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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Tuesday Everyone….Something EXCITING….TO ME!!!

Hey All…I hope you are all having a VERY blessed week!!!! Mine was totally made for me yesterday with an email from Peggy with  She shared with me that she wanted to display some of MY ART at CHA that I had used their Cri-kit products on….would I be willing to get them packaged and in the mail to her ASAP???? Welllllllllllllll….HECK YEAH!!!  What an HONOR!!!!
I SO love all of their products as you already know!!! They are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!  She wanted me to send a piece where I had used the metal and the embossing tool……DARN…I had already sold all the pieces I had created using the metal so I decided to try and work something up last night so I could get the package in the mail today…….so I came home and immediately got busy….Wanna see what I came up with??????

Yeah Yeah Yeah…I know what you’re going to say…..”Girl… sure do use a lot of roses!!!!”  But I can’t help myself…I just LOVE roses…….they might know know that though huh??!!!

On the box you’ll notice ribbon wrapped around it…..Wellllllllllllll…the reason for that is because this was  box I had made the other day and it was the wrong size for my project… I sat it aside to use on something in the future…..well it works out it’s the right outside dimensions…BUT…it wasn’t near deep enough…sooooooooooooo…I tried to figure a way to make it work…….I came up with the idea of using chip board  around the inside to raise to the height I needed then wrapped the ribbon around to blend all in together….then I used some of that same ribbon on the band to go around the box……Kinda worked out OK don’t cha think????
So…..My brain was working on what I could do to create a special piece…….so I created some new cut/embossing files…..thought I would share them below in case anyone might be interested……


I also used some of the new Core Impressions by Graphic 45 isn’t it COOL…..I sanded it down a bit then distressed the edges with some of my Chalk Inks……I’m really happy with the way this piece came out….I sure hope they like it!!!!!
Thanks for sharing in my excitement with me!!!!!!  You’ve know idea what it means to me…and THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me…I pray you all have a very blessed day!!!!  I hope you’ll come by again…until next time…..

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