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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Happy Monday!!!!!

Hey Everyone….I hope you all had a WONDERFUL weekend!!!! And I also hope you are having a very loving Valentine’s Day!!!!!  My weekend was great!!!  I had a very productive weekend in my ARTHaven and I’m hoping it will continue through the week!!!!
So I  thought I would share with you what I worked on….and if you hang with me I’ll be sharing some files as well…..SO…….I need to make another birthday card for an order and all she would tell me is….he loves to garden….LOL….wanna see??? 

The part here I’m showing you is that I used some of my homemade “Color Fluff Stuff” and it really gives a FUN affect to the image…….In case you don’t remember what I’m talking about on the “Color Fluff Stuff” here’s the post I did about it a couple of years ago…..
It’s SUPER SUPER easy to do……just be aware…there’s A LOT of static cling!!! ROFL!!!!  But I’ve made it is bunches of colors and love having it on hand…….
The bunny you see….well…..he actually wobbles!!!!  It’s too cute really…….If you’ve not gotten some of these cool items…you’ve GOT to get you some….you can find all about them and order them if you want here…..
Also you’ll notice I used my Cri-Kit Pens and I also used their Cri-Kits San-Serif single line font and it does SUCH  a GREAT job don’t you think!!!!
Notice on my box lid I made it cutout with acetate lining the inside so the card shows through when it’s in the box………I LOVE making custom boxes to fit my creations to help display them!!
Now…if you like this design and would like to have the file….you can find it below……I as well went ahead and saved the clouds and bunny in files of their own…they are also listed below……

Then I had a request for a basket file that was not dimensional…….so I designed one…..I’m showing you a mock up of it and if you like you are welcome to get the file……

Ok…..whewwwww…that catches me up for now….Have lots more things I’m working on…sure hope you’ll come again!!!!! THANK YOU as always for stopping by to visit with me!!!!!  Means SO much and I truly mean that…..I do hope you will come by again and I wish you all a VERY blessed week!!!!!! Until next time….

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