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Monday, February 28, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away!!!….Happy Monday…

Hey Everyone…I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a GREAT Monday!!!! Whewwwww we had some storms last night and I pray no one was hurt by them!!!  I was certainly glad when the weather decided to behave!!!
So I ended up being home today as my baby (16 yr old) was sick…had to go to the doctor so I made great use of my day between taking care of him and the doctor visit and finished up some projects I was working on this weekend for my ETSY store……Wanna see what I made……????
This first piece is one of my miniature vases made from my handmade roses… metal, embossing file, alcohol inks, copic markers, empheria……….here’s how this one turned out….

With the embossing this time I tried something a bit different that I find I REALLY like!!!  I distressed the metal with alcohol inks again…just as the one I shared the other day…but this time I took some of my copic markers and colored in the roses and stems…I REALLY like the subtleness of the way this turned out…..will DEFINITELY be doing this again!!!! 
The ribbon along the bottom… was white with white beads when it started out but I knew I needed it to look warmer so I took some of my Expresso Glami and painted the ribbon and I LOVE how it turned out…..I also made the wired beads you see hanging off the sides….I had used all the others I had on the last piece and I didn’t want to run into Evansville so I decided to make my own…I have to say I really like them and will be making more in the future!!!

Ok… the next piece is a remake of the card I made to be displayed at CHA in January 2011….I was TOTALLY blown away to be asked and so honored to have something I made displayed…….
Now I’m even more touched because I had been asked if I was going to put that one in my ETSY store…Well…..the answer to the original piece I made being put in my ETSY store is no…….it is still in the possession of  BUT I decided to create a new card/box based on the original……here’s how this one turned out…….

I really like how this one turned out too!!!!  It’s a one of a kind piece as it will never come out the same from one piece to the next…I like making my pieces that way……and as before the metal I used was from I LOVE all of their products!!!…

Ok….so that does it for me tonight….THANK YOU again so very much for coming by to visit with me!!!!  It really really makes my heart smile!!! I hope you like what I shared and will come by again!!! Until next time…

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