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Sunday, January 2, 2011


Good Sunday Afternoon Everyone….first let me start off by saying I am TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY with the love and support and FORGIVENESS I have received from so many!!!  You honestly have NO IDEA what your words mean to me and I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!!!
My aunt called me this morning and I shared with her what had happened…..and that I had decided to just pull all of my files….she knows how much I enjoy sharing and giving back so she got in her car and came over to give me a what for!!! LOL  Gotta love the mom like figures!!! I love her dearly and she knows me SO well!!!  So she and I sit and chatted a while and she shared (like SO MANY of you have said) that I should not stop giving and sharing…. and she knows that’s not what I want either…..
So I decided to go through every file with a fine tooth comb and pull ANY files I remember specifically being asked to create from an image sent to me……if I wasn’t able to confirm it definitely was safe I removed the file…..and have now reposted all my files……of all my files I’ve made I only had to remove a handful from hundreds of files… hopefully they won’t be missed……

And to kick of me continuing to share here are a couple of cut files I had done the past couple of days……if you would like to have them, please find the links below….

Ok…….Back I go to trying to create!!!! I hope you all enjoy the remainder of your Sunday!!! I know I feel like the Lord has truly blessed me with some AMAZING online friends!!!!!!  THANK YOU so much for your support and love….I pray you all enjoy a very blessed week…..Please come by again…until next time…..

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