it up on the headboard of Shawana’s bed.  I looks perfect there.
By the way I also received two cards in the mail today.  They are from Louise Key and Janie Thornley.  It says they are friends of Penny and Terri on the card and they are from the MTC group.  Do you know which group or a way I can contact them to say thanks.  I was going to send out a quick note to the groups that Shawana has received her card and I am going to try to attach the pic to it as well.  I don’t know if I can do that on the group though.  I am going to give it a try.  Thanks again for the beautiful card.  Her family was very touched.
Terri Ettling-Shell
Was this not an AMAZING email……
This is THE BEST GIFT and ARTist could EVER receive don’t you think!!! To see someone that LOVES a gift you create from you heart!!!!  I will cherish this email and picture ALWAYS!!!! 
Terri…YOU are an AN AMAZING lady!!!  Your students are SO BLESSED to have you as their teacher….you are what the definition of a teacher should be!!!!  The Lord has blessed all your students!!!  Shawana has clearly stolen your heart…my heart and that of a BUNCH of bloggers as well I believe!!!
Shawana I continue to pray the Lord watch over you and hold you close to HIS chest!! He will NEVER leave you NOR forsake you!!!!  You are a beautiful lady and you are an INSPIRATON to me!!! And I THANK YOU!!!!  Love to YOU MY Sister in Christ!!!
I’ve had so many ask me if they could send a card to Shawana….I asked Terri if she would allow me to share her addy and her deliver them to Shawana and she was most willing to do that……So for those of you who really wanted to do something here’s one way you can send it:
c/o Terri Ettling-Shell
835 Indian Creek Drive
O’Fallon, IL  62269
And you know what….ANOTHER way she is being Spotlighted….Gigi who is on the board of directors for has shared with Terri and Shawana’s family they would like to spotlight her and her story for the month of April!!! God is not only GOOD He is AWESOME!!!!
I pray you all have a VERY blessed Friday and THANK YOU for stopping by!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Something for Someone Who Touched My Heart…..

Good Morning Everyone and HAPPY SUNDAY to you all!!! I pray you are all having a very blessed day today!!! The sun is shining….chilly…but a GORGEOUS morning!!!! 
Throughout the years I have been blessed to have met so many amazing people on line through my passion for ART!!!  It’s just a blessing to know there are such awesome people in the world who care about others……I am blessed to know another through our cyber ART family by the name of Terri Ettling-Shell……she is a lady I met in the forums and Yahoo groups I frequent for our cutters….we love the passion we have for what we do!!!
Terri is an amazing lady…..she has a student…..named Shawana that is struggling for her life……she has cancer and it has recently been found that it has spread to her brain…..Shawana has an AMAZING mother who is there for her every single day and is helping to fight the fight!!!!  And Shawana has an AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL teacher in Terri….Terri is taking time to spend with Shawana……to just read to her or be there for her….to love her unconditionally….To me that is ONE AMAZING LADY!!!  And I can say I am HONORED to know you Terri!!! My heart goes out to you as well as Shawana….
Now…Shawana herself….WOWZERS from what Terri has shared with me is one young lady who is 2ND TO NONE!!!!  She’s been fighting this fight for a long time….YET she was DETERMINED she had goals she wanted to achieve before her days on earth are over… she could fulfill HER dreams!!!  And she’s ACHIEVED them…with the love and support of SO MANY around her!!! It just goes to show you what determination for what you desire, believe and hope for CAN COME TRUE!!!!  I am NOTHING in comparison to these ladies……and I’m HONORED that I have heard of them!!!!
I asked Terri if I could send a card to Shawana…just to lift her spirits if only for a moment…as Shawana has been sent home to be kept comfortable to enjoy her family for her final journey here on earth…..She has so much love around her the hospital walls can not keep it fenced!!!  And YES Terri is right there by her side through this last part of her journey before her body is healed of all it’s pain and sickness…….What a PRICELESS treasure!!!!
Terri shared with me I could…and I wanted to make it as SPECIAL as I possibly could…so I put a lot of love into this piece!!! I have prayed over it and ask the Lord to allow it to touch Shawana and  her mother’s heart!!! To know  I KNOW the Lord IS WITH THEM!!!!  Through this entire journey…that we do not know or understand…we must ALWAYS remember the Lord knows the entire picture…we only get snippets of time…..

And I really have a desire to share it with you as well…perhaps some of the phrases in this creation may touch your heart as well…….and for anyone who might be interested….I am also offering this file……please know I have put a lot of love into this creation and I sincerely pray it is enjoyed!!!
Yes I know it’s a lot of pictures….but I truly wanted you to see each page!!!  I pray you like this….If you would like to have this file you may find it below…..

Then I had a few other files I thought I would go ahead and share with you if you might be interested in them……..

Ok…..That catches me up….I know this was  a LONG post and if you’ve stuck with me this far I sincerely THANK YOU!!!!  This to me was just a very special post and I pray Shawana knows what an AMAZING young lady she is… she has touched the heart of others she has never met…..simply by being who she is!!! May the Lord bless you and hold you close Shawana!!!!
As always…THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me….I pray you are all blessed with an awesome week!!! I do hope you will stop by again….until then…

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A card for a sweet girl…..

Good Morning Everyone and HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!! I hope you are all having a wonderful wonderful day!!!!  It’s supposed to be possibly rainy here today but at least our flooded river has receded some……….
One of my VERY DEAR online friends has a niece that was injured in a freak accident…..Praise the LORD she is going to be ok  but has a lot of recovery ahead of her and possible surgery!!!  Alicia asked if anyone would be interested to send her a card and I just felt led to do so……I was so humbled by all the amazing blessings, prayers and well wishes to my baby when he under went surgery a couple weeks back…….
So…I wanted to make something extremely girly but I have boycotted using my Expression ;(  I’m refusing to do anymore cutting until my New LYNX arrives!!!  (no….I don’t have to do that….it’s something I choose to do!!…’s my way of making a statement for ME!!!…and yes I’m a little weird!! )  So my entire card and box was made cutting machine free… I had already had my flowers made……..which was nice……the roses I had the pieces cut out I just colored them to be what I wanted for this creation and then assembled…….wanna see how it turned out?????

Can you tell how much I LOVE my Zutter Distress-it-All…..this is SUCH a cool little gadget and very handy when you have a lot of distressing you want to do……the papers I used for this project are from the Grapics 45 line called Once Upon a Springtime….I thought it was perfect for what I had invisioned….I’m very happy with how this turned out and I SO hope the little girl will enjoy it…….
Ok… I go…I’m getting closer and closer to the day my New LYNX arrives and I CAN’T WAIT!!!!  Hurry hurry hurry!!!!!!    LOL
THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me……I hope you’ve enjoyed what I’ve shared…would love to hear your thoughts!!!  I would like to wish you all a very blessed Wednesday….I do hope you will come by and visit with me again….Until then….

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Played a little!!! ;)

Hey Everyone……Happy Sunday Evening…..Well…I’m thrilled to say my baby…Dylan gets to return to school TOMORROW!!!! Praise the Lord….He is healing SO NICELY….the incision is getting smaller and smaller every  day and he has OFFICIALLY weened himself from the pain meds they had him on for the scrub and packs!!!!! I’m SUPER proud of him!!!!!  We can see the light at then end of the tunnel and I can not thank you all enough for your amazing encouragement, prayers and support these last 3 weeks for my precious baby!!!!
So today I took just a bit of time to piddle in my ARTHaven….I have totally lost all passion for my Expression and have told myself I’m not using it anymore….trying to wait patiently for my new Lynx to arrive!!!!  I’m itching to play with it SO bad……but I thought I  would show you a tag I made today…..nothing fancy but I do like how it turned out….I used some of the Easter Lilies I made the other day and shared with you all……

Then I decided to work on a few new cut files….It’s been awhile since I’ve made several so I thought I would share all these with you….Hope you like them!!!!

Okie Dokie…..that’s all for now…I sure hope you might like some of these and my tag above….It’s back to work for me tomorrow!!!!!  Not sure I’ll know how to act!!!  But I’m really looking forward to getting back to a normal routine!!!!
As always….THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me…….It really means more then you know…I know I say that a lot…but I sincerely mean it!!!!!  I do hope you will come by again…..and I pray you all have a very blessed week!!!! Until next time….

Thursday, March 17, 2011

How about……an Easter Lily???

Hey everyone…..I hope you’re all having a great week!!!!!  It’s FRIDAY tomorrow and I thought why not start of a GREAT weekend with a new flower design??????  I had been asked to see if I could come up a with an Easter Lily….Well….you know me…I LOVE a challenge……SO…’s what I came up with……..

So…What do you think?????? Don’t you think they look like Easter Lilies?????  Would you like to know how I made them??? If so…check out my tutorial…..Now…If you liked how easy they were to make…would you like to have the file??? If so you can find it here……

Thank you for bearing with me and allowing me to vent this last week!!!! I had been asked to consider starting a petition concerning the PC issue…..after a lot of thought I decided it is not a good decision to make….I don’t thing a e-petition will have an impact…but I know our decisions and actions will…So I made the decision and action that was best for me…… I am SO EXCITED and waiting on my new Lynx!!!! Hopefully I’ll have it in a couple of weeks then I can start creating projects with It…I can’t WAIT!!!! 
As always….THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me!!!!  I hope you like my new design………I also pray you have a very blessed weekend and will come by to visit again!!! Until next time…..

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I’m STILL Beside Myself…..

With Excitement……..I’m counting down the weeks until I get my NEW CUTTER!!!!  I couldn’t wait to share with you that Sherri just updated her webiste……

With details of the NEW LYNX….Check out what it looks like!!!!

Black Cat Lynx 12"

Black Cat Lynx 12"
Your Price: $499.00
12" Black Cat Lynx MUST OWN MTC (Make the cut) SOFTWARE...; They are working with SCAL (Sure Cuts A lot) to get this cutter to work with that program!!!
Isn’t the “kitty” pretty!!!! I can’t WAIT I can’t WAIT!!!!  Here’s all the details on the machine as well…….
High Strength aluminium body, High Precision Steel gritshaft to help prevent slipping on long cuts, 10 Silica Gel Buttons for easy control, High speed Processor, Supports all windows and Macintos operating systems, Led laser light for precise print and cut, High pressure – 500grms for easy cutting up to cereal weight chipboard, Back lit LCD display, User friendly design allows adjustment of cutting speed and pressure while working, USB and serial interface, Max cutting width: 12", Max media width: 16.25", Operating system: Windows2000/XP/win7/ Vista/win7 x64 /Mac OSX10.2.8, Interface: Serial and USB, Control Panel: 10Silica gel buttons, Cutting Speed 600mm/s, 12 steps, Pressure 50g~500g, 160 steps, Dimensions: 24" x 10.5" x 10.5", Comes with ONE year warranty
I’m NOT getting a commission from them to promote their product….I am just one person who is TOTALLY impressed with ALL aspects of this company….Sherri and Dawn are AMAZING ladies..they have us ARTists’ passion at heart…they are striving to help everyone meet their desires to have a cutting machine that is AMAZING quality with amazing customer support…for a more reasonable reachable price……Yes it seems a bit pricey…BUT…if you consider all the money you invest in cartridges for the nasty PC company’s cutter……think how quickly you could save up to purchase this amazing machine and no longer be restricted to what PC says you can cut!!!!! AND Not to mention this machine will do SO MUCH MORE then the nasty PC company’s machine will do!!!!!!
Ok…I’m off my soapbox for the day!!! LOL…THANK YOU for bearing with me……My baby is getting much better and I’m finally getting my day job work under control so I’m hoping to get to start creating again some today…I’m having such SERIOUS withdrawls!!!!   Thank you for stopping by and I SO hope you will come by again!!!! I wish you all a VERY blessed day!!! Until next time…

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I am absolutely SUPER EXCITED about my new machine I have coming my way and it’s never soon enough!!!!  But They’ve posted the details on the NEW Black Cat Lynx that’s coming out so I couldn’t WAIT to share details with you!!!!!  Check these details out!!!!
Black Cat Lynx SpecificationsHigh Strength aluminium body
High Precision Steel gritshaft to help prevent slipping on long cuts
10 Silica Gel Buttons for easy control
High speed Processor
Supports all windows operating systems and Macintosh too
Led laser light for precise print and cut
High pressure – 500grms for easy cutting up to cereal weight chipboard
Back lit LCD display
User friendly design allows adjustment of cutting speed and pressure while working
USB and serial interface
Max cutting width: 305mm/12”
Max media width: 415mm/16.25”
Operating system: Windows2000/XP/win7/ Vista/win7 x64 /Mac OSX10.2.8 &
Interface: RS2342C, USB
Control Panel: 10Silica gel buttons
Driver: Digital DC, Step Motor, Micro-step Driver
Display 4*8 High Resolution LCD
Drawing Instruction: HP-GL, DMPL Max.
Cutting Speed 600mm/s, 12 steps
Pressure 50g~500g, 160 steps
Mechanical Precision(mm): 0.025mm Repeat Accuracy < ±0.1mm
Power Supply: AC90~240V/50Hz~60Hz
Dimensions: 609 x 265 x 270mm
Weight: 12kg
All this for $499.00!!!!!!!  A lot cheaper then the Cougar with the same AWESOME product and AMAZING customer support!!!!!  If anyone is interested you’ve got to get in touch with Sherri or Dawn At That’s Scrap Inc….

Ok…..Off I go to work on my work for work!!!!! Thanks for taking time to stop by…I hope you are all having a very blessed day!!!!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I’M SO FURIOUS!!!!….BUT Excited!!! ;)

Happy Saturday Everyone!!! I hope you are all for the most part having a very blessed weekend!!!! I would also like to THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH for your loving comments and support for what my baby…Dylan Wayne is going through….he is on the mend…slowly (which is good…hoping it will never come back)…….and I give all the love and prayers the credit as my Lord is AMAZING!!!
Ok….It’s come my time to rant a bit and I’m FURIOUS!!!! Not that anyone really cares…LOL….But I do and to me that matters…..
Provocraft has broken the last straw with me!!!! I’m beside myself SICK of this company and don’t mind shouting it off the rooftops!!!!!!  The verdict has come down and the AMAZING program Make The Cut and it’s owners have made settlement with Provocraft for the lawsuit they had against MTC…….looks as if in time MTC will no longer be compatible with our Cricuts (BUT…IT STILL WORKS WITH SEVERAL OTHER CUTTING MACHINES ON THE MARKET)……..My heart and prayers go out to Andy, his wife and children for the stress they have been made to endure through all of this and also are going out to Todd and SCAL (Sure Cuts A lot) as they are now being sued by PC……
I’ve made the decision that I am getting rid of my Cricut Expressions….I REFUSE to be tied to a stupid cartridge that PC sees fit to put what files THEY want to allow me to cut and tell me to be happy with it!! NOPE NADA….NOT going to happen!!!!! I’m a big girl…..I enjoy drawing and creating my own files and they will NOT tell me I can’t do something!!!  So off on a search I went to find the cutter that would best fit ME!!!!  What did I find?????  Well let me just tell you!!!! I’m OVER THE MOON EXCITED!!!!
I was checking out the Silhouette, the Craft Robo, the Pazzels, the KNK and the Cougars………Happened upon Sherri & Dawn’s store That’s Scrap Inc I emailed Sherri and inquired as to which of her cutters would work with the MTC software (of course the Cougars do)…….she quickly responded to share some EXCITING EXCITING EXCITING NEWS!!!!!  (First I must say……Sherri is AN AMAZING lady….I was SO honored to get to chat with her and look forward to getting to know her better…a genuine WONDERFUL person!!!!) She and Dawn have been working feverishly  to get a new addition to the Black Cat  family on the market and it’s JUST ABOUT READY!!! They have them on order now and I CAN’T WAIT  to get my hands on it….What is it you ask????? Welllllllllllllllllllllllllll…..It’s the NEW 12” Lynx Cutter…..It will do all the Cougar will do with one little exception……….it won’t cut the thicker chipboard…..but so what I say…doesn’t bother me none!!!!!  It does the print and cut, embossing, engraving all the goodies!!!!!
They will probably not be available for approximately 5 weeks…but I’ll WAIT!!!!The price point is supposed to be in the same family market as the Cricut Expressions….though I’m sure they may be a wee bit higher but for what you’re getting it will be worth EVERY PENNY!!!!! 
I am so super EXCITED over this and heartbroken for what Andy and Make The Cut are going through…….I will be keeping them all in my prayers that all of this works out well for them and I am praying that Make The Cut will continue to flourish and grow to new heights because they have an AMAZING program and I'm looking forward to using it with my new cutter and MY FILES I CREATE and share for years to come!!!!
So now I will be putting my  virtually new (as I just purchased new ones approximately 2 to 3 months ago) Cricut Expressions up for sale…… off to Ebay I go!!!!!
Thanks for listening to me rant……..I pray you are all having a very blessed day and I can’t WAIT to get to share with you all the fun stuff my new cutter will do when I get it!!!  So I hope you’ll continue to stop by……I’m looking forward to creating again VERY SOON!!!   Until next time!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hey Everyone…..Sorry so Long…

Since my last post!!! I’ve had a lot going on in my life…I would like to share with you a couple of files I worked up last week……and also share a word of caution for those parents with teenage boys……
Two weeks ago tomorrow my youngest son…came to me and mentioned that he had a sore spot on his bottom and was wondering if I thought it might be because of the belt loop rubbing on his bottom when he sat down…..I told him perhaps it could but I would check to see if I seen anything….we saw what we “thought was a pimple”… I told him to watch it so when it was ready we could relieve the pressure from it…..well as the weekend progressed the pain intensified and it continued to get bigger…….so on that Monday I took him to the doctor as he was also running a fever….and he was very inactive…..(this from my son is very unusual…he’s always on the go)….so we go to the doctor and he immediately advised me that it was what is called a Pilonidal Cyst that had abscessed…..he wrote a prescription, told him to stay home for 2 days and continue to squeeze it to drain it to get the infection out…..which we were doing……after 3 days of antibiotics and draining several times a day while he was in terrible pain it did not get better….only worse…then on Thursday it quit draining……
So…..Thursday afternoon I called the doctor and shared with him the fact it had stopped draining and was still very painful and the antibiotics were not doing any good… he immediately set me up an appointment that next morning for Dylan to see a surgeon at 8:30 a.m….Friday….exactly one week from when Dylan first start complaining about it hurting……We get into the surgeon’s office and he immediately started telling us all about what it was and sharing with us the fact this will NEVER go away on it’s own…….he explained in great detail exactly what it was and how it was caused….of which I won’t go into detail here…but will strongly suggest you click this link….. PILONIDAL ABSCESS and read all about it…especially if you have young men between the ages of 15-25…..I don’t want ANYONE to go through what we’ve just been through and are still enduring….
So he continues to share with me we will need to do surgery right away….so he schedules him for surgery that next morning at 8:00 a.m…..(on a Saturday)…he expected us to be able to go in and go home that same afternoon…..then he would recover for several days and go back to school….Well….that’s not exactly what transpired….after surgery he came out to talk with me and shared with me when he cut Dylan open what he was graced with was a hair mass the size of a walnut…AND a bunch of infection that all had to be extracted from my baby’s body….he then had to cut out all the damaged tissue and cauterize the area….leaving my baby with an incision approximately 4” long and 3” deep……..which required A LOT MORE recovery time…..he advised he would need to be hospitalized for observation……and pain management…which ended up being a 3 day hospital stay and now weeks and weeks of recovery…..He must endure scrubs and packings of the incision multiple times a day to insure the incision heals completely and germ/infection free…this is a VERY painful process but one we MUST go through…….It absolutely rips my heart out to see my baby hurt this badly……If I could I would take it all from him in a moment…….
I share all this with you not for you to feel sorry for me…..because I know the Lord is in control and has a purpose for all of this taking place….and perhaps it’s so I can share our story with you……so if any of our children are suffering we can get them help……The surgeon said this has been developing for some time…that it had tried to exit multiple times but Dylan says he’s felt nothing……However it’s VERY common for our boys to say nothing because it’s an area they would rather not discuss and just suffer in pain……which in itself can cause more problems for them down the road… PLEASE let them know there’s nothing to be embarrassed about……it’s something that MUST be addressed and taken care of right away…….It’s nothing they can prevent nor anything they’ve caused…’s just basically an ingrown hair that gets way out of control!!!!
So….While he was in the hospital mama was with him the whole time….and that’s because I work for an AMAZING family that puts family first and is allowing me to work from home while we go through this healing process!!!
I had a couple of file requests I worked on and thought I would share them with you here in case anyone likes them……

So….If you’ve made it this far….THANK YOU for sticking with me….I would also like to THANK YOU for those who sent me so many amazing emails, Facebook comments and IM…..they truly touched my heart!!!!!  I do hope you will come by again and I wish you all a very blessed weekend!!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hey...Check out this NEW GROUP for MTC

Hey Everyone....HAPPY THURSDAY!!! I'm EXCITED to share with you a new group Beanie has sounds like it will be SUPER cool!!!! A place for you to share and receive MTC cut files only!!!!  You might want to check it out.......

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

PDC Daffodil Anyone????

Hey Everyone….I hope you’re having another blessed week!!!!  So…I had a challenge to come up with a 3D Daffodil flower….Hummmmmmmmm…You know me….couldn’t pass up the challenge….so I took it head on……Soooooooooooo…..Here’s my version……

Do you like it?????  I think it turned out pretty darn cute!!!  Wanna see how I made it?????

And if you’re interested in the file???? You can get it here…..
I SO SO SO hope you like this!!! I had a lot of fun making it!!!!!  Would love to hear your thoughts!!!  And ….THANK YOU so much for stopping by and visiting with me….I wish you all a VERY blessed day!!! I hope you will come by again!!!!  Until next time…..